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TurboVision has helped its customers meet market needs at a sizeable competitive advantage by carrying out and/or guiding strategic product planning, innovative new product development, product cost reduction, technology development, new manufacturing process development, and field issue resolution for heavy-duty gas turbines, aeroderivatives, aircraft engines, other turbomachinery, other power systems, and industrial processes.

TurboVision has created innovative new products and systems for gas turbines, turbomachinery and industrial processes by applying well-proven engineering methods and data analytics, and adapting in a novel manner commercial aircraft engine technology.

TurboVision has a highly experienced world-class engineering team consisting of about 30 members whose expertise covers the design and development of the entire gas turbine engine system, key gas turbine manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and other industrial process and power system disciplines.

Each TurboVision member has 30+ years of experience in a particular field, and is a recognized leader who pioneered the design, data analytics, development, validation, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, field issue resolution, and/or repair of gas turbines and other industrial process systems.

read more › Design, manufacture, test and develop the world's highest efficiency and highest reliability gas turbines, and other turbomachinery, power systems and industrial processes to achieve a competitive advantage worldwide. Build and upgrade the customer's own in-house design systems, data analytics systems, manufacturing process capabilities, and supply chain management systems. Train the customer's own engineering and manufacturing personnel using the apprenticeship training system where less experienced engineers learn from more experienced engineers.

read more › ProTecTM Blades can increase the flow capacity of these units by ~10% for a power limited driver to more than 30% if additional drive power is available. Energy input also can be reduced by ~11%, and conversion time is minimal. ProTecTM Blades incorporate multiple proven compressor airfoil technology features based on decades of successful experience from the highest efficiency and most reliable aircraft and industrial gas turbine axial compressors in the world, and support compliance with ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System.

read more › Mitsubishi Power Systems, Inc. ("MPS") of Orlando, Florida, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. ("MHI"), signed a five-year contract extension with TurboVision, Inc. of Miami, Florida for TurboVision to continue to provide a broad range of services in product strategic planning, engineering design and development, and manufacturing process improvement for Mitsubishi's new and current industrial gas turbine engines. Mitsubishi and TurboVision have had a long term alliance since early 1994 which has improved considerably the competitiveness of Mitsubishi's industrial engine products, including, its successful F-class and G-class engines, its advanced H-class engine, and other advanced industrial engines which may be introduced in the near future.

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