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Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can work from your initial needs, determine solution alternatives, locate and acquire funding sources for implementation, design the preferred solution, manage its construction and ultimately deliver a finished product that exceeds your expectations. We are a highly motivated, dynamic firm with the goal of being the preferred consultant for Southern California.

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read more › TKE provides the highest quality in civil engineering project development, planning, and implementation. We take pride in the knowledge that our projects will serve to enhance the quality of life for the communities in which we live and work on a daily basis. We are committed to thorough and sustainable designs that allow for expedient and cost effective construction, ensuring that your resources are utilized in the most efficient manner. Our approach has resulted in recognition through several awards, including ASCE's Public Improvement Project of the Year Awards in 2007 and 2009 for our work on Alessandro Boulevard in the City of Riverside and the San Bernardino Avenue Trunk Sewer for the Inland Empire Utility Agency.

read more › The construction phase of a project is where the visions, concepts and designs become reality. At TKE, our construction management and inspection staff is proud of our ability to ensure that the product designed for our clients is built as intended and to the highest level of quality. We accomplish this through involvement during the design phase, the bidding and contract award phase, then continuing through the construction phase to project completion and finalization. We have developed a set of contract management and inspection procedures that ensure each construction project is both efficiently run and ultimately successful.

read more › Successfully serving as an extension of agency staff requires a specific mindset, that being service to community, ownership of direction, and dedicated teamwork with existing staff. Municipal Consulting Services require a true partnership between TKE and our clients, a symbiotic relationship where we are able to directly achieve the goals of the agency and provide direct representation to our shared community. At TKE, we recognize the trust inherent in this relationship and we pride ourselves on expanding this trust and successfully serving our shared community.

read more › California continues to attract the businesses, industries and workforce needed to support and maintain its economic expansion. As a result cities, counties and local communities are increasingly forced to keep pace with the mounting demands and stresses created by added the congestion on roadways, highways and neighborhood streets. TKE's traffic engineers blend practical approaches with technical innovation to create solutions that will alleviate the demands caused by the additional growth of our community.

read more › Increasing pressures on both public and private financial resources has necessitated creative new ways to finance much needed community improvements. Recognizing this simple truth, our team has taken a proactive approach to funding acquisition and grant writing. The key to being successful in grant writing, funds acquisition and management industry is specialized knowledge of funding opportunities and the ability to handcraft a message that is an ideal fit for that opportunity. We have successfully acquired millions of dollars for our clients for a wide range of project types through grants, loans, bond financing, special district formation, as well as special legislation at both the State and Federal level.

read more › Accurate and detailed data collection and thorough establishment of property boundaries, ownership and restrictions are the first step to any successful project. Knowing this, our professional staff established a methodic and thorough approach to data collection and records research, ensuring that TKE collects the right data and the right amount of data, each and every time. During construction, our expert survey personnel takes ownership of the project, supplying additional "eyes on the ground" and providing field level constructability review, adjusting construction in the field as required to match existing conditions, ultimately ensuring more expedient construction and reducing potential for future claims.

read more › Successful environmental planning and permitting is about the balance between the natural and built environments relative to the values, desires and needs of the community, while remaining in compliance with a regulatory process that can be overwhelming in its complexity. At TKE, we work in partnership with our clients to gain a complete understanding of each project and develop innovative and feasible environmental solutions. Relying upon our extensive experience and knowledge of current CEQA/NEPA requirements and processes, we produce thorough and defensible environmental documents necessary for the success of our clients and community.

read more › TKE's development services are primarily real estate-oriented, transactional in nature and opportunity based. These services are customized to our clients' needs and range from macro scale matters relative to community-wide needs to micro scale matters related to site specific development needs. These services are offered on a "turn-key" or general basis (i.e., as an augmentation to staff) or on a selective basis (i.e., for specific project activities). TKE's development services staff are highly skilled and have over 80 years of combined experience in assisting local agencies with a broad array of high-priority projects.

read more › TKE Engineering was established in 2000, and since our founding has developed into one of Southern California's premier full service, multi-disciplinary consulting firms. Our firm was established with the goal of providing high value, turnkey professional services with a personal touch in order to be a lasting benefit to society. One thing that differentiates our firm is that we approach our mission with a belief that understanding and meeting the needs of the community is vital to completion of a successful project.

read more › TKE Engineering, Inc., located in Riverside, CA, is seeking a motivatedWater/Wastewater Professional Engineer to perform duties including but not limited to the following. The position is full- time. Water/Wastewater Project Engineer is responsible for project design oversight and responsibility, cost estimating, studies, and other related engineering tasks supporting TKE Engineering. We are seeking a Project Engineer to plan, direct, and control the execution of technical, fiscal, and administration functions of the assigned projects.

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