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Zephyr is an Intel Design Services Network (DSN) Gold member, and offers complete FPGA design services from PCB design through FPGA firmware design and FPGA SoC programming. Zephyr's engineers used FPGA technology when it was first invented in the 1980s, and have been using FPGAs in creative customer solutions since then. Designing a board with parts that use 1000-plus connections is a daunting task.

Zephyr can take on this task for you and leverage our experience to virtually eliminate your risk of errors on your prototype PCB. Zephyr includes a complete documentation package with every design, including schematic capture, Bill-of-Materials, netlist, CAD database, PCB Fab instructions and Gerber files. Already have a prototype board designed and built?

No problem! Zephyr can design your FPGA firmware to your exact requirements. We can deliver fully documented code in either Verilog or VHDL, along with test benches and simulation results. Whether you are running LINUX or some other operating system on an SoC CPU, Zephyr can help you with application software.

read more › Charles Mesarosh has 34 years experience as a successful hardware designer and project leader. His designs range from an ergonomic keyboard with multiple embedded controllers to high-end RISC-based UNIX systems. He has led engineering teams for multi-million dollar projects. His technical areas of expertise include high-speed logic design and embedded controllers. Charles holds a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati. Scott Cowling has 37 years experience as a hardware designer and technical lead for engineering projects.

read more › One of our first customers was Motorola Computer Group, who needed two designs completed on very short notice. Zephyr completed the design of two PMC carrier boards and delivered 10 prototypes of each, all within 6 weeks of the contract award. Zephyr did not even have an office at the start of the contract; temporary office space was rented, test equipment was purchased and the boards were completed and tested. Continuing to emphasize our speed and flexibility, Zephyr built its customer base over the next years with numerous custom designs while building a custom portfolio of its own products.

read more › Zephyr is an Altera Design Services Network (DSN) member, and offers complete FPGA design services from PCB design through FPGA firmware design, simulation and FPGA SoC programming. From turnkey hardware design through FPGA firmware design, simulation and SoC software development, Zephyr can either help you where you need help or deliver a finished product to your specifications. Another Zephyr specialty is Software Defined Radio systems. From complete radios like the IQ2 complete 500mW DDC/DUC transceiver built for iQuadLabs to development boards like the SDRkitTM FPGA-CV-ST-SoC-9361 RF Agile Transceiver Board and anything in between, Zephyr can design and build your custom hardware.

read more › Zephyr SDR products include the SDRstickTM line of SDR RF boards as well as the SDRkitTM FPGA development boards. Build your development environment with off-the-shelf hardware while Zephyr designs a custom solution for you. Zephyr offers off-the-shelf development boards to aid in Software Defined Radio development. The SDRstickTM RF front end boards can turn virtually any standard FPGA development board with an HSMC connector into an SDR development platform. With frequency coverage up to 55 MHz, SDRstickTM boards offer a quick and very inexpensive way to build an SDR development environment.

read more › Zephyr Engineering, Inc is an Intel Design Services Network (DSN) Gold member, and, alongside Falcon Nano, is pleased to sell and support their MAX10-based products. Zephyr's engineers have been using FPGA technology since it was first invented and can offer assistance in integrating Falcon Nano boards into your own products. Zephyr and Falcon Nano together can design custom Verilog code to make the Falcon Nano MAX10-SoM perform your desired FPGA tasks. The MAX10 System on Module, part number MAX10-SoM, is a board level solution for applications which require an FPGA.

read more › The RF-HSMCOMMS-9361 HSMC RF Agile Transceiver Evaluation Board provides the user with a ready-made SDR front-end that is useable from 70 MHz to 6 GHz. This HSMC form-factor board provides a the RF component of a development platform for software developers and system architects who need a wide tuning range. The RF-HSMCOMMS-9361 can be used for system testing and bringup of SDR waveforms by software teams while they are waiting for completion of their custom hardware. The versatility of the RF-HSMCOMMS-9361 HSMC RF Agile Transceiver Evaluation Board makes it an excellent choice for your SDR applications.

read more › The ZPCI.2400 6U Active Extender Board not only gets your board out in the clear for easy access, it also provides an on-board PMC slot for a PCI bus analyzer or PMC board debug. The extender board locks into the card cage with its own injectors. A transparent PCI bridge on the board enables testing of CPCI boards while maintaining compliance with PICMG 2.0 R3.0 specifications. The advanced features and ease of use of this extender board make the ZPCI.2400 an excellent choice for both CPCI and PMC board testing.

read more › The ZPCI.4096 96-channel Digital I/O CPCI card provides the user with 96 channels of individually programmable LVTTL digital I/O. This 3U rear-panel I/O CPCI card is a target-only design with a 33 MHz 32-bit CPCI interface, and meets PICMG 2.0 R3.0. 96-channel Digital I/O CPCI card makes it an excellent choice for your CPCI industrial control applications.

read more › Zephyr Engineering, Inc is an Intel Design Services Network (DSN) Gold member, and offers complete FPGA design services from PCB design through FPGA firmware design, simulation and FPGA SoC programming. Zephyr's engineers have been using FPGA technology since it was first invented. Our experience enables us to come up with the most creative FPGA solution that best fits our customers' needs. Selecting an appropriate FPGA family for your custom solution can be a daunting task, and a mistake could put your project at risk.

read more › Zephyr built the IQ2 transceiver for iQuadLabs as a complete 500mW DDC/DUC transceiver. Modular and inexpensive, the IQ2 is a perfect way to set up an FPGA-based SDR development environment. Sporting Gigabit Ethernet and the largest Cyclone V E FPGA (301K equivalent LEs), the IQ2 has lots of communications bandwidth and FPGA resources to implement SDR features. Whatever your frequency range or FPGA requirements, Zephyr can design a custom radio to your specifications. Zephyr designed the Arrow BeMicroCVA9 with SDR specifically in mind.

read more › Every good idea deserves a great design, and every good design begins with a clear and complete specification. Zephyr can create a specification for you from something as simple as a block diagram. Or we can take your simple preliminary specification and flesh it out with the necessary details. Or Zephyr can start with your detailed specification and use it as-is. A good specification is an asset to your project and reduces the risk of expensive late-in-the-project changes from missed functionality requirements.

read more › PROBLEM: There is no low-cost entry-level FPGA-based SDR hardware for getting started in Digital Down Conversion (DDC) receiver design. Simple, low-cost FPGA development kits exist, and hardware is available for NIOS(R) II soft processor (BeMicroSDK), motor control (BeInMotion) and USB 3.0 (BeUSB 3.0). A logical extension is BeRadio. The board has a 12-bit ADC running at 10MHz, an on-board MW antenna circuit and an audio DAC for headphone audio output. A stand-alone MW AM broadcast receiver is implemented in the FPGA, and tuning is accomplished with push buttons on the BeMicroSDK or optionally via USB using a supplied BeRadio control program for the PC.

read more › Zephyr's focus is on system design and documentation. What distinguishes us is our belief that technical documentation is an integral part of every good design. The most cost-effective approach is to do a complete job. A product must be completely reproducible from the documentation, or the design is not really finished. Zephyr Engineering, Inc uses a team approach to solving customer design problems. Project leaders apply the skills of multiple engineers during each phase of a project. This allows us to provide the highest quality solution in the face of today's aggressive schedules.

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