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Founded in 1983, Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP) is based in Boulder, CO and has become the country's leader in whitewater park design, river wave design, river and bank restoration, dam modification, and greenway design. In our 37 years in the business, we have been responsible for more than 100 in-stream design projects - more than 80% of all the whitewater parks in North America.

Our work varies in size from small projects where we are tasked with designing a single play wave, to large dam modifications, to environmental restoration and fish passage. REP's success stems from our unique designs and our understanding that all rivers are as unique as the communities they flow through. We believe that the river should integrate itself with the community that surrounds it and that every park should be designed to meet the needs of the entire community.

We design whitewater parks that combine public safety, recreation, and environmental improvement using natural-appearing engineering solutions that connect communities to their river corridors.

read more › Recreation Engineering and Planning is the world leader in recreating natural stream environments. These are restorations that feature pool, drop, and riffle structures for in-stream habitat, a restored riparian zone, and a natural sanctuary for the local community and visitors alike to revel in a stunning natural setting with stream-side trails, river access points and unmatched whitewater features. Another strength in which REP has excels is the modification or removal of dams all across the country.

read more › Chief planner, designer, and engineer of a plan funded by the Arkansas River Trust and City of Salida. The design included natural-appearing whitewater improvements to restore the river and provide economic and recreational benefits to the downtown area. A key aspect of the project was the whitewater course at the site of the longest-running whitewater kayak race in North America, FIBArk. The project hosted the 2009 US Freestyle kayaking nationals. Chief planner, designer, and engineer for this groundbreaking river park.

read more › REP and project partners are awarded two Showcase Awards, an Award of Excellence for Community Development and the Award of Merit for the. StartFragment'The first two completed reaches of the City of Longmont's Resilient St. Vrain project have been selected as the 2018 winner. Catching Up: Proposed whitewater park in Stoughton could create millions in spending from users Logan Wroge | Wisconsin State Journal Oct. Longmont officials, kayaking enthusiasts eager for opening of nature area Dickens Farm will provide first-of-its-kind access to St. Vrain.

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