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The Transtec Group Our pavement experts can help you plan, design, construct, evaluate, and certify your ISO 10844 test track. FWD data collection, data reduction, analysis, and reporting from the pavement engineering specialists. The Transtec Group is a pavement engineering firm that specializes in asphalt and concrete pavements. We engineer optimized pavements to reduce construction costs, accelerate construction schedules, and protect clients from risk.

The Transtec Group helps public and private agencies in street, highway, airfield, seaport, racetrack, test track, and proving ground projects. We add value and reduce risk with creative solutions that improve performance, reduce cost, and accelerate schedules. We serve clients in Pavement Engineering, Implementation, Research, and Testing. Select a service to learn more.

Our pavement engineering team combines unmatched experience in planning, design, and construction of high-quality pavement facilities. Transtec implements more practical technologies to the pavements industry than any other firm in the nation.

read more › We engineer superior methods that make pavements more safe, affordable, comfortable, and socially responsible for the benefit of our clients and the world. Most pavement designers are skilled at applying the current state of the practice, but Transtec is different: since we conduct both engineering and research, we invent new methods that change the industry and advance the state of the art. Every day we seek new ways to reduce costs and increase the performance of pavement facilities around the world.

read more › The Austin Business Journal ranks Transtec #13 on The List: Austin-area ethnic minority-owned businesses. Transtec is the recipient of a NAPA Quality in Construction Award recognizing excellence in asphalt pavements. SH99 Grand Parkway, Segments F1, F2, and G project in Houston won ACPA's National Award for Excellence. Robin Tallon, a project manager at The Transtec Group, is the recipient of ASTM's 2017 Tilton E. Shelburne Memorial Award. Dr. George K. Chang, The Transtec Group's Director of Research, is the recipient of ASTM International's 2017 Billiard-Stubstad Award.

read more › Our pavement engineering team combines unmatched experience in planning, design, and construction of high-quality pavement facilities. Pavement designers follow a design method. Our pavement engineers actually engineer the pavement from subgrade to surface to optimize the design, lower the bid price, keep it simple in the field, reduce construction cost and time, and ensure owner approval with a high-quality pavement. We also provide life cycle cost and risk analysis and assist in developing cost-effective MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) pavement strategies, helping to reduce cost and expedite projects.

read more › While we deliver some of the most sophisticated pavements research in the world, we are deeply committed to practical tools that get implemented. Our research is far more likely to end up in the hands of a contractor than on the shelf of a library. Today, Transtec implements more practical technologies to the pavements industry than any other firm in the nation. HIPERPAV (HIgh PERformance Concrete PAVing) is free software for pavement contractors and designers. When constructing a new concrete pavement, the first 72 hours in the life of the concrete pavement are critical.

read more › Transtec receives more accolades for our pavements research results than any other pavements research firm. Our clients tell us that we are unique in our ability to explain complex concepts in simple ways-without compromising anything. Transtec has performed pavement surface characteristics (PSC) measurements for research study at thousands of pavement locations around the globe. We have more PSC data than any other company, and we have developed a wide array of research results. We have conducted over $5 million of research on noise, texture, smoothness for state agencies, the Federal Highway Administration, and many international agencies in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

read more › Transtec provides specialty testing services that deliver to clients a better understanding of the structural and functional characteristics of their pavement. FWD testing is an essential tool in Pavement Management Systems to identify cost-effective solutions. On design-build and P3 projects, FWD testing is typically conducted on a regular basis to assess pavement structural capacity and rehabilitation needs throughout the maintenance period. The Transtec Group performs FWD data collection, data reduction, analysis, and reporting for highway agencies.

read more › Transtec has completed over 1,000 pavement projects on five continents, valued at over $60 billion. Our team has completed over 50 major design-build and P3 projects, and saved agencies over $600 million. The COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity system is used to measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength. Veta imports data from intelligent compaction (IC) machines and paver-mounted thermal profilers (PMTP) to perform viewing, filtering, sublotting, spot test imports, and analysis.

read more › Our team members are a unique group. We constantly seek out professionals who do more than work hard and stay motivated. As a whole, we carefully select individuals who also have a terrific attitude. The Transtec team is passionate, creative, and has the whatever-it-takes approach to problem-solving. The workplace is challenging, rewarding, and fun. We care about our clients as much as our co-workers, and strive for more than on-time and on-budget, but also for exceptional quality and uncommonly personable service.

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