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Dearborn Group Technology Today's modern vehicles and equipment contain many electronics and sensors due to advances in the electronics industry and government regulations. These vehicles each contain "vehicle buses" which are specialized internal communications networks, based on a set of standards ie. SAE J1939, that connect electronic control units inside a vehicle, such as the engine, brakes, body and transmission into a central network within the vehicle.

The components need to communicate quickly and reliably with other modules in the central network; they do this by using a standard protocol language such as CAN (Controller Area Network) and LIN (Local Interconnect Network). For example, the engine needs to tell the transmission what the engine speed is, and the transmission needs to tell other modules when a gear shift occurs.

In order to interpret what the modules in the network are saying, you need a translator device-that's where DG Technologies comes in! DG's pass-thru tools can extract and decode the conversations the ECUs are having within the network and those codes and data can then be put into various generic and OEM diagnostic, reprogramming and end-of-line engineering testing software to further utilize and analyze that data.

read more › Transforming ideas into products and services in an ever changing vehicle electronic network industry. Always striving for continuous quality improvement, enhanced efficiency and customer service. DG Technologies specializes in the design and development of intelligent software and hardware interfaces for the in-vehicle and controller area network markets and brings them to the world. Building on our 30 year history, DG will continue to play a significant role in the growth of in-vehicle and controller area (CAN) networking.

read more › Besides DG's aftermarket diagnostic tools, DG Technologies also offers several engineering tools for vehicle network development. DG's hardware and software products are used by a variety of engineering customers such as test engineers, development engineers, production engineers, and fiber optic testers. Our customers use DG interfaces for manipulating messages, logging data, and ECU end-of-line testing over various multiplex networks.

read more › The ECU simulation TestCUBE2 can be used for all cases when an ECU is not available. TestCUBE2 is a configurable hardware and software solution for simulating ECU diagnostics with real bus communication. With just one device, you can simulate several ECUs or even an entire vehicle at the same time. Usually, simulation files are created by manually editing the request and response messages in a convenient dialog. You thus have all the necessary freedom for the required test depth and scope in your application case.

read more › Besides DG's vehicle network engineering tools, DG Technologies also offers a variety of diagnostic pass-thru tools. Mechanics, Technicians, Locksmiths and Vehicle Security Professionals. DG has diagnostic and reprogramming products for automotive vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and everything in between; all with coverage for engine, brakes, transmission & body. Each of these pass-thru translator tools comes with their own standard diagnostic software and can be used in conjunction with most OEM software to reflash and translate the more detailed manufacturer-specific information acquired from DG's hardware.

read more › The DPA 5 PRO is the leading tool of choice for Diagnosing and Reprogramming Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty trucks, buses, construction, agriculture, military, and industrial stationary equipment. The DPA 5 PRO also has support for a variety of automotive vehicles. The DPA 5 is a RP1210 and J2534 compliant Vehicle Diagnostic Adapter (VDA) pass-thru device that complements OEM software by providing service bay technicians with dealer level diagnostics and reprogramming functionality. Any aftermarket software that is RP1210 or J2534 compliant that uses a DPA 5 protocol can be used with the DPA 5.

read more › The d-briDGe PRO is a secure J2534 professional technician pass-thru interface for reprogramming and diagnostics. The d-briDGe PRO is DG Technologies' newest product and is used in conjunction with software applications to provide reprogramming and diagnostics to essentially all J2534 compliant domestic, Asian and European vehicles. While many adapters only work on one brand of vehicles, the Pro works on all OEMs, making it a profitable and efficient tool for mechanics in this rapidly growing reflash market.

read more › The DPA 5 PRO offers the latest technology to communicate with all trucks on the road today. The DPA 5 is no longer available for purchase. For more detailed information, give us a call at (248) 888-2000 and ask for sales. If you'd like to talk about special pricing, please give us a call at (248) 888-2000 and ask for sales. We've replaced the DPA 5 with the DPA 5 PRO. The Government NSN is 4910-01-689-2353, but there are special requirements for Government sales, please give us a call at (248) 888-2000.

read more › A breakout box is a device that splits an electric multicable line into several compound connectors and is used to support integration testing, expedite maintenance, and streamline the troubleshooting process by simplifying the access to test signals. DG Technologies has developed a heavy-duty breakout box, an OBDII breakout box, and various customized breakout boxes, harnesses and cables. For more information check out our Breakout Box Flyer or Contact DG to design a custom breakout box to fit your needs at 248.888.2000.

read more › The PLC TestCon serves as a PLC4TRUCKS to J1708 converter so that J1708 protocol adapters can be used to communicate with Trailer ABS diagnostic applications such as those from Meritor-WABCO, Bendix, Haldex, and Wabash National. It also quickly tests both the Trailer ABS and the Trailer ABS Fault Lamp without the need for a PC. The PLC TestCon is a low-cost solution for running Trailer ABS diagnostics without having to purchase an additional RP1210-compliant adapter that has PLC4TRUCKS support.

read more › DG Technologies' products are currently utilized in the automotive, heavy-duty truck and bus, industrial control, robotics, mass transportation, agriculture, construction industries and military branches. Throughout the companies' 25+ years in business, we have worked with various clients including OEM engineers, technicians, aftermarket companies, law enforcement agencies and military officers to create customized hardware, software and kit bundles. To hear more success stories or to have DG help you with your custom solution, visit our consulting page or call 248.888.2000.

read more › DG Technologies participates in several technical standards committees and professional organizations. SAE International is a global body of scientists, engineers, and practitioners that advances self-propelled vehicle and system knowledge in a neutral forum for the benefit of society. DG Technologies employees are active in over 30 SAE committees and task forces working to create automotive network standards. Participation includes membership on, and chairmanship of, committees addressing J1850, J1939, J2284, J1699, J2602 and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) protocol standards.

read more › A software developer experienced in developing software applications with varied skills set. Responsibilities include - Review requirements, Design, Implementation and Testing of a software product. Motivated and self-learner required. Familiarity with various types of markup languages, style sheet tools and scripts needed. Experienced in In-Vehicle networking and familiarity with automotive protocols preferred. Perform basic functions of software troubleshoot, design, code and test on assigned new features, change requests and defect fixes.

read more › Along with products and services, DG Technologies offers world-class training classes to provide a thorough understanding of the various automotive networks. Classes are taught by instructors who are experts in the vehicle network industry and include several hands-on training opportunities. Seminars are taught at the DG Technologies Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI or class materials can be customized for a company and taught on location at their site. Note: Materials and fees may fluctuate depending on training needs, materials, and class location.

read more › DG Technologies' Engineers are available to develop custom solutions for your in-vehicle networking projects. We have a successful 25+ year track record of specialized project completion for many Fortune 100 Automotive, Truck & Bus, government entities, and other companies. Rapid Prototyping - DG's Rapid Prototyping utilizes a group of both standardized and advanced technologies for converting designs from computer representations directly into solid objects, saving both time and money. Some of DG's products have been a direct result of consulting projects.

read more › DG Technologies has teamed with C&S Group, known worldwide as #1 in validation and conformance testing to provide critical vehicle network services for vehicle network devices, components, and implementation scenarios. Standardization bodies and consortia including ISO, IEEE, SAE, LIN, FlexRay AUTOSAR, Ethernet and MOST, prepare conformance test specifications, containing test cases and test suite definitions for the operational requirements of the protocols. Conformance tests are based on these specifications.

read more › DG Technologies' DE-STRESS program is a worry-free all-encompassing diagnostic & reprogramming package. This DE-STRESS program gives you access to a group of industry experts, hardware engineers and software professionals that provide integrated services and solution based product offerings that reduce in-house resource requirements. DG's DE-STRESS team is responsible for management, integration and maintenance of diagnostic equipment, training, laptops, software, technical support and other miscellaneous needs for diverse fleet maintenance initiatives.

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