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Control Assemblies Control Assemblies is a leading control systems integrator providing control system automation and control panel solutions and services for diverse groups of industrial customers. Control Assemblies specializes in automated control systems and control panel solutions for diverse groups of OEM and manufacturing customers.

As a globally certified control systems integrator, we have decades of experience in electrical design, PLC and HMI/SCADA programming, integration and migration, and industrial control panel fabrication.We are proud to offer expert project management and perpetual support for your manufacturing challenges. From concept to completion, our skilled teams of engineers and programmers work to deliver comprehensive, safe, cost-effective solutions that fit your specific needs.

From concept to completion, we provide a wide range of services to deliver advanced control systems that reduce cost, increase production and lower energy use. By combining our industry knowledge and talented engineering and programming teams with your technical specifications, Control Assemblies collaborates with you to provide functional design, component and equipment selection, and overall system configuration and application for your custom industrial control system.

read more › Control Assemblies is a leading control systems integrator providing control system automation and control panel manufacturing solutions and services for diverse groups of industrial customers. Founded in 1966, Control Assemblies specializes in control system automation and integration solutions for diverse groups of industrial customers. As a leading, globally certified control systems integrator and control panel manufacturer, we have decades of experience in electrical design, PLC and HMI/SCADA, computer, barcoding, data collection, integration and migration, industrial control panel fabrication, and pneumatic and electromechanical technologies.

read more › Control Assemblies has the depth of experience, technical knowledge and global certifications to take your next automated control system projects from concept to completion. We have served the industrial automation market since 1966 by designing and building control systems for a variety of industries that maximize operational equipment efficiencies. From stand-alone industrial control panels to complex control system automation and integration, Control Assemblies offers a range of capabilities and value-add services to ensure that your project is completed successfully and cost-effectively.

read more › Control Assemblies is a leading, globally certified control systems automation provider for diverse groups of industrial customers. We collaborate with our customers to design and commission modern control panel systems that achieve operational efficiency by providing greater access to data, improved equipment and process monitoring, and increased safety measures. The Control Assemblies team listens to our customers and assists with functional design, component and equipment selection, overall system configuration and application, and complete project management to bring your customized industrial control panel system to fruition.

read more › Control Assemblies takes on new challenges and provides high-end engineering solutions to meet our customer's complex needs. As a globally certified and ISO 9001:2015 accredited systems integrator, we apply the latest technology, electrical design, PLC and SCADA/HMI programming and development, safety solutions, control panel automation, control panel integration and control panel manufacturing to design and program state of the art industrial control panels. Our experienced engineering and programming teams partner with you to understand all aspects of application, environment and control functions required for your project.

read more › Control Assemblies understands how vital operational efficiency and production uptime are to your facility and operating costs. Our expert automated control system engineers and programmers offer customized and comprehensive cloud-based remote monitoring solutions that maximizes production output and controls costs. Control Assemblies' remote monitoring solutions feature custom reporting and analytics and secure data collection. The solutions we provide allow your personnel to repair assets, track trends and receive notifications in the event of equipment failure.

read more › Globally certified in all safety systems and controls, Control Assemblies is committed to safety and takes a proactive and preventative approach with every industrial control panel we manufacture. Since 1966, our expert industrial control panel engineers have addressed your unique safety needs by integrating programmable safety controls, relays and other safety components to reduce process risks and avoid costly safety events.

read more › Leverage Control Assemblies' manufacturing, sourcing and design expertise for your control panel wiring and industrial enclosure requirements. As an expert control panel manufacturer, we provide globally certified control panel fabrication solutions. Our team of experts partners with you to conceptualize, configure and fabricate a quality industrial control panel that meets industry standards, improves efficiencies and reduces expenses.

read more › Control Assemblies offers a variety of electrical control panel services including commissioning, start-up and high-risk retro-fit services to enhance elements of your power supply systems and help avoid costly downtime. We perform wiring per your specifications using customer supplied material or turnkey industrial control panel design, construction and installation. Our industrial control panel experts ensure that your systems are safe, efficient, reliable and up-to-date. Control Assemblies has a proven track record of providing solutions for our customer's complex needs since 1966.

read more › As a leading control systems integrator, Control Assemblies has extensive experience in the agriculture industry. We have the expertise to engineer control system automation solutions to enhance the safety, consistency, quality and efficiency throughout the entire grain processing life cycle. Control Assemblies utilizes the latest in HMI and PLC communication platforms to keep your processes up-to-date while improving productivity.

read more › Success in the food and beverage industry relies upon reliable, precise and flexible automation systems throughout the production lifecycle. Control Assemblies is an experienced provider of integrated systems to maximize manufacturing processes, increase productivity and improve quality for your next control system automation project. Our industrial control panel solutions will allow you to actively manage equipment performance and avoid system downtime.

read more › Material handling is essential in any logistics chain and manufacturing facility. Control and monitoring systems offer more efficient production processes and timely product fulfillment is integral across many industries. Robust processes and accurate system automation is key to effectively manage the flow of materials between activities and production work centers. We are an experienced control systems integrator for the material handling industry providing safe and efficient solutions throughout the entire material flow process.

read more › Power and energy systems focus on grid technology, renewable integration, and control and management of power systems for maximum energy efficiency. Changes to governmental energy regulations will require investments in new technology. Control Assemblies develops control system automation solutions that provide advanced technologies to address power and energy challenges, achieve conservation measures, minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

read more › Uptime and reliability in the transportation industry requires first-rate engineering and the best use of drives and control system automation programming. Control Assemblies works with you to design and implement comprehensive and integrated solutions to ensure that your transportation operations deliver safely and on time.

read more › Clean water is an important natural resource. Water and waste water treatment allows unusable water to be returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues or recycled for another purpose. Many water systems are controlled by a large network of PLCs that need to be engineered and carefully integrated for uniform performance. Control Assembly engineers have extensive experience in advanced PLC control system design for your unique industrial control panel specifications. Our control system automation solutions aid in the collection, treatment and distribution in the water and waste water industry.

read more › Control Assemblies is a ISO 9001:2015 accredited system integrator committed to engineering solutions that are manufactured to globally-certified safety standards. We continually strive to improve our manufacturing, installation and service processes to protect our employees, subcontractors, customers, suppliers and visitors. Control Assemblies actively provides training and development to ensure our teams are performing under the most current industry practices and standards.

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