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We May Not Leap Over Tall Buildings, but We Do Deliver Creative Solutions for the Toughest Engineering Problems. A Martin and Wallin Rep will reach out within 48 hours!. You deserve an engineering firm that delivers high quality and cost-conscious solutions to your needs. From single family residential to multi-family structures, from projects small to large, we provide you with the best engineering solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Our commercial engineering services can be seen throughout Texas and Colorado. Whether designing parking lots, pedestrian bridges, tilt-wall buildings or innovative structures, our reputation for creative, high-quality solutions has contributed to our diverse portfolio and client satisfaction. Industrial engineering needs are as complex as superheroes.

From water quality and management structures to spillways and floodwalls, safety and quality come first. We deliver both to solve your problem. In subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, blog posts and important company announcements as they occur.

read more › When you love what you do and have the skill and capacity to dominate and influence in that field, it's like a superpower. Engineering is our superpower. Engineering shapes the way our world works. This is why innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It's also why our clients turn to us. We enhance lives. We help our clients navigate the construction process with safe, sustainable, creative and cost-effective solutions to the toughest engineering problems. Over 20 years of expertise, innovation and client praise inspires everything we do.

read more › We thrive on engineering challenges and provide you elegant engineering solutions based on your desired system. We utilize the latest building technologies as well as classic materials and systems. We offer full service structural engineering design of foundation, super structure and specialty structures in a host of market sectors. Whether designing residential, parking lots, pedestrian bridges, tilt-wall buildings, innovative structures, to water quality management, spillways and floodwalls and more - from projects small to large, our reputation for creative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions has our clients raving and coming back for more.

read more › At Martin & Wallin we best serve our clients by taking time to understand their individual needs. Our expertise lies in working as part of multi-discipline teams trouble shooting some of the toughest engineering challenges in the very demanding industrial arena. We have the experience to execute projects that are both new or currently operating. We work with our industrial clients to help them find ways to streamline and improve the production and operational processes and devise efficient, creative and cost-effective solutions that are not always obvious and that minimizes down time.

read more › Civil engineering is all about solving challenging problems and creating amazing spaces and places that support and enhance the lifestyle of the community. Our clients throw some tough engineering problems our way and they count on us to provide safe, sustainable, creative and cost-effective solutions to those problems. Our project support services experience is vast and includes all types of infrastructure projects from small to large. Hire us for your project and we will provide you with the most innovative engineering solutions to fit your project needs and budget.

read more › When designing a new building, engineers must take into consideration the effects of outside forces such as gravity, wind, temperature changes, earthquakes, integrity of soil and more. They must also consider the effects of modern design due to aesthetics and if the design is feasible and will prevent future issues, such as with rainwater disbursement. With over 1M sf of new building design, we have an astounding breadth and depth of knowledge in this area. Whether concrete, steel, wood, masonry, pre-fabricated or site-built, we will help evaluate the cost and benefits and tailor our structural solutions to best suit the specific needs of our client and deliver an elegant, efficient facility we can all be proud of.

read more › The roots of Martin & Wallin are grounded in additions and renovations of both residential and commercial structures. It's where we began and is an area of expertise we continue to grow. Over the years, our extensive experience with these sometimes surprisingly complex projects have grown our knowledge and expertise to a level where we have the foresight to avoid potential design flaws and problems that may arise based on the project age, type and environmental factors. Many of these issues often go undetected until an expensive and time consuming change order is necessary.

read more › We pride ourselves on the ability to assess the adequacy, structural integrity and soundness of structures and their components. We will assess and evaluate a structure's current and future use and conformance to current building codes. This is a critical need as all buildings and structures require ongoing periodic inspection to ensure structural safety, strength and stability under normal/actual loads as well as reducing the possibility of disproportionate collapse under unanticipated or accidental loads.

read more › We are in a time of rapid technological and social changes. You need an engineering firm that focuses on creative and cost-effective solutions that becomes a part of your team in order to meet the needs of this rapid change. When we take on a project, we take on the responsiblity of a team member and provide services that you need to achieve success on your project. We listen to, respond to, and anticipate your needs to help you reach your goals with creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

read more › The client's desire for a specific architectural aesthetic that included a reverse shed roof system posed a problem for a design that would support the rooftop against sitting rainwater and other natural elements. We provided specialized detailing and framing for this unique roof system that accommodates the unique water path. This allows for the water to flow and collect at an interior collection point where it is then moved through the framing and foundation and then discharged outside of the building.

read more › Other project support included design of a hipped roof framing system, lateral bracing analysis and design, special inspection services, construction administration, permit support and cost estimate support. The main challenge was that the developer wanted to place a large number of units on a heavily sloped site. Due the sloped site, retaining walls were required to allow for terracing of the site in order to accommodate the number of desired units. We designed both single stage and multi-level retaining wall systems.

read more › This project was a 55,000 sf, 3-story medical office complex with integral first level parking garage and a retrofit to support third level therapy pool. Our project partner was Moman Design. This project posed the challenges of being built on a heavily sloped site as well as the need for additional parking and a third level therapy pool. We designed buttressed basement walls that doubled as retaining walls, which allowed for terracing of the site. The parking solution included a main level parking lot over a basement level parking structure to meet the clients need of additional parking.

read more › Using a fast-track construction schedule and concrete tilt wall panel construction technique, we were able to deliver on this project in a time frame that met the opening deadline. This was a mixed use development project that included five new buildings: three 2-story tilt-wall office buildings (170,000 sf), one 2-story steel retail building and a 4-level precast garage. The site was located on a steep slope and the roof required accommodation of heavy mechanical equipment. Due to the steep slope of the site location, several retaining structures - both stand alone and integral with the structures- was required.

read more › This project was with Haynes Whaley and in partnership with Burke Real Estate Group, Moman Design Architects, Raymond Construction. This project is a mixed-use 150 acre development located at the epicenter of Round Rock's emerging center for Healthcare, Education and Retail services. The development company required a partner to design the multi-building development in an efficient manner and in compliance with factory mutual requirements. We were able to meet that challenge through our knowledge of factory mutual requirements and our extensive knowledge of structural engineering systems and applications.

read more › The client required small greenhouse that would be utilized to grow organic vegetables to distribute as part of their food bank. We enjoyed working with this client to support their mission. We designed a green sustainable greenhouse with drilled pier caissons and structural slab to support the structure, which is located atop ground with poor soil conditions. This project was a 1-story building expansion of a 45,800 sf existing tilt-wall warehouse with a portion of the finish floor below grade.

read more › This project was a structural assessment and design of a 10,000 sf warehouse expansion and retrofit. The facility includes industrial grade structure for distilling tower, grain mill, custom truss, containment reservoir, event space, barrel storage and production processing. The challenge with this project was to take an old industrial building and give a dramatic face-lift. Our challenge was to upgrade the use, functionality and aesthetics of the building to create a modern-chic appearance and retail space that also safely and efficiently housed the significant amount of industrial equipment necessary to operate a modern distillery.

read more › This project was in partnership with Trinity Architects. This project included master planning and facility design of a 3,450 sf educational preschool facility. The owner desired a contemporary and cost-effective facility to operate as a preschool. After reviewing several structural systems, including light gauge steel, structural steel and concrete, we settled on a cost-effective and efficient design of light wood framing. We were able to meet the clients budgetary needs while maintaining their design, functional and aesthetic objectives.

read more › Industrial engineering needs are as complex as superheroes. From water quality and management structures to spillways and floodwalls, safety and quality come first. We deliver both to solve your problem. This project is in partnership with Bechtel, Rexco Construction, BBA Consultants and SpawGlass. This $10B petrochemical facility is a fast track project - meaning it is being designed, reviewed and built concurrently. The opening is currently delayed due to high-level homeland security requirements with regard to its security infrastructure and hurricane resistance requirements.

read more › Investing in your employees through a continuing education program shows that you value their contributions and want to see them succeed. We provide FREE Lunch & Learn courses on a variety of topics to help you do just that. If you don't see a topic that you are interested in listed below, contact us to discuss how we can tailor the Lunch & Learn to your specific needs. Follow the links to discover other continuing education courses to help keep you and your employees moving forward. In subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, blog posts and important company announcements as they occur.

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