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Surfaceink Surfaceink is a pioneering product design and development innovation studio located in Silicon Valley. We provide full-system product design, development and engineering services for Fortune 100 companies and startups in both the Consumer and Industrial Electronics market segments. From initial product strategy and design to detailed hardware, software engineering, and production ramp, we have the talent, know-how, and a proven track record for delivering a diverse range of successful technology products to market.

Every summer the Surfaceink leadership team meets to review both past and current work through the lens of innovation. It comes as no surprise that when you ask a diverse group of engineers, designers, and project managers what embodies innovation, you are bound to get a diverse set of opinions. After some healthy discussions and debates, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to have our team leaders put their ideas on "paper."

read more › At Surfaceink, beautiful design and premier engineering co-exist. This philosophy is infused into our process from start to finish, ensuring an uncompromised product expression and user experience, while promising exceptional performance with an affordable production cost. Our primary success metric is a shipping product that impacts culture and excels in the marketplace. Surfaceink began in 1999 as an engineering partner to Apple Computer. During those early days, we helped to develop many of Apple's most innovative products, including iMac, Powerbook, iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

read more › Our team of over 30 designers, engineers and computer scientists offers a diverse range of technical experience, allowing us to tackle a wide array of challenges. We utilize small teams, comprised primarily of senior staff, who are given broad spans of control and accountability. These highly experienced and nimble teams allow us to avoid potentially risky or fruitless explorations, and focus on the most promising opportunities. We understand how many small pieces of incremental risk can quickly add up to an unacceptable level of risk.

read more › At Surfaceink, we believe it is important that your brand values are clearly communicated through your product, whether it be through iconic visual expression, intuitive usability, precise functionality, excellent performance, premium materials or delightful packaging. Your product is a physical ambassador of your company and should represent your brand's ambitions while deftly addressing the needs and desires of your customer. Our Industrial Design team is dedicated to creating product solutions that capture the essence of your company vision, and express it through exquisite usability, functionality and aesthetics.

read more › Surfaceink believes that mechanical engineering is the connection point between the original vision/idea of the product, the Industrial Design and the (eventual) functioning hardware. Our goal is to make beautiful, functional products that ultimately work as intended to improve life for the end user. This requires understanding and defining the user interaction and design as it relates to desired functional requirements and features, then integrating required components in a way that supports the design goal.

read more › Surfaceink's electrical engineering team has a deep background designing and developing cutting edge, consumer and industrial IoT products. Our team has in-depth experience taking products from concept through production within a fully integrated product development environment utilizing skillsets that span nearly all areas of electrical design and development needed for deployment of a high performing, reliable product. Our team has worked at both the board and system level for audio, wearable, IoT, industrial and high-end consumer devices in companies throughout Silicon Valley and the world.

read more › Surfaceink's embedded software engineers develop complex embedded systems for hardware and user interfaces that cover the full embedded systems development cycle: from product strategy, design and system development to implementing embedded integrations, testing and user experience. Build bare metal systems, DSP solutions, RTOS's, board bring-up, low power designs, boot loaders, and more. Whether you are looking for embedded solutions to connect devices within an IoT system, remotely control devices and equipment, or gather and process sensor data, Surfaceink's experienced embedded engineers can help.

read more › Surfaceink's audio and voice expertise spans electrical architecture, acoustics, tuning 3rd party DSP architectures for optimal speech/telephony and music playback, as well as testing and validation during prototype phases. Our team has years of audio and voice experience with companies such as Amazon, Beats by Dre, Jawbone, Palm, and more. Our skillset spans many areas of audio design and development. We have a cross functional team that handles acoustical, electrical, mechanical, and SW challenges within audio subsystems of various form factor products.

read more › Regulatory requirements and compliance issues can make launching a new product a daunting task, but they can increase product desirability and are often necessary to gain market access. Surfaceink builds confidence in the process by assisting our clients to identify, understand, and navigate the regulatory requirements and compliance issues related to product safety, electronic compatibility, interoperability, and sustainability. We work in a wide-range of product categories and develop comprehensive compliance roadmaps that mitigate risks, help avoid unnecessary cost & delays, and improve the ability to deliver products to market in a timely manner.

read more › As a full-service Amazon Alexa Consulting & Professional Services Provider (CPS), Surfaceink will help you simplify your product's Alexa integration, drive innovation, and accelerate your time-to-market. Whether you are developing the next big Smart Home, Video/Smart TV, Wireless Speakers, or Hearable products, Surfaceink can support you in determining how voice can play a role in your business - from ideation, through implementation, launch, and post-launch services. Our team of Center of Excellence (COE) qualified engineers can provide you with the expert technical support and guidance, acoustic design, audio testing and qualification support you need to succeed.

read more › We are fortunate to work with many of the world's top consumer electronics companies. Each of our clients is precious to us, and we are grateful for the trust they place in us to develop new technologies and product experiences. Our goal has always been to help companies create amazing products and ensure that they successfully ship.

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