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Your business is unique, so let's find solutions that fit. At Synthesis Engineering we take time to listen and understand, because we know it's in collaboration that True Solutions emerge. We're here with creativity and experience for as much or as little involvement as you want. In this unpredictable and challenging situation, Synthesis remains in operation - though modified.

We are working, but at home. Video conferencing is our friend, and sometimes it feels like our ears are falling off due to time on the phone. That said, we are delighted to speak with you, so please be patient if we can't respond right away. Many people are taking advantage of this convoluted time by initiating new projects. We applaud that, and if you need our Engineering Services, we're excited to hear from you.

We strive to help all as we balance capacity and weird resources. We're here for you, and ask for just a little patience. Break free of industry constraints with solutions that empower your profitability.

read more › Consulting in many areas of mechanical design, manufacturing, machines, and general engineering. At Synthesis, our projects span from fun to serious, from artistic to high tech - with so many variations between. See the Design Slide Show for several examples. We are a full service provider for a host of product development, mechanical engineering, and design services, including. You have arrived. Synthesis Engineering Services is your One-Stop-Shop for Product Development - from Concept to Production (or any of the steps on the way) - in customer products, industrial products, mechanical engineering consulting, manufacturing projects, and custom machines in an assortment of unique flavors.

read more › In short, we are your Engineering Company for Consulting, for Product Design & Development, and a host of other Engineering Services. We specialize in Innovative Solutions for customers Large & Small - Inventors, Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations - around the globe. It's a privilege to serve the world from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Call us, we're here and ready to help. Every customer has different needs and goals - We are the flexible, innovative engineering resource to assist in achieving them.

read more › Your Full Service Engineering provider for a host of Product Development, Consulting, and Innovative Design services. We work as Freelance Engineering on all sorts of projects to achieve customer goals, including. If you need freelance, we've got you covered. We are your full-service Engineering Firm, serving the world from here, in Colorado Springs. Follow the links for more complete information and examples of what we do. You may also wish to visit our Engineering Services page. We are a One-Stop-Shop for Product Development - from Concept to Production (or any steps between).

read more › You have a vision with the great idea. More importantly, you know the new product will enhance the potential for your company, or change your industry. Great new product ideas don't develop themselves, and waiting gives the competition a chance to change the landscape first. Perhaps the ideas are still in your head; or perhaps you've tested a prototype. Either way, if finishing the product design and/or product development, seems a long way off, you're not alone. We're here to help. Here are three Case Studies that illustrate how we assist customers in making strides for success.

read more › All companies face challenges, yet there is no need to loiter in the status quo or deal with issue stresses. Synthesis can put you steps ahead. Time and resource constraints don't have to hinder meeting project goals. Product failures and challenges don't have to stop progress. If deadlines are flying past, or if you just don't understand the root cause of a problem, Synthesis is a spark to jump forward and find the engineering solutions. We bring years of experience, a fresh perspective, and tons of expertise to mechanical engineering consulting.

read more › Machinery is all about making life simpler, easier and faster; and the right custom machine design makes all the difference. When it's reliable and tuned to the demands of your business, it certainly helps in meeting business goals. Saving time, money, and creating a safer environment are what machines do best. Whether it's a fully automated Machine, a custom Tool, a simple Jig, a special process Fixture - Custom helps get things done. If you're combating production overloads, breaks, trying to improve precision, or looking to create a safer, faster process - consider custom machine design as an answer.

read more › You probably have more ideas than you can keep up with. The trick is getting them into action while keeping the rest of your operations humming along. Customers are anxiously awaiting the next version of your product. Costs of goods are rising, employment costs changing and competitors are also progressing. Let us take away some of that stress. For more than 20 years Synthesis has worked with numerous companies, forging relationships and creating innovative products to build success. We know how competitive it can get and how thin the margins can be.

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