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Kenesto was designed by engineers for engineers and designers, delivering a robust solution for small- and medium-sized companies, especially those working in a diverse ecosystem with many types of documents. With the Kenesto Drive service on a PC, CAD and other applications work directly with the cloud documents just like a local drive, always ensuring access to the most current document.

Kenesto provides the necessary tools needed to easily share, view, collaborate with external users, manage permissions, create versions, and lock documents for day-to-day work. Kenesto provides engineers and designers the power, simplicity, and flexibility beyond consumer cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, and a great alternative to complex and expensive traditional PDM systems.

Kenesto stands out as a leader in forward-thinking online engineering data management. We now have a secure, cloud-based solution for product document management, collaboration and version control, accessible from wherever we are in the world.

read more › Kenesto was founded on the principles of helping customers with document and file management problems that could not be solved with traditional methods. These problems can appear to be simple but, when left unsolved, contribute to a very expensive and time-consuming waste of resources. By utilizing Kenesto's new Cloud platform, organizations of all sizes can significantly simplify their document environment, thus reducing expenses and increasing efficiency. These expense benefits could be realized in IT or overall business processes.

read more › Mike is a serial engineering, CAD, and PLM entrepreneur. As a prolific technologist, Mike co-founded several innovative technology companies, including PTC, SOLIDWORKS, and SpaceClaim. Now, he has turned to revolutionizing the concept of Document Management, Cloud Storage, and Collaboration and Execution with Kenesto. At Northeastern University, he taught courses in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Gil has more than 25 years experience of software development, management, and integration.

read more › Have you ever accidentally deleted a file? Or encountered a corrupt file? You are not alone. It's time to adopt a robust storage solution designed for CAD, Architects and other large file applications. Our Kenesto Drive cloud service allows users to collaborate directly with master files from anywhere: share folders & documents, automatically version up CAD files, work offline, vault folders & files for check-in and check-out. Be confident that every member of your team (both internal & external) is always working with the single-source, master file safely accessed from the Kenesto cloud.

read more › Kenesto Drive is used with Kenesto Cloud and pairs files from desktop to Cloud. Kenesto Drive is installed on an individual's computer and offers companies the perfect alternative to a shared network drive. Kenesto users can download the Kenesto Drive directly from Kenesto Cloud. Users interact with files in the same way they do today, like they would from their shared server or their local drive. Lock files for exclusive editing (which allows others: read only file access, sharing, viewing and download while the file is locked).

read more › You can use Kenesto as your design repository for all facets of your design process, from early concept to release. Manage versions and release processes in a dynamic, ad-hoc manner, or take advantage of Kenesto's vaulting, file management, tasks and workflows for better efficiency and full design management audit trails. Manage changes to your Engineering Change Management (ECM) and Marketing content using Kenesto. You can include your extended team, clients and partners allowing you to gain more efficiency and time-to-market.

read more › This document covers how to create and use a workflow, which is a series of tasks in a business process. Workflow means different things to different people. In very simple terms, it is a business process which helps to achieve a single business transaction. There are many types or ways to achieve or automate a business process and perform a business transaction. Kenesto provides an ad-hoc and flexible workflow for automating a task-based process. Think of workflow as a series of tasks that must be performed by one or more people to achieve a business transaction, Kenesto provides the perfect solution for that.

read more › To build a form, you create a "Custom Page Template" from the "Templates" tab. To use the form in business practice after the template page is created, you visit the "Data" tab to use it as a "form" which can be attached to a task or other item in Kenesto. You can have discussions on forms, change ownership and share forms. Note for Administrators: access to turn "on" or "off" modules that create and use forms. Go to the admin panel in your company instance to turn on or off these modules. NOTE: The system does not auto save, don't forget to save!

read more › In order to use Kenesto CAD Add-in you need to have Kenesto drive installed and running, and the documents need to be saved in Kenesto. In order for Kenesto CAD add-in to work correctly with SOLIDWORKS, it needs to be installed for all Kenesto users in the organization. For the current assembly or drawing on the screen, this functionality will find all of the dependencies in the CAD model that are referenced. This function will only accept items that are in the Kenesto Drive. This command is used to list all of the specified types of document for which the dependencies have not been identified to Kenesto.

read more › Once you login to your account in Kenesto on the web, you will find help items under the help menu. You cannot restore any deleted document you do not own, even as an admin. In fact, Kenesto does not delete any documents, they are archived under the owner's account. If admins want to be in control of restoring all company archived documents it is recommended that you place all documents under a common user and share accordingly. This way the common user or (generic user or company user) will always be able to restore archived documents.

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