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Helping providers of engineered products and services deliver faster at lower cost by leveraging in-house expertise. Make your business thrive with business consulting services from Next Target. Susan McDermott is dedicated to helping you succeed and build on the successes you have already achieved. Susan accomplishes this goal by focusing on reducing lead times in your business processes.

She works with customer service, engineering firms, and many other functions within a variety of industries to help resolve performance issues using visual management methods, among others. Backed by more than 15 years of experience in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments, she can provide a range of techniques to streamline your business.

read more › As a business grows, it tends to outgrow its operations. The work on the sales and marketing side of the business outpaces the ability of the engineering and manufacturing organizations to meet the new customer demands. Even if there is a plan for product evolution, it is difficult to manage the timing and changes on the manufacturing side and the product support required within the engineering organization. When production demand grows from a few to dozens to hundreds to thousands, manufacturing requires different methods to maintain quality, delivery, and profitability.

read more › Building a better business with analytics and implemented through staff engagement; applying Lean Six Sigma and TOC to build a learning organization. Continuous improvement is a popular phrase but often leaves leadership struggling. Leadership does not have all the answers, particularly for the day-to-day issues of the staff. How can we engage the staff in making things better that will also drive the company's P&L? It is conceptually easy but difficult in a practical sense. Leadership knows how to read the numbers and understands how the company's outward performance stands.

read more › Many people say "Ugh!" when you talk about the Quality Management System, particularly the audits and registration. Every company has a Quality Management System, whether they designed and registered it or not. Poor quality costs you time, customers, employees, and money. Why not make yours work for you instead of the other way around? The 2015 edition of the standard has a number of significant changes, all in the right direction. The standard no longer requires as much documentation. Leadership has a stronger role enabling you to tailor your QMS to your unique needs.

read more › Susan McDermott is the founder and principal of Next Target, a business consulting agency in Oregon. Operations with a global presence have trusted her to deliver solutions that streamline their business, improve their bottom lines, and make the most of their resources. As principal at Next Target, Susan McDermott focuses on significantly reducing lead times and enhancing the customer experience to drive top and bottom line benefits. She has a proven track record driving order-of-magnitude improvements in speed of operations and delivery in many environments.

read more › In my ongoing journey toward excellence in continuous improvement, I often look for and am asked about online and offline references. The website of the Lean Enterprise Institute, Dan Womack's creation. In their words, LEI "is a nonprofit education, publishing, research, and conference organization". LEI provides excellent education and forum opportunities as well as providing a variety of publications and blogs around all aspects of Lean. It is my go-to site when I am looking to understand flow and pull value in greater depth.

read more › Let's Get Started - Using DOE to shorten calibration time to gain 184 hours of productivity. Who Can Do It First - Capacity and capability modeling and visual management to share work across globally distributed locations. What's Next - Using visual management to guide the sequence of jobs and manage the material inventory to increase revenue by $187,500. Where's My Stuff!?! - Using visual tools to manage material ordering and eliminate rush orders. Where Did All the Money Go? - Mapping out the information flow to get expense reports filed on time to avoid $1.5 million in reposted expenses.

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