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Fukunaga & Associates, Inc. is an award-winning, Hawaii-based civil and environmental engineering firm that provides engineering consulting services in planning and design of private and public works development projects. Our areas of expertise include engineering and design of potable and non-potable water systems, wastewater systems, site investigations, drainage systems, athletic facilities, and general civil site design work.

read more › Fukunaga & Associates, Inc. has the leadership, management experience and engineering skills to provide the anticipated engineering services with in-house manpower and expertise. Our principals are Jon T. Muraoka and Jon K. Nishimura. Royce S. Fukunaga continues to serve as principal advisor. Mr. Muraoka is President of the firm and has over 30 years of civil engineering experience as the project engineer for numerous civil design projects, including water and wastewater systems, site development, and highway design.

read more › Currently, Fukunaga & Associates, Inc. has a staff of 17 full-time engineers, drafting, and administrative personnel. The firm's principals are Royce S. Fukunaga, Jon T. Muraoka, and Jon K. Nishimura. Our technical personnel include 11 registered, Professional Engineers: 10 are licensed Civil Engineers and one is a licensed Chemical Engineer. Eight of our engineers have Master's degrees in the civil/environmental field. Mr. Amuro's previous project experience encompassed preparation of preliminary engineering reports, treatment system planning, treatment plant design, construction submittal reviews and construction site inspection.

read more › Fukunaga & Associates, Inc. (FAINC) served as the prime engineering consultant for the project, as well as the civil design engineer. As the prime consultant, FAINC handled all project management responsibility and coordination with the project manager / owner, City & County of Honolulu (City), Department of Design & Construction (DDC) / Department of Environmental Services (ENV) and the sub-consultant team. The Ala Moana Wastewater Pump Station (WWPS) and Force Main (FM) system is Honolulu's largest sewage conveyance facility serving more than half of the metropolitan Honolulu area.

read more › A new 24-inch (ID) high-density polyethylene water main was installed beneath Pearl Harbor utilizing an innovative directional drilling and underwater splicing procedure that has greatly improved the performance and reliability of the Navy's water distribution system. The applied method avoided environmental disturbances associated with conventional underwater pipe laying operations. The primary water transmission main that serves Ford Island and the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex is over 75 years old.

read more › A key prerequisite for the Navy's vision to develop Ford Island into a hub of commercial, residential and support activities within Pearl Harbor is the upgrade of the Island's aging utility infrastructure. Navy aimed to provide vital support of the proposed Ford Island development. The project, including a new force main and renovated pumping station, will provide the necessary wastewater transmission capacity needed to meet the anticipated increase in wastewater flows. The new force main will serve as the primary sewage conveyance route from the island, while the existing main will serve as a backup in the event of pipeline failure, or when system maintenance is required.

read more › In 1992, the City & County of Honolulu (City) was served with a notice of violation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for alleged violations of the Federal Clean Water Act, due to repeated spills from its extensive sewage collection system. The City selected Fukunaga & Associates, Inc. (FAINC) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the City's aging sewer system and to formulate a proactive rehabilitation plan to improve the City's sewers. FAINC and its subconsultants worked closely with the City to develop the Long Range Sewer Rehabilitation Plan, meeting all mandated deadlines and requirements established in the Consent Decree.

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