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JEO Consulting Group Our company grew up in Wahoo, Nebraska, and there we cultivated our reputation for treating our clients and employees like family. As we built our name in the industry and relationships with our clients, we learned more about their diverse needs. So, after specializing in a few core areas like bridge design and construction, we broadened our services and developed the expertise needed to help communities succeed.

Now, we excel in engineering, architecture, surveying, planning, community engagement, environmental sciences, and funding. Over the decades, we've opened 13 offices and hired over 250 people, so we can solve almost any problem in any place. Our clients are often local leaders of villages, cities, counties, and states. They're also community bedrocks like farmers, firefighters, librarians, and business people.

We partner with every client, big or small, and help them achieve their goals. As professionals and as residents, we're committed to the prosperity of the heartland. That's why our employees serve as city engineers, floodplain managers, and community organizers.

read more › Solving problems and designing solutions to sustain the success, safety, and future of communities. With an unwavering commitment to client success and public safety, our engineers create the right solutions to complex problems. We prioritize the process, not just the finish line, because we know that guiding you through the project gives you confidence in your decisions. Your goals matter, and through consistent communication and expert design, we ensure those goals are met. To thrive, communities require meticulous engineering.

read more › With in-house funding assistance services and cost-conscious design, we do more for your dollar. Our attention to detail eliminates costly surprises. While the industry expectation for change orders is typically 4% of construction cost, our average is 0-1%. As a small non-profit program, the process of purchasing and renovating our first building felt completely overwhelming. Fortunately, we chose JEO for their reputation of expertise and professionalism. From the very beginning, JEO has been more than an architecture firm.

read more › Borders, boundaries, and property rights significantly impact your livelihood, so you need them established correctly. Our surveyors are experts in the field, accurately providing answers to your questions. After 80+ years on the job, we complete cost-effective and thorough surveys, always tailored to meet your needs. Communication is critical to project success. With numerous office locations and employees across the region, we can address your questions, keep you informed, and make sure you're satisfied.

read more › We partner with your community through the life of your plan and beyond to ensure your questions get answered and projects are realized. Our funding advisors streamline grant applications and capital campaigns to identify the resources necessary for your planning initiatives. Working closely with both the private and public sectors, we understand the complex boxes your plan needs to check to gain approval from diverse regulatory bodies. We take pride in writing easy-to-use plans with your community's vision as the foundation.

read more › As trusted advisors, we explore all available resources to fund your project and explain the pros and cons of each funding source, so we can build individualized resource plans that make your project possible. We assist clients in application development. This assistance takes the guesswork out of the process and ensures that the application is submitted successfully and on time. Our funding specialists have experience with 100+ funding sources across the private and public sectors, enabling us to effectively combine these resources for maximum benefit.

read more › Your projects are important. From initial planning through construction, our team anticipates and resolves environmental obstacles. We bring the comprehensive experience needed to ensure our assessments are accurate and thorough - so you can feel confident that no stones were left unturned. Across field work, NEPA, permitting, and mitigation, we operate efficiently, keeping your costs low. We make sure regulatory conflicts are mitigated by developing site-specific environmental solutions that keep you on track.

read more › We've helped over a hundred communities across the nation reduce their risk to hazards. Having the most qualified team on your side ensures that your plan is thorough and effective. Our plans are easy-to-use and designed so important information is immediately accessible. We include clear steps to enact impactful mitigation. This is an exemplary plan. It is easy-to-read, thorough, and concise. It is clear that thoughtful discussions occurred throughout the planning process; a tremendous amount of information is synthesized and summarized, and the planning team's care and attention to detail are evident throughout the plan.

read more › Public support is critical to project success. We develop strategic communication strategies and dynamically engage communities to achieve effective public participation. Strategic communication practices are the foundation of public engagement success. We use these practices to guide the narrative on a project and prevent it from becoming emotionally charged. We employ proven best practices for public engagement, ranging from principles of risk communication to techniques recommended by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).

read more › We work with clients to implement mobile-ready, cloud-hosted geographic information system (GIS) solutions. Our cloud-hosted, mobile apps perform intuitively in the field enabling you to collect data that will provide an immediate return on your investment. Every app we launch is fully supported by Esri. This means you have access to its community maps program, thriving online community, and support team. We are moving in a great direction with our GIS Mobile program by cutting down work utilizing the technology available to help our staff be much more efficient.

read more › Experience your project before ever breaking ground with 3D project visualizations, renderings, and animations. Help community stakeholders envision projects earlier and with better clarity with realistic 3d renderings. Bring projects to life using project animations designed that convey how spaces may look, feel, and function when complete. Interact with the design environment, have better-informed conversations, and identify potential setbacks - all before moving a single grain of dirt. Our AR and VR experiences are designed to help communicate project realities and build trust.

read more › Treating your projects like our own - it's what we do. Our team of construction and engineering experts is here to make sure your project is constructed in the most accurate and efficient manner. We take pride in being the voice for our clients on-site, ensuring that your vision is successfully executed during construction. Our multi-disciplined team with expertise in engineering and construction means you can feel confident when tough decisions are required. Construction is a team sport. Our role is to align all parties to execute the project on time and with minimal revisions for you.

read more › Transportation projects can be monumental undertakings. With experience in all things transportation, we're proud to help you move smarter, safer, and faster. From study to survey to design and construction, we do it all. Because our services are in-house, we are able to solve tough problems while saving you time. We have worked with JEO on multiple engineering projects within the past few years. The projects have ranged from major sewer and road reconstruction associated with 129 to large scale viaduct design.

read more › We take pride in our collaborative and educational project development processes - making you feel confident in your decisions, every step of the way. Every project requires a unique solution. We pair our flexible project process with cutting-edge industry technology to best meet your needs. Our in-house funding experts help you locate and acquire the resources necessary to make your project a reality. We know what successful water infrastructure projects require. With a high-level understanding of funding agency and regulatory expectations, we ensure your project checks all the boxes.

read more › JEO provides comprehensive services in traffic engineering, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and a broad range of technology applications. We take your project from start to finish with no surprises. Our project experience with Federal, State, and local municipalities - translates to your project being delivered on time and on budget. Your project is multi-faceted, now your project team is too. We combine our expertise with national experience, to deliver you a project that satisfies, no matter the complexity.

read more › Water sustains the vitality of communities, while also posing risks. We work to strengthen water management practices that protect lives, property, and natural resources. We're more than just a water resources provider. With a team of water specialists recognized nationally, we can meet any needs our clients might have, regardless of project. We solve problems resiliently, efficiently, and holistically. We're proud to lead the national conversation on flood-risk reduction and resilience. We stay at the forefront of industry research and technology, ensuring that your project has the best research and tools available.

read more › From pool studies to aquatic center design and construction administration, we creatively hand-tailor every project to meet each client's needs. As a full-service firm, we have the resources to streamline your project from concept through design and construction. We build our project team to suit your specific needs. Our expertise helps us create successful plans that limit change orders during construction. We have the industry's highest level of onsite inspections and project management, giving each project real-time monitoring and quality assurance.

read more › Reliable and resilient power is critical to the safety of your community. Our electrical engineers keep systems running, from voltage upgrades to connecting you to the transmission grid. Our electrical work is grounded in reliable service. We build system redundancies, so your systems continually support those who depend on you. We have the industry's highest level of onsite inspections and project management, giving you real-time monitoring and quality assurance. Trustworthy electrical systems are our priority.

read more › As a mother of two young children, something inevitably comes up during the workweek like illness or school activities. JEO understands the challenges of being a working parent and supports the need for flexibility, which allows me to be both a better parent and employee. My favorite part about working at JEO is the freedom. I truly feel like an entrepreneur that happens to have an office at JEO. I enjoy managing my own schedule, working for clients to solve their problems, and working with fellow JEO team members to engineer solutions for clients.

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