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Take a quick custom assessment to rate how well your Performance Excellence organizational health stacks up. Get your complimentary report. Our unique enCompass framework incorporates three core phases tailored to help individual organizations develop and maintain improved behaviors and practices that generate sustainable results. Implementation Engineers is a Performance Excellence company that partners with visionary leaders at organizations looking for a sustainable operating income impact.

Since 1963 we have consistently delivered long term EBITDA growth for our clients through our expertise and sustainable implementation methodology. I've had the opportunity to work with members of the Implementation Engineers team through four different projects. Each of them are technically strong, driven to achieve results, professional in how they go about their work, and open and honest in sharing where the organizational opportunities and roadblocks are located.

If the need arises again for continuous improvement support, I would not hesitate to contact Implementation Engineers again.

read more › Driving Performance Excellence initiatives within an organization requires people change their behavior. Not an easy task. Implementation Engineers has a proven process, evolved over decades, across thousands of projects - to help make new changes stick. We work side-by-side with businesses to design solutions tailored to the organization's needs and deliver unprecedented results with a lasting impact. Our Program Design Phase (PDP) is a data-driven discovery process to identify your biggest pains- and convert them to your biggest gains.

read more › After more than five decades, Implementation Engineers continues to lead the way in Performance Excellence Implementation through innovative operational and organizational solutions for our clients in complex environments. At our core, we are a data-driven, global firm with a razor-sharp focus on enhancing Performance Excellence for clients. We have volumes of success stories, and they can all be attributed to our revolutionary enCompassmethodology. This industry-first approach gives us not only the knowledge to inform you of what needs to be done, but the power to actually implement those solutions for lasting impact.

read more › Our journey began in 1963 as Ingersoll Engineers, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Machine Milling Company, to support product installation globally. Ingersoll Engineers provided technical support along with industrial and production engineering expertise to install and integrate Ingersoll's large industrial equipment into existing and new manufacturing operations. Over time, our technical and manufacturing process support services expanded to include all aspects to include all aspects of operations, including plant design, product design processes, lean manufacturing, supply chain, quality, maintenance, people development, and Industry 4.0.

read more › Systems thinking is among one of the most important management concepts of the 21st century. Improving a collection of business processes independently will deliver average results at best, but for long-term sustainability, the problems within interrelated systems need to be addressed. At Implementation Engineers, we help you build a Performance Excellence culture that puts into effect innovative and systemic improvements that work together to support the value stream. We create a comprehensive performance management system where everyone continuously pursues excellence in capability, effectiveness, and responsiveness.

read more › Our mission is dynamic: to offer our clients exceptional value in all areas of Performance Excellence through our enCompass methodology. By hiring the world's top talent and creating a winning culture, we exceed our client's expectations by leading through innovation. Since 1963, we have consistently achieved sustainable long-term EBITDA growth on thousands of projects, for hundreds of domestic and global clients. Our attitude towards our clients is shaped by our values driven culture. We are a trusted company that has been around for 55+ years and at the core of our success are our people.

read more › To remain competitive, companies are under intense pressure to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. Future winners will be those that react quickly, are flexible, and can maximize their full potential. Today, most companies have established continuous improvement programs that improve quality and reduce cost. However, the rate at which these programs realize future potential is often not sufficient to deliver the necessary business results. At Implementation Engineers, efficiently improving operations is at the core of our business.

read more › The best processes are only as capable as the equipment that enable them. Asset Performance Excellence is an integrated and holistic improvement program that will improve the management of physical assets to support a company's performance goals. Many facilities make the mistake of focusing narrowly on the maintenance function to improve equipment downtime. However, studies of root cause analysis show enterprise value creation is sub-optimized when addressing any area in isolation. Implementation Engineers develops and implements world-class asset management programs using a holistic methodology, which includes operator-driven reliability, asset sustainability, and work management optimization.

read more › Companies need a pragmatic approach to leverage Industry 4.0 (i4.0) trends and capabilities to successfully compete in tomorrow's industry. While some sectors have more widely adopted i3.0 methods, like advanced automation, most companies competing outside those sectors haveyet to realize much of this potential technology-enabled value creation. We work with companies to both build a data foundation and identify and implement specific points of i4.0-enabled value creation. To realize benefits of i4.0, companies must progress along the maturity curve with a well-developed transformation roadmap, and directly connect these integrated initiatives to operational and financial impacts.

read more › Unfortunately, the speed at which most organizations function today will not be adequate in the future. Consumers and clients are demanding greater flexibility, increased availability, and real-time visibility of your supply chain. Implementation Engineers implements supply chain improvements across the value chain through five primary service offerings. To meet these increasing demands, many companies believe the solution lies in large investments in integrated business systems. However, without an interconnected infrastructure based on good data, well executed processes, standardized transactions, and skilled, capable partners, these systems often fail to deliver the information necessary to adequately predict and respond to risk.

read more › Quality is everyone's job - we have all heard it, talked about it, and even developed operational strategy and processes to support it. At Implementation Engineers, we implement it. Quality is more than a series of singular events that meet customer's expectations. It's the result of strongly interconnected design, manufacturing, and people systems that work together to ensure excellence is ingrained throughout the value stream. In Engineering and Product Development, capturing the design intent around what is required and what delights a customer is the first step.

read more › We partner with companies to develop asset footprint strategies and facility layout plans. External factors such as industry trends and market demand force companies to frequently revisit strategic and operating plans. A company's operating strategy and asset footprint must be responsive and flexible in order to support these dynamic corporate and performance objectives. Implementation Engineers works with clients to determine optimal asset and facility footprints. Additionally, we provide greater assurance by pressure-testing and validating key inputs, assumptions, and objectives that reduce risk and ensure all decision criteria are considered before implementing future-state asset strategy.

read more › According to the Society of Human Resource Management, anywhere from 25 to 50% of a company's gross revenue is spent on labor compensation. Corporations invest vast sums to maintain equipment, information systems, and facilities. It is only fitting that we invest in the maintenance of the most important of all company assets - People. Are you developing the next generation of leaders, or merely selecting them? Does your existing infrastructure reinforce or inhibit the behaviors necessary for sustainable improvement?

read more › Implementation Engineers has worked with companies and their leadership to enhance performance excellence objectives since 1963. To make that journey easier to navigate, we have created four primary implementation services. Each service meets a different performance excellence need. To begin, some of our clients simply need to develop an operational strategy. We have been successfully providing this service for more than 50 years for a broad range of industries globally. Second, we implement strategic initiatives and projects for our clients.

read more › We assist our clients to develop operational strategies to optimize their operations across the business value stream, including operations, supply chain, quality, engineering, human capital, asset management, big data and, customer experience. Our strategic thinking is leading edge on the current challenges facing companies such as the Connected Factory, Pay-For-Use, Performance Excellence, Price vs. Cost, Complexity Reduction, Requisite Organization, Automation, Data Visualization, and the Internet of Things.

read more › Research has consistently shown that nearly 70% of strategic initiatives fail to achieve the expected results to organizations. There are a myriad of reasons why - a main one being ineffective implementation capability. Implementation Engineers brings leading analysis, design, and implementation methods and resources to assist companies to implement complex strategic initiatives across the business value chain. In addition, we assist our clients when they have a pressing operational need that requires an accelerated, sustainable result.

read more › Some organizations believe that they have lost the performance edge, which once existed in their operational excellence function. In these cases, we renew and enhance the existing operational excellence capabilities of an organization by benchmarking it against our performance excellence process. Based on IE's proprietary enCompass implementation methodology, which represents decades of implementation learning and best practice, we assess and develop a custom Performance Excellence Optimization Program that further develops an organization's people and capabilities.

read more › Speed to market. Complexity reduction. Manufacturability. Launch effectiveness. Whatever is needed to improve performance in your product development cycle, Implementation Engineers can help you do what you do - better, faster, more economically. We bridge the communication gaps between sales/marketing, operations, engineering, and the supply base to ensure that value is delivered to the customer from cradle to grave. In the product development lifecycle design of new products, Implementation Engineers imbeds data-driven techniques into your culture by employing Design for Six Sigma concepts that reduce complexity and minimize risk.

read more › Beginning in the 1990s, organizations started to build an internal operational excellence and continuous improvement capability. Many organizations formalized this capability into a new operating function. Over many years, some leaders have begun to question the actual versus expected return-on-investment for this operational excellence function. Many business leaders agree that the general operational improvement capability of organizations has diminished over the years. Visionary leaders are looking for a leading-edge solution that will once again maximize shareholder value through operational excellence.

read more › For more than 50 years, we have helped thousands of companies achieve sustainable results due to our exceptional approach. That approach is our enCompass framework, a proprietary methodology that we have developed over the past five decades. At Implementation Engineers, we take great pride to offer our clients a unique methodology that they will not find anywhere else. With our framework, we help businesses develop and maintain improved behaviors and practices that generate long-term continual results.

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