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Safety Engineering Laboratory (SEL) guides you though the product safety and EMC approval processes every step of the way, and offers product design reviews early on in the development cycle to help reduce approval times, lower your overall approval costs, and minimize the frustration. Identify issues early in the design cycle to minimize hassles and redesign during the test and submittal process, when the products need to ship.

Test your product in our lab which is certified by UL and TUV, or for large, complex or scarce units, at your facility. Have more control with testing outside of the agencies' walls! Support the proper implementation of wireless technologies and walk you through the process for FCC and CE Mark compliance, handling the whole effort, or advising when needed, when problems arise.

Act to prepare the test report, run the tests, and certify compliance with EN standards, for you or with you. If you are new to SEL, we will spend an hour with you without a commitment to use our services, to show that we are really the best in the business!

read more › For over five decades, SEL has secured certifications for North America, such as NRTL Listing Marks from UL, CSA, and TUV, for Europe in the form of CE Marking and GS Marks by working with Notified Bodies, and beyond, for other international organizations. Our time-proven methods and experience have led to securing the targeted approvals in 100% of the projects we have worked on over that time. We depend almost exclusively on recommendations from satisfied clients for future projects and intend to succeed in that same way for your next project.

read more › We stay up on top of the latest requirements and issues so you don't have to! Most product safety consultants try to dole their knowledge out piecemeal, holding their cards close to their chest, thinking you will no longer need them if you understand what is required. SEL approaches this differently, where training is always an integral part of our process, so that future efforts become easier for all involved and our clients become better acquainted with the compliance process. Our Handouts contain a wealth of information in concise documents that we provide to clients about common topics that come up in our space.

read more › With our thorough knowledge of the various specs and an initial product review, we can recommend design modifications early, to avoid surprises, costly rework down the road, and factory shipment stoppages. There is never a time that is too early in the design process to involve us. After meeting with you and becoming familiar with your product and certification needs, Safety Engineering Laboratory will provide a budget proposal that includes our projected costs and estimated agency fees. We require a deposit of 50% of our estimated consulting fee in advance for new accounts with no prior credit history with us, and for existing clients when there are significant expenses incurred.

read more › Basecamp is an online collaboration tool that SEL uses to keep the project organized, for tracking to-do's, deliverables, schedule milestones and assigning responsibilities. You can respond to the emails generated by the website by just replying through email and it will be posted to the website, or better, log onto the website to get the overall perspective. To-Do Lists is where SEL spends most of its efforts, and the To-Dos generally follow the flow of a typical compliance project, from initially identifying the scope of work, to reviewing the product at the beginning, to sample prep, to testing, to submittal to the agencies, to final factory production.

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