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We deliver project-specific solutions to complex and unprecedented engineering challenges. Uni-Systems Engineering is a single source provider of custom mechanization for iconic structures and attractions that deliver impressive experiences for our customers and the general public. We partner with engineers, architects, and construction managers to mitigate risk and deliver functionally integrated, reliable showpieces.

Our team of mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers specializes in providing custom, project-specific solutions to complex and unprecedented engineering challenges. Projects are backed by our unmatched technical expertise and broad experience with custom mechanization. As pioneers and market leaders since 1968, we have a reputation of completing innovative world class projects.

We provide a variety of services to a variety of industries, with the common thread being the mitigation of risks associated with custom mechanization in reliability-critical, high profile applications.

read more › Nothing beats the expertise that comes from specializing in one thing. Our engineers bring new insights and ideas to the drawing board, solve problems and manage risk with unparalleled technical expertise. We develop project-specific solutions to complex and unprecedented engineering challenges. Contact us for a a customized solution for your project.

read more › As pioneers and market leaders since 1968, we have a reputation of completing innovative world class projects that continue to impress, delight and work without failure - making everyone happy. We develop project-specific solutions to complex and unprecedented engineering challenges. Contact us for a a customized solution for your project.

read more › Uni-Systems Engineering has been bringing movement to iconic professional sports stadiums and ballparks since 1998. These elements are regularly showcased and choreographed into highly publicized events including opening ceremonies, the Super Bowl, and the World Series. Our team designed and supplied the mechanizations and control systems for all seven of the most recent National Football League and Major League Baseball retractable roofs.

read more › Uni-Systems Engineering, in partnership with M3 Engineering, provides custom engineering for observatory azimuth drives, shutter drives, wind screen drive systems, and additional project-specific mechanization as required. Our systematic design process - which encompasses structural, mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering - prioritizes the reliability, accessibility, maintainability, and safety of these mechanisms in order to ensure the long-term success of these critical components. Our expertise within the industry is bolstered by proprietary optimization software for the design of azimuth bogies and lateral guide rollers, developed in response to site visits to existing observatories in which these components were shown to have a disproportionate impact on telescope downtime.

read more › Our approach to problem solving values simple, robust, and innovative answers to the engineering challenges we seek to overcome. During schematic design, Uni-Systems Engineering lays out the general arrangement of system components. Typical cross sections of the mechanization system's integration with the surrounding structure. During design development, Uni-Systems Engineering further develops the mechanization design concept and completely defines its interfaces with the surrounding structure.

read more › Our broad experience with custom mechanization offers clients an innovative one-of-a-kind custom solution. Our engineering department provides services encompassing all phases of a product's lifecycle from initial concept design all the way through to installation and testing. Our Mechanical Engineering department is adept at adapting to client needs and creating innovative and efficient solutions to complex engineering problems. Our team specializes in creating custom equipment with challenging performance and life-safety requirements in a wide range of industries.

read more › Engineers who desire to embrace a really tough challenge of designing and building an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind moving structure, seek a partner who can manage risks and offer confidence in success. Mechanized structures with high cycles or unprecedented loads require both a robust understanding of traditional structural engineering methodologies as well as more sophisticated analysis techniques to ensure risks are mitigated and life-safety is achieved - all while using fabrication and construction tolerances that are realistic for the built environment.

read more › Uni-Systems Engineering's Electrical and Controls Engineering department produces comprehensive operating systems for a multitude of project types and sizes. Our work encompasses all phases, from initial concept design through installation, testing, and ongoing technical support. We specialize in customized systems with challenging performance and life-safety requirements in a variety of industries. We develop project-specific solutions to complex and unprecedented engineering challenges. Contact us for a a customized solution for your project.

read more › Uni-Systems Engineering offers technical engineering peer reviews, including analysis and comments on structural and mechanical designs for complex mechanized systems. Uni-Systems Engineering offers feasibility studies, including review of design concepts to determine technical feasibility and cost implications for complex mechanized systems. Uni-Systems Engineering collaborates with owners to establish process time lines and budgets for integration of large, complex mechanized systems. Services also include development of basis of design and design criteria for systems.

read more › Projects are backed by our unmatched technical expertise, rigorous processes, and thorough documentation to reduce risk and secure success. Uni-Systems Engineering develops prototypes to verify the performance and reliability of key mechanization designs. We partner with our customers to determine the appropriate deliverables for a given project, including testing criteria and results, drawings, photographs, videos, and raw data. When Uni-Systems Engineering functions as the mechanization equipment supplier as well as the designer, we also partner with our customers to determine the appropriate level of first article and equipment testing to further manage and mitigate risk prior to delivery and installation.

read more › Navigating risk from start to finish results in a successful project completed on time and on budget. Uni-Systems Engineering maintains long-term business relationships with fabrication facilities and machine shops that share our commitment to quality, value, and on-time performance. Uni has expertise and many years of experience in managing these vendors and working closely with them to deliver quality parts and assemblies that meet or exceed our customers' requirements. We maintain a robust quality management system.

read more › The single point of responsibility to help manage project complexities and risk from design to construction. A Uni-Systems Engineering site manager oversees all work and maintains the highest standards of safety, quality, and on-time performance. Depending on client requirements and resources, the site manager may either work in an advisory capacity with others performing installation, or hire local iron workers, millwrights, and electricians to install the mechanization and control equipment. Uni-Systems Engineering project managers and engineers perform rigorous commissioning, where equipment is operated in automatic and manual mode under all foreseeable conditions.

read more › Throughout the first year, Uni-Systems Engineering ensures a smooth transition for the facility owner and operations staff. We work with you to identify and resolve any issues to ensure equipment performance and reliability. Remote monitoring allows for real-time operation support and troubleshooting. Uni-Systems Engineering offers ongoing contracts for inspections, preventive maintenance, and technical support. Visual inspections for damage, unusual wear, corrosion, leaks, and any other potential issues.

read more › At Uni-Systems Engineering, nothing is more important than the safety of our products and the people who build them. The Uni-Systems Engineering design and installation teams include qualified electrical engineers, designers, and technicians who incorporate electrically safe systems into all projects. Arc flash studies are performed as required per NFPA 70E. Electrical cabinets are designed with external ports allows for safe monitoring during operation. Local disconnects and built-in absence of voltage testers are configured for safe and easy lockout/tagout during inspections and preventive maintenance.

read more › Uni-Systems Engineering employees comprise a multi-disciplinary team of structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, technicians, project managers, and support staff. We're looking for forward thinkers with strong skills, intellectual curiosity, and a collaborative spirit to make our team even stronger than it is today. Uni-Systems Engineering is committed to encouraging employees to further develop and improve their own skills, knowledge, and abilities through continuing education and professional development educational processes.

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