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Daniel C Smith, PE Consulting Engineers is a structural engineering firm based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We offer a personalized service to provide plans and calculations to meet the needs and requirements of our customers in a timely fashion. Our range of experience and expertise helps make us the ideal solution for structural design projects.

read more › With brick siding we have two options for design. We recommend that the deck be built free-standing to avoid any problems. Alternatively, the brick siding may be removed at the attachment location, and the deck ledger can be fastened directly to the house band board. We do not design for future additions, as we cannot ensure that the codes do not change between when we first engineer the deck and when the addition is completed. We may also design the addition to meet certain criteria which are later changed while in the decision-making process.

read more › Create a sketch of the proposed deck plan with dimensions of each side. Make sure to note the desired location of stairs, any obstructions beneath the deck, and any limitations due to setbacks. Watch for an email from DCSPE with confirmation of receipt of your order and quote of engineering fee within 72 hours. This is not an automated process and there may be a delay between sending the order and receiving confirmation. Our pricing is $1.00 per square foot with a $250 minimum charge for the base deck (With the exception of CA, HI, AK, and IL).

read more › DCSPE designs apartment buildings, commercial buildings, townhouses, or condominium projects. When designing commercial projects, we utilize precast concrete, poured concrete, masonry, bar joists, steel, metal studs, metal trusses, wood framing, and wood trusses in the design and engineering of Commercial buildings. DCSPE has designed and engineered Commercial buildings in unique situations: such as high wind and high seismic conditions. DCSPE has helped design and engineer aluminum framed floating and fixed docks, marinas, and restaurants.

read more › The joys of owning a home should not include worries about whether or not the residence about to be purchased is structurally safe. DCSPE has an established working relationship with the majority of the larger real estate firms in the area and has provided numerous evaluations of structural concerns in an effort to ease concerns of all involved parties and propose reasonable solutions that can be performed quickly without delaying the established closing dates for your home purchase. Our reports are prepared to address the specific concerns indicated to us.

read more › Forensic Engineering involves the evaluation, investigation, or analysis of a construction defect, automobile accident, wind damage, hail damage, construction failure, mechanical failure, water damage/leaks, fires, or electrical problems. Daniel C. Smith, PE Consulting Engineers (DCSPE) has been involved in the investigation of water problems, construction failures, construction defects, wind and hail damage, and mechanical failures. All of these involve examination of the structure or the parts, then analyses are performed of the structure or part based on the assumed loads placed on the structure.

read more › We have provided over 900 third-party wind uplift calculations for standing seam metal roofs and re-roofing projects. We have also provided framing-detail shop drawings for the construction of adding a sloped roof system to existing flat roof buildings. We work with several large standing seam metal roof manufacturers and distributors: Englert, Metal Roofing Systems, Construction Metal Products, Union Corrugating, Dynamic Metals, Curtis Construction, and TopHat. We provide our calculations based on engineered test reports for all wind pressures affecting all roof, wall, and soffit wind zones.

read more › Light-weight, reflective panels which can be utilized on both ground-mounted and structure-mounted systems (each panel weighs 2-3 lbs/SF). Resistant to the damaging effects of water, mold, and mildew - will need little to no maintenance. Panels can be easily delivered with an estimated 64 panels per truckload (standard 4' x 20' panels). As communities become more populated and roadways are expanded to accommodate growth, traffic noise increases, and there is a greater demand for reducing noise levels in both residential and commercial areas.

read more › An owner purchasing a building will want to know the maintenance history and the condition of the building (foundation, roof, water intrusion, electrical system, mechanical systems, HVAC systems, condition of the siding, condition of utility buildings, etc.). An owner wanting to re-finance the property may be required by the lending institution to check the condition of the property and the Capital Reserve. A management company may want to have the condition of the buildings and equipment checked for determining increases in Homeowner Association dues.

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