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Established in 1999, Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. is a foundation engineer based in Austin, TX. We specialize in foundation repairs and structural foundation inspections, and can produce HUD certification engineering letters. With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in providing professional engineering services and foundation crack repair at affordable prices, alongside expertise that keeps you informed while we're working on your home.

To protect yourself and your investment an inspection is necessary. Manufactured homes are built differently than site-built homes and therefore create unique issues that are hidden from the eye of the typical homeowner. Upon completion, we write a certification letter acknowledging your manufactured home has been inspected. Call today to make sure your home meets all FHA requirements.

Every home needs to be built atop a strong foundation. Unfortunately, time, weathering and geological instability have other plans. It's not uncommon for homes to develop cracks and sinking where the earth shifts beneath the foundation-or worse, shearing and other severe damage.

read more › Over time, concrete slabs are prone to cracks and shifting, due to their size, weight and the tendency of less-dense earth beneath them to shift and sink. The signs of a shifting, sinking or cracking concrete slab are easy to spot, and Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. can help you not only identify them, but also qualify the scope of the damage. Our goal is simple: understand the problem and provide the very best slab leak repair in Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos, TX. When you give us a call about concrete slab repair, we'll schedule a site visit and, if needed, propose a repair solution for your home or building at no charge.

read more › For severe foundation shifting and instability, the solution is pier and beam foundation repair. Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide this type of foundation repair to Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos, TX homes, and we're the only area company with an engineer on-staff to ensure our approach is the best one. Pier and beam foundation repair is an invasive, yet sustainable solution to foundation instability and the best long-term answer to foundation issues. Due to the complex and disruptive nature of a pier and beam repair, we make ourselves available to you to answer any questions and to keep you apprised of the situation.

read more › Many contractors are content to repair the surface damages to a foundation. But, to prevent these issues from coming back, it's important to get a foundation inspection from someone who knows how to spot and address the underlying causes of common problems. At Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc., we make sure you're getting a full structural inspection from an engineer in Austin, TX who knows exactly what to look for. If engineering reports are required for insurance, mortgage or other purposes, most reports are normally charged at $350.

read more › I was in the process of acquiring a new property for our investment group in Manor Texas, and the inspector who i have worked with several times, found foundation problems. He recommended Clint to give a professional opinion. Long story short, Clint inspect it and give us an fair estimate to fix the foundation, as well as explaining what needs to be done, how the process works, and what extra things could go wrong. One corner was 2 below the rest of the house. After closing on the property, Clint got hire to fix the foundation.

read more › Foundation work takes more than the ability to repair common damages-it demands engineering expertise to make sure they don't happen again. It's why homeowners throughout Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos, TX trust Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. for foundation inspection and slab leak repair. We bring unique engineering insights to every slab repair project we take on, and can help you from start to finish in understanding the best course of action-from pier and beam repair to more minor solutions.

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