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To provide high quality construction materials inspection, testing and engineering services at competitive rates. To build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, our employees and our community. Our goal at Reliant is to provide high quality construction inspection, testing and engineering services at competitive rates. We value our client relationships and strive to maintain a personalized, client focused atmosphere, while providing a pleasant and motivating environment for our staff.

Our highly qualified, experienced professionals provide specialized construction engineering and inspection services, supported by our certified laboratory and skilled technicians. All at competitive rates, delivered with a positive, personalized client focused approach.

read more › Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. provides professional engineering services in the areas of construction materials, engineering and geotechnical engineering, including deputy inspection services, forensics and all related testing in our full-service laboratory. Whether you're in commercial/industrial development, healthcare, education, government, retail, a municipal agency or a contractor, we will service your needs with the highest degree of professional excellence and proficiency. Reliant has a commitment to provide Geotechnical Consulting, Construction Inspection and Materials Testing services with a high degree of professional excellence and proficiency.

read more › Ms. DeGroff-Coffey has more than 35 years' experience in both the private and public sectors of the construction industry. She has worked in project management, field supervision and senior corporate management. Ms. DeGroff-Coffey is well versed in providing support and review of project correspondence and field reports for compliance with project plans, specifications, the California Building Code (Title 24), and the Uniform Building Code. Ms. DeGroff-Coffey has both a strong practical background in this very technical field, as well as a sharp focus on client relationship management.

read more › Special Inspections have been required by the Uniform Building Code (UBC) since the 1955 code. Following the 1971 San Fernando earthquake it was determined that the code provisions for special inspection needed to be strengthened and expanded. It was determined that some of the earthquake structural damage was the result of a lack of construction conformance with the structural design. The language strengthening inspection requirements were added to the 1976 edition of the UBC. Chapter 17 of the current building code provides procedures and criteria for test materials and the requirement for special inspections of structural assemblies.

read more › Inspectors and Technicians are assigned to provide inspection during the various phases of construction on an as needed basis. After a review of the project scope and our experience on similar projects, we anticipate the number and type of inspectors needed. We understand that this can fluctuate during the life of the project. The lead inspector would be assigned to the project throughout the construction period to maintain continuity. Reliant is committed to providing technicians and inspectors who are not only highly trained and competent, but are also multi-licensed, enhancing the ability to provide a cost- effective service.

read more › Project understanding, and experience is of the utmost importance when choosing a consultant. The principal and staff of Reliant collectively have over twelve decades of continuous experience in providing Geotechnical Engineering, Material Testing and Special Deputy Inspection. Since our inception, Reliant has been integral in the construction of a wide range of projects including numerous multi-million dollar structures, multi-use facilities and transportation systems. The staff at Reliant have extensive experience in implementing complete Quality Assurance programs for large and small construction projects, resulting in a strong, proven track record in both the public and private sectors.

read more › Accurate, reliable and expeditious test results help keep our clients' projects on schedule. Our certified laboratory technicians assure that all testing is performed per the applicable standard material specifications and test methods. Our clients receive standard test results the day the test is performed. Please refer to certifications page for a full listing of Reliant's Certifications.

read more › The results of laboratory tests are only as good as the procedures that run them. Therefore, city and governmental agencies often require materials laboratories to hold specific certifications and participate in various industry-accreditation programs. At Reliant, our laboratories meet all these requirements. Our laboratory-testing services meet ASTM, CCRL, AMRL, ASHTO, City of Los Angeles, City of San Diego, DSA, OSHPD and Caltrans procedures. All our equipment is calibrated and certified to meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

read more › In additional to our highly competent field inspectors and laboratory technicians, Reliant's registered Professional engineers support field inspection and materials testing services. Our engineering staff is well versed in all types of innovative and non-typical testing, construction materials research and development, failure investigations and special projects. Reliant's engineering staff is versed in all types of innovative and non-typical testing, construction materials research and development.

read more › At Reliant Testing Engineers, we offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical engineering services-offered throughout all phases of the project. Our professional team of geotechnical and civil engineers, engineering geologists, geophysicists and field technicians work closely with our client to provide a geotechnical solution that's not only friendly to the design team, but also cost-effective to the owner.

read more › Reliant's deputy inspectors are multi-certified in a full range of construction disciplines, enabling them to cover multiple disciplines at one time, saving our clients money. The vast majority of our inspection staff has worked within the trades and understands the construction process. Our inspectors provide daily documentation; assuring work performed during construction is code compliant and adheres to the construction documents. Reliant's inspection team works with the project team, striving for a successful outcome.

read more › It is important to start the commissioning process early and to bring the commissioning agent (CxA) on board during or before schematic design. While projects with special performance needs require commissioning, all projects need some level of commissioning to perform at their best. In addition to the performance needs, another factor driving demand for commissioning is the Cal Green Code. This code applies to all buildings of 10,000 s.f. and over, excluding dry storage warehouses of any size.

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