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Fagerstrom Engineering Inc is a consulting professional engineering firm committed to provide top-quality, cost-effective, and efficient engineered solutions for the benefit of our clients and communities. We are dedicated to performance of the highest quality, with a firm belief in personal individual consideration for each of our clients. Fagerstrom Engineering, Inc. began in 1976 with the formation of Lars Fagerstrom Consulting Engineers in Walnut Creek, California.

For over forty years the engineers of FE have served the mechanical and electrical engineering needs of California and abroad, with projects in seven of the United States, European, Middle Eastern, and South American countries. We thank you for your interest and the opportunity to present our services and experience.

Lars Fagerstrom offers over forty years of professional experience in project management and design of mechanical and electrical systems, engineering investigations, technical studies, and service as an expert technical witness.

read more › Fagerstrom Engineering is experienced in lighting systems design for a wide variety of applications ranging from the purely functional, such as emergency and safety lighting, to those applications purely for aesthetic appeal. We consider client needs and apply design expertise and experience to achieve an appealing, efficient, and easy to use system tailored to each application. Our designs are in accordance with the latest IESNA lighting standards and all state and local regulations. We typically simulate each system, utilizing the latest computer software to achieve functional, balanced, and efficient lighting solutions.

read more › Emergency power schemes are designed to provide temporary power to critical facilities and processes in the event that normal power sources are temporarily interrupted. System designs may utilize one emergency power source for planned short durations such as a small a lead-acid battery bank, a fuel-oil generator with extensive fuel reserve capacity for extended periods of power loss, a combination thereof, or other approaches. A variety of options exist to accommodate facility requirements such as design duration of power availability, power quality, interruptible/uninterruptible, surge requirements, etc.

read more › Battery systems provide uninterruptible power supply capability to critical systems and processes in order to allow their continued functionality without interruption. Reserve power capacity requirements can vary in its required timeframe depending on emergency scheme requirements, possibly to allow a certain reserve capacity on the order of hours with batteries as the primary source, or on the order of minutes to allow an emergency generator time to come online.

read more › Fuel-oil generator systems are emergency or backup power systems that convert stored energy in the form of diesel fuel in a tank to usable power in a local power system. Generation capacity is effectively only limited by the quantity of diesel fuel available, which can potentially be replenished indefinitely, making the diesel generator an attractive option for facilities which need a high degree of reliability in backup power systems. Diesel generators typically automatically start and switch online in the event of power failure.

read more › Solar power systems (PV) convert sunlight into electrical power for use by residential, commercial, or for utility systems. Solar panels generate constant voltages (DC) and therefore require power electronic inverters for interface with AC systems, and switching equipment is typically also required to support interconnection. A variety of other control or monitoring equipment may be required depending on application requiring specific functionality, safety, power quality, etc. We offer system design services, feasibility studies, annual expected production studies using software recognized by the US Department of Energy, or other analysis as needed.

read more › Fuel-oil systems safely store and supply fuel-oils for use in a variety of applications such as emergency power generation. These systems are typically found in locations that municipal natural gas services are not available, or are assumed to be unavailable in systems designed for emergencies. Properly designed fuel-oil systems can provide a potentially indefinite means of energy availability for local systems in an emergency.

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