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Our commitment to our clients is to provide quality solutions that are safe and practical in application. Safety and Compliance to regulatory standards is the top priority to AAC Engineering as we serve our clients. The core of our engineering strength has been developed within the aviation industry. We support some of the world's largest airlines as well as privately owned FBO's.

Our team enjoys working with clients on many fleet types and in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. The "AAC" in our name stands for "Applied Aerospace Concepts." Efficient design, reliability, and safety are essential to our work in the aviation industry and those same principles run through all the work we do. Whatever industry or discipline your work pertains to, you can trust us to apply these essential principles as we design, test, and fabricate your equipment.

Our team has completed hundreds of projects. Our proprietary project management system is designed to keep clients informed so you can be confident your project is being managed effectively.

read more › We are committed to providing quality solutions that are safe and practical in application. With our knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence, we are readily able to assist our clients in achieving their goals. AAC Engineering is a Professional Engineering firm located in the Twin Cities area, and serving clients locally, nationally and world-wide. The firm is comprised of a team of experienced engineers and technical experts serving clients in numerous markets - including, Aviation, Residential & Commercial Building, Commercial Transportation, Renewable Energy and other markets.

read more › Our Engineers are able to develop and manage projects across a variety of Engineering disciplines. We specialize in Airworthiness Directive Compliance and have improved outcomes in this area for many of our clients. At AAC Engineering we use cutting edge data analysis tools and techniques to identify trends and create prediction models. Don't be surprised. At AAC we fully embrace Computer Aided Engineering(CAE). Today's powerful computers and software have given us new tools which we can use to design and analyze parts and structures.

read more › AAC Engineering, a Professional Engineering firm with headquarters located in the Twin Cities area, serving clients in Aviation, Residential & Commercial Building, Commercial Transportation, Renewable Energy and other markets with services ranging from engineering design, evaluation and management to product design/prototyping and manufacturing process development, has launched our new website. This newly redesigned website offers easy access to key information and offers a more comprehensive understanding of the Company's services.

read more › AAC Engineering (Applied Aerospace Concepts, PLLC) is built on a solid bedrock of timeless core values such as honor & trust, 'Do what you say' and compassion, 'How can I best address my clients needs'. These, among other core values provide the foundation and guideposts that defines who we are, why we have a passion for our work and how we do what we do both individually and collectively.

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