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We are driven by the singular objective to support our clients' success and add value to their organizations. We provide a broad platform of services to our clients including civil/site engineering, environmental compliance, health and safety compliance, process design, surveying, construction engineering, facility assessments, and subsurface soil and groundwater management strategies.

We enable success by managing the many challenges and risks facing our clients and their stakeholders. For more than 30 years, we have served the private and public sectors including manufacturers, real estate developers, utility companies, public government entities, as well as professional sports and entertainment venues. We understand that each client and situation is different, and we rely on our experience base, creativity, and multi-discipline technical skill set to provide the best outcomes for our customers.

Accountability - We understand the need for direct and timely response and own the burden of communication.

read more › The Sigma Group, Inc. know that public outreach and community involvement throughout the design process is a valuable tool on sensitive projects. The integration of the public into the initial design process builds support for the project that helps minimize issues and concerns as the project moves into design and construction. Our staff is heavily engaged in community groups both inside and outside of work, and this involvement aids our clients in engaging the trust of the community on their specific projects.

read more › The Sigma Group brings experience and knowledge to each unique project to provide smart solutions to stormwater management including implementing traditional and Green Infrastructure strategies. We actively pursue alternative funding strategies to offset Green Infrastructure costs through established relationships and funding entities. Stormwater management is a core component of site design and civil engineering. In our four-season climate with freezing and thawing and large wet storm events, our team faces the challenges of stormwater head-on.

read more › The Sigma Group provides a full range of surveying services performed by Professional Land Surveyors. We use the latest technology including TST (total station theodolite) or total station, laser scanners, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and GPS to ensure that information is gathered and transferred accurately and efficiently. 2016 Minimum Standard Details Requirements for ALTA / NSPS Land Title Surveys as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors.

read more › 3D Laser Scanning is a powerful tool for high-quality data acquisition. 3D Laser Scanning technology is deployed by The Sigma Group for a seemingly unlimited spectrum of applications including as-built drawings, historic building facade models, construction documentation, surveying, and exterior point cloud modeling. Organizations leverage Sigma 3D laser scanner technology because they recognize its return on investment and efficiency. Clients new to laser scanning are often immediately impressed by its capabilities and potential to save costs on their development projects.

read more › Industrial air quality encompasses more than outdoor emissions from your facility. The indoor air quality at your facility also impacts your employees, therefore air emissions management is vital. The Sigma Group has assisted numerous clients with stack testing, opacity testing, developing emission inventories, obtaining air permits, and calculating actual and potential emissions.

read more › When encountering federal, state, and local regulations, facilities often benefit from outsourced expertise. The Sigma Group successfully and cost-effectively provides outsourced Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs to numerous clients. We have experienced staff dedicated to understanding EHS regulations and agency perspectives with the regulated community to achieve consistent compliance with reasonable approaches. Air permitting, emissions and regulatory evaluations, inventory reporting, permit compliance evaluations, and reporting.

read more › Effective management of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) requirements is necessary for maintaining productive, sustainable operations. A sound EHS compliance and management program provides a means to avert problems and delays, reduce liability, avoid costs, and present a positive image to the community. To that end, environmental and safety audits are effective tools for understanding, evaluating, and verifying EHS compliance, EHS management systems, EHS initiatives, as well as liabilities and risks.

read more › The Sigma Group takes the time to fully understand your production needs to establish exceptional facility and process engineering. Sigma provides a single point of contact to cohesively handle facility design and process improvements. This custom-designed ultra-filtration unit is one example of a process engineering solution Sigma tailored to fit a client's specific needs.

read more › The Sigma Group employs engineering and industrial hygiene principles to scientifically collect, analyze, and report data to clients in making sound and informed decisions. Sigma develops appropriate risk-based monitoring strategies to ensure a safe environment for building occupants. Sigma provides rapid response and concise reporting of findings tailored to situation-driven needs. Construction, renovation and demolition projects can present situations that may release contaminants that can impact the IAQ of a facility.

read more › Whether you are buying residential, commercial, office or industrial buildings, planning a demolition, renovation or expansion, or complying with regulatory requirements, The Sigma Group is equipped with the personnel, experience, and resources to complete lead-based paint inspections and risk management assessments. Sigma uses our own X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF) with trained and certified technicians to detect minute levels of lead or other metals in painted surfaces, in real time. We also submit paint chip samples at a Wisconsin Certified Laboratory, for analysis as appropriate.

read more › The Sigma Group helps the regulated community deal with requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Comprehensive Environmental Response Clean-up and Liability Act (CERCLA). We understand the regulations and have abundant experience with their interpretation and application. Sigma provides a variety of specialized hazardous waste services. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in permitting and regulatory issues, including management and program planning, waste identification and characterization, packaging and labeling, transportation and disposal, training and record-keeping, and facility cleanup and closure.

read more › Although based on a simple concept of pollution prevention, the requirements of stormwater regulations are often very complicated. The Sigma Group has experience with understanding facility operations and applying common sense to the integration of stormwater pollution prevention. Sigma assists numerous clients with their stormwater permitting process and walks them through the criteria for obtaining stormwater permit exemptions. Sigma's experienced staff will successfully identify and assess potential pollutant sources, select appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to minimize the potential for stormwater contamination, and develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that fits with facility operations.

read more › The Sigma Group offers an array of wastewater and water management services designed to bring efficiency to your operations. From a business perspective, there is a cost side to water. From supply to discharge, water issues can be complex and costly, so understanding the issues and having proper water and wastewater management is vital.

read more › The Sigma Group provides on-site construction inspection services for Wisconsin Department of Transportation, municipal, and private infrastructure construction projects. Construction inspection services help to ensure contractor construction activities adhere to approved project plans and specifications. Bridge structures over waterways, railroads, and roadways (various structure types include concrete slabs, precast concrete girders, steel girders, and pre-fabricated steel truss bridges). Various retaining wall systems (cast-in-place concrete walls, secant pile walls, MSE walls, tied-back walls, modular block walls, and timber landscape walls).

read more › The Sigma Group provides construction loan monitoring services from project start through project closeout. Our comprehensive reports provide the lender with a clear snapshot of construction status, which assists with the monthly administration and disbursement of construction draw requests. Monthly construction site visits including interviews with project managers and superintendents.

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