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Michael Patton & Associates is a radio broadcasting systems integrator and equipment repair firm, providing in-shop equipment repair, on-site transmitter rebuilding, AM & FM facility design & construction, and AM DA equipment and site design, construction & maintenance services to AM & FM stations all over America and abroad. MP&A is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and strive to achieve the highest standards of reliability and safety while keeping the prices our clients pay reasonable. He has has been in the contract engineering business since 1983 and is proud to have served radio stations and group owners all over the United States and abroad since then.

Michael Patton & Associates was born in 1988; since then MP&A has built over 137 radio studios, including over 30 digital facilities, plus numerous AM and FM transmitter facilities from the ground up, from translators all the way up to 50 KW AM DA sites and multi-station high-power FM facilities.

read more › MP&A has a workbench with a comprehensive set of audio and RF test and measurement equipment at hand, plus an extensive inventory of ICs, transistors, passive components, and special hardware needed to repair, retune, align, and calibrate many types of broadcast equipment. STLs, remote controls, audio processing, even audio consoles can be made as good as new in our facility. We can usually beat the manufacturer's prices and turnaround times, plus we give each piece of equipment that passes through our shop our close personal attention.

read more › The transmitter is the heart of any radio station. Most new transmitters are very expensive-often the largest single purchase most stations ever make. Many times older transmitters-even those in apparently bad shape--still have a lot of life left in them and can be cost-effectively rebuilt and returned to reliable service. This is where MP&A can help the broadcaster who needs to make every dollar count, with our years of experience rebuilding and retuning transmitters. When we rebuild a transmitter, we give it a thorough cleaning, replace all damaged or worn parts, tune it for full power, maximum efficiency, and best audio quality, and verify that all control and overload functions are working properly.

read more › Harris DX-10, currently on 1210 kHz, but can be retuned to any frequency: $26,000 - $29,000 depending on frequency required. All AM & FM transmitters come with a 90-day warranty, tuned and tested on the customer's frequency, unless otherwise negotiated. Please see our Policies & terms for more information. Weston/Weschler thermocouple RF ammeters & bypass switches, various scales, all tested, contact us about your needs. All equipment and parts listed here is used unless otherwise noted. All gear for sale has been tested and verified to be in working order unless otherwise noted.

read more › Whether your need is for a simple 1 KW non-directional 1/4-wave stick, or for a multi-tower, multi-station diplexed array, MP&A can bring to the table extensive experience with all aspects of AM transmitter site construction. We hold a Louisiana Contractors License for Telecommunications, and can serve as General Contractor for your site, or we can supply you with just the technical expertise you need to complete a project handled by a local contractor. Whether we are the GC or a sub, we strive to ensure that all work under our supervision is done to industry standards or above, and in a fully safe manner.

read more › MP&A has been building phasors for AM DA sites for several years now. We started out rebuilding older phasors for re-use in new or upgraded site, and moved on from there to design, build and paint our own aluminum cabinets. Our phasors are lightweight yet extremely sturdy, with easily-removable side panels and rear doors for easy parts access. The quality of parts we use is high; in many cases we reach outside the conventional phasor parts suppliers to embrace industrial electronics parts, noted for their toughness and reliability.

read more › MP&A has built or rebuilt dozens of FM transmitting facilities over the years, including major installations in Houston, Mobile, Denver, Sacramento, Greensboro and Wichita. When one is a General Contractor, as we often are, the buck stops with us, and we have learned that seeing the "big picture" is just as important as attention to detail; both are key to a reliable and efficient intallation. MP&A has learned when to bring in outside help and when it's better to develop needed expertise within the company.

read more › MP&A has built over 135 studios to date; over 35 of them built around digital consoles. Over the years, we have refined our design, wiring and documentation techniques for extreme quality and high efficiency; our wiring techniques are world-class. Studios built by MP&A are ergonomically laid-out, highly flexible, easily upgraded, and exhaustively documented. When we design and build a studio project, we start with input from your station's programming and engineering personnel about the individual needs of your formats and personnel.

read more › MP&A now has stock from our third production run of our well-regarded retrofit color LCD display for Harris SX series AM transmitters. We saw the clear need for these over the years, as the original alphanumeric displays, made by Texas Instruments, have proven to be terribly unreliable, were declared obsolete by TI many years ago, and have been essentially unobtainium for many years now. Even when the original display worked right, using it was cumbersome at best; the display showed only a 2-digit code for each channel/reading, and the user needed to have a chart of channel numbers to have any idea which reading was for what parameter, then go look up the normal readings in the (often lost) factory test data sheet.

read more › Please pack your equipment well in a large-enough box (at least 2-3 on all sides) using bubble wrap, not just peanuts--or even better, have it professionally packed by a shipping expediter; that way, if it is damaged, they are clearly liable. The major shippers will walk away from any attempt to make a claim, even on an insured shipment, if they can claim that it was "improperly packed". We recommend FedEx over UPS due to our bad experiences with the latter. Unless a customer insists otherwise, all our outgoing domestic shipments will be with FedEx.

read more › Michael grew up in Jackson, MS, where he began doing engineering work for radio stations while still in High School. After college at Mississippi State, he moved to Baton Rouge, where he has lived ever since. Michael has been a consulting and project engineer since 1982, and during that time has accomplished many milestones, including building the first 50 KW AM in Honduras, building an island-wide chain of FM transmitters in Jamaica, writing several custom computer programs for antenna matching network design, and presenting many papers as well as serving on many panels at NAB and SBE engineering conferences.

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