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We can help you avoid construction defects before they occur by reviewing the design prior to construction. And we can help by observing construction work in the field, and testing materials and assemblies. We can help building owners find and eliminate strange smells, harmful chemicals, or other workplace irritants and hazards that produce workplace complaints.

We provide specialized training for asbestos, lead, mold and moisture, avoiding construction defects, and worker exposure topics. Our training courses help you comply with EPA and OSHA training requirements. We can help building owners get their buildings dried out, cleaned up, and ready to reoccupy after storms and floods. Helping architects and engineers avoid asbestos, lead, mold, moisture, and construction defects.

Helping hotels solve mold and indoor air quality problems while protecting staff and guests. Helping building owners respond to environmental problems and enhance worker productivity. I've called on engineers before for advice, only to find out later that what they suggested wasn't right or wouldn't solve my problem.

read more › Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Wynn L. White Consulting Engineers, Inc. has provided specialized engineering and environmental consulting services since 1987. Our roots are in traditional civil engineering projects - water distribution, wastewater, streets, and drainage design. Not long after starting the firm, the first major asbestos regulations were promulgated, requiring schools to survey their facilities for asbestos. Our firm completed more school system asbestos inspections and developed more asbestos management plans than any other firm in Louisiana.

read more › Whether you're working for a school, contractor, or building owner, our mold consulting services cover your project needs. Mold air sampling for schools, building owners, and contractors to help determine airborne mold levels, and to determine if remediation efforts meet post remediation verification criteria. Mold isn't the problem - it's the symptom. Training for schools, hospitals, building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors who want to learn how to solve mold and moisture problems.

read more › Whether you're working for a school, architect, engineer, contractor, or building owner, our building science consulting services cover your project needs. We can test building enclosure assembly mock-ups prior to acceptance, help develop corrective action options, or test existing construction assemblies to help determine acceptable perfomance. We can work with your design team to develop critical design details to provide to contractors. We can test building materials for moisture content to determine if wet or at-risk materials are present, and measure air pressures to determine how your building enclosure and building mechanical systems interact.

read more › Whether you're working for a school, contractor, or building owner, our storm recovery consulting services fit your project needs. School, commercial building, and facility inspections to assess water damage and mold damage. Mold air sampling for schools, building owners, and contractors to help determine airborne mold levels and help you assess risks. We've helped clients all over the Southeast recover from storms - small and large. It doesn't matter if it's a so-called routine storm event, or a named storm.

read more › Are you interested in a career in asbestos consulting? We have career opportunities for asbestos project supervisors, asbestos inspectors, and industrial hygiene technicians. If you're interested in asbestos air monitoring or asbestos inspection, or if you're already working in the asbestos air monitoring or asbestos inspection fields, these career opportunities may be for you. We offer competitive pay, employee benefits, and an exceptional work environment. Most project work includes asbestos air monitoring, asbestos inspections, lead air monitoring, and lead paint chip sampling.

read more › Chris began working with Wynn L. White Consulting Engineers in 1988, right after graduating from high school, first in completing asbestos inspections during the initial round of school asbestos surveys across Louisiana, and then in performing asbestos air monitoring and contractor observation during asbestos abatement projects. Working his way through school, Chris received his Bachelor of Arts in History in 1993 from Louisiana State University, and following in his father's footsteps, his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 2001, also from Louisiana State University.

read more › Sometimes sampling is important, say for a legal case or as part of a thorough Post Remediation Verification process on mold remediation projects. If you see a material that looks like mold, smells like mold, and is in a place that's wet or was in the past, it's probably mold. What's more important is finding what caused the mold to grow there in the first place, and stopping it for good. Save the money you'd spend on sampling and put it towards solving the problem. I wanted a catchy title for the blog, and I'm a big fan of "The Most Interesting Man in the World" series of ads run by Dos Equis.

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