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American Association-Cost Engineer Founded in 1897, the RES is a multi-disciplinary society uniting diverse disciplines to enhance professional development, foster excitement in math and science for the next generation of leaders, and improve communities where members live. The Society supports individual engineers, local affiliates of national engineering societies, schools of engineering, and professional firms.

The RES provides many opportunities to learn, to build relationships and to contribute to the community. The RES encourages and recognizes innovation, cooperation, professional growth and fellowship, in all levels of development, from student to seasoned engineers, scientists and allied professionals.

The RES is recognized as the principal leader committed to increasing the visibility of the greater Rochester area engineering and technical community, serving as a unifying organization for local engineering businesses and associations.Our Monthly publication of the Rochester Engineer disseminates what the RES and our affiliates have planned for their members.

read more › The RES is recognized as the principal leader committed to increasing the visibility of the greater Rochester area engineering and technical community. Demonstrating knowledge of all aspects of the engineering and technical capabilities in the area. Continually communicating the engineering and technical accomplishments to both the engineering and technical community and the public;. Regularly providing engineers and their organizations, forums and networking opportunities for the exchange of ideas and discussions of issues.

read more › As the President of the RES, I have often been asked to speak about the value proposition of the organization and why a company should consider joining as a corporate member. One of the most difficult things to do in Rochester is to get public exposure for your company and your employees -- especially for your engineers. The RBJ is a great business journal, but it is not a place where you can easily highlight the technical achievements of your company and your staff! You can certainly advertise your achievements on your own web pages.

read more › The Nominations Committee is responsible for recommending future officers and directors of the RES. The committee will typically begin the search for officer and director candidates at the beginning of the year (January). They will report their recommendations to the Board at the March Board meeting. Following Board approval, the Nominations Committee will report the candidates nominated for elections to the membership in the May issue of the RES magazine. Elections and the formal appointment of officers and directors will be conducted at the Annual RES meeting held in May.

read more › It will review the expenses and revenues of all events and RES activities (including the magazine) and provide guidelines and goals for the upcoming year. The Committee will meet quarterly to establish the budget and to review the progress of the RES with respect to meeting the revenue goals of the budget. Suggestions for adjustments to the budget may be provided on a quarterly basis in order to guide the RES towards meeting its annual financial goals. The Budget committee shall consist of at least three appointed members.

read more › The Membership Development Committee shall review the membership levels for individual members, affiliates, and corporate members. They shall provide guidance on the dues associated with each type of RES membership. The committee is charged with the development of activities targeted towards increasing the RES membership. The committee will conduct regular assessments of the membership to ensure RES is achieving its mission. The committee is also responsible for the engagement and recruitment of new individual members, affiliates, and corporate members.

read more › The meeting was held in the office of Rochester City Engineer Edwin A. Fisher who became the first president of the new organization. Many of those present had been members of the former Section of Engineering of the Rochester Academy of Science. The new organization was named the Rochester Engineering Society and the first base of operation was the Reynolds Library, 150 Spring Street. The library originally was established by Mortimer Reynolds in what is today the Reynolds Arcade but was later located in his home following his death.

read more › The 2020 RES Gala Event celebrates the accomplishments of engineers, scientists and technologists of all disciplines and highlights the critical importance of engineering to the greater Rochester community. It draws more than 250 individuals including aspiring young engineers, and highly accomplished professional and academic engineers. If you have been to the Gala Event in the past, you realize how important it is to the youngest most promising engineers of our community. Your sponsorship and presence at the event is not only memorable for these young individuals and their families, but it also serves to ensure similar opportunities will be celebrated in the years to come.

read more › The Greater Rochester Area has a wealth of outstanding engineering talent, who help drive local companies, and our economy, forward. Call for nominations is now open. Read the general information for each category and send the initial nomination form. We will confirm receiving the nomination and then let you know to continue to the final nomination after it is reviewed by the awards chairperson. 2018 Engineer of the Year Award recipient Donald P. Nims, PE, (top photo - right) and 2018 Young Engineer of the Year Award recipient Brett Eliasz, PE (bottom photo - right) at the 117th RES Gala.

read more › Every year the Rochester Engineering Society selects an outstanding engineer from the community to honor as Engineer of the Year at our Annual Gala. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding achievement in and contributions to the profession by engineers in the Rochester region and to promote the importance of engineering practice to society. In the tradition of other special recognition awards such as the Rochester 'Athena' and 'Forty Under Forty' Awards, the finalists for the RES Engineer of the Year Award, and the recipient, will be recognized in a variety of public venues and media during the weeks preceding the Gala.

read more › It is clear that online communication is here, and RES has taken steps in recent years to help its membership stay connected with RES, online. Our website was modified in 2012 to offer an integrated content manager, calendar, and registration system. Since 2014 the Rochester Engineer magazine has been available on the RES home page. There are further discussions underway toward adding social media, in the future. Now we are changing our print production strategy, in line with our more connected membership.

read more › The recent lay-offs, by the Rochester City School District (RCSD), have resulted in the mid-year departure of as many as five elementary school teachers from our School. It has made it necessary for us to postpone and "regroup" in our effort to develop and present the "2020 First Annual Dr. Walter Cooper Academy Science Fair." The Rochester Engineering Society (RES) was invited to help establish new tradition, back in the late 2018-19 school year. The School-Based Planning Team, and the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), including parents, teachers and administrators, requested the support of the RES in developing a Winter 2020 science fair at #10 School.

read more › STEM Bridges is a Rochester Engineering Society initiative to put engineers and other STEM professionals inside classrooms. We place STEM Experienced Professionals into actual classrooms, bringing a career's worth of application examples and related hardware, to make STEM- Learning hands-on. In the hope of putting new volunteers at ease, we have four Seasoned Coaches who have agreed to serve as Mentors, and accompany new Volunteers for as many Classroom visits as the volunteer wants, to become comfortable with their role in STEM Bridges.

read more › For over 30 years, the RES has presented scholarship awards to undergraduate students already enrolled in an engineering, engineering technology, science or technology program. The entire application process is managed by the RES. Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Scholarship recipients are invited to the RES Gala event in April to celebrate their award with the Rochester engineering community. Established, in the amount of $1,500, to honor the memory of Executive Director, Joe Campbell and his public service.

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