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Advantage Engineering's equipment covers a broad spectrum of fluid maintenance; engine flush, transmission fluid exchange, fuel system cleaning, diesel fuel system cleaning, coolant exchanging, power steering fluid, and brake fluid service. We design and manufacture enhanced fluid exchange equipment that provides fast, highly efficient and environmentally responsible solutions to the automotive after market.

Our technology, innovation, equipment and service is unmatched in the industry. If you're looking for fluid replacement solutions that are fast, easy and clean, you've come to the right place. AEC GROUP INC. is please to introduce the CE4000HD (heavy duty) Coolant Exchanger designed for large truck and bus applications. The CE4000HD incorporates all the features of our popular CE2000/3000 models, but with (4) 7.6 gallon tanks for coolant.

read more › Traditional automotive repair has become a very challenging business. With the advancement in technology, vehicles go longer without need of repair. Add to this the fact that consumers today have so many choices on where to take their vehicle, repair services have become commoditized and the lowest price usually wins. So how do quick lube and independent service shops enhance their revenue and increase productivity while keeping consumers loyal? AEC excels at design and manufacturing of enhanced fluid maintenance equipment.

read more › The Advantage Engineering Engine Flush is performed with the engine off (also known as a "static flush"). During the process Advantage Engineering Engine Flush Solution is circulated through the crankcase. Compatible with all engine bearing surfaces and elastomers, this solution dissolves and suspends contaminant buildup which are then removed by ultra-fine filters. Your technicians can perform this safe and efficient service in about 15 minutes. With a patented and comprehensive selection of spin-on and canister adapter applications, an Advantage Engineering Engine Flush System will allow you to service virtually all cars and light trucks sold in North America.

read more › Safety is everyone's priority with brake fluid replacement. Give your customers peace of mind by offering brake fluid service. Recommended by all vehicle manufacturers, brake fluid degradation is often overlooked because it is gradual. An ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING BRAKE PRO is a convenient, quick, and efficient way to evacuate and exchange brake fluid from most brake systems. It's one of the fluid services that your customers can immediately notice when they drive away. The easy to follow control panel will direct your technician through all of the steps required for a proper brake service.

read more › When an engine cooling system isn't handling its load the engine deteriorates quicker and is more likely to overheat. The best way to insure it's effectiveness is with a periodic coolant exchange. A cooling system operates best when the coolant's additives are still effective. These additives enable the coolant to carry away heat and inhibit corrosion. AEC Group Inc.'s designs allows you to do it right. Unlike evacuate and fill apparatus (most one-line systems), the ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING COOLANT EXCHANGER two-line design can quickly and effectively exchange virtually all of the coolant.

read more › Help your customers improve their vehicle's mileage, transmission life, and powertrain efficiency with our ADVANTAGE fluid exchange systems. Choose from one of three models: TRANS PRO, TRANS PRO+, and MULTI-MODE. All models offer the dipstick approach to ATF service pioneered by AEC to complete a service on almost all vehicles with dipsticks in under 15 minutes. Trans Pro+ and MULTI-MODE models also offer adapters for cooler line applications. MULTI-MODE has an additional new fluid reservoir to select between different transmission fluids without cross contamination and reduce down time associated with changing fluids.

read more › What happens when the fuel system and combustion chambers become dirty with built-up carbon, gum, varnish and other contaminants? Nothing but a poor performing engine, less fuel economy and higher emissions. Help your customers maintain peak engine performance and fuel efficiency with the ADVANTAGE FUEL PRO system. This easy, safe and quick system represents the most technologically advanced method for cleaning harmful fuel related contaminants from gasoline internal combustion engines. With specially formulated Advantage Engineering Petrol Fuel System Cleaning Solution and Filters, the FUEL PRO system provides comprehensive way of maintaining optimum fuel system and vehicle performance, fuel delivery, and reduced exhaust emissions.

read more › Whether large or small, restore your customers' diesel engines performance and efficiency with an ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING DIESEL FUEL PRO. Easy to use, the ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING DIESEL FUEL PRO, is a safe and effective way to maintain and optimize diesel fuel performance and reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and down time. The system circulates a mixture of diesel fuel and Advantage Engineering Premium Diesel Fuel System Cleaning Solution with the engine off and running. In the process, accumulated deposits and contaminants are loosened, dissolved, and passed through the exhaust system where they are combusted or filtered out with ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING DIESEL FUEL PRO filters.

read more › When was the last time your customer had the power steering fluid in their vehicle changed?. Extend power steering component life and power steering system efficiency with a periodic fluid exchange. The ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING POWER STEERING PRO is designed for one-man use. Draining, topping, and exchanging fluid functions are controlled via toggle switch. Secure and adjustable adapters fixed to the reservoir allow one man operation. AEC Group Inc. proudly designs and builds all of its equipment in it's Santa Ana, CA facility utilizing locally sourced components whenever possible.

read more › Keep your Advantage Engineering enhanced fluid maintenance equipment in top working condition with original parts and adapters. Our components are designed for specific applications and benefits and enable users to operate their equipment safely and effectively. Operation Manuals and Videos can be found on Product pages. Replacement Parts Orders are processed quickly with prompt shipment and choices of ground, 2-day, and overnight service. Get more out of your investment by refurbishing your machine.

read more › Advantage Engineering Engine Flush Solution is designed specifically for our static engine flushing equipment. High in detergents and dispersants, Advantage Engineering Engine Flush Solution is effective at dissolving and suspending contaminants which build up in your engine's crankcase. These contaminants are effectively removed during the engine flush process with ultra fine filtration (down to 1 micron on some models). Advantage Engineering Engine Flush Solution is not a solvent. Formulated with an oil base, sufficient lubricity remains on all bearing surfaces to eliminate problems associated with dry starts.

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