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Pond Robinson & Associates Pond, Robinson & Associates, LP was formed to provide quality, independent engineering and construction consulting with emphasis on client service to national real estate professionals, building owners, real estate advisors and managers and lenders. Our office headquarters are centrally located in Dallas, Texas with branch offices in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, California, Colorado, and New York.

We are also aligned with other professional service firms nationally to provide local expertise in all areas of the country.

read more › Pond, Robinson & Associates, LP was formed in 1998 to provide quality, independent engineering and construction consulting, with emphasis on client service, to national real estate professionals, building owners, real estate advisors and managers and lenders. For over 20 years, our staff has had the opportunity to work with many real estate entities in the evaluation of existing properties as well as in the planning, design and construction of new facilities. We also have represented owners during the planning, design and implementation of repairs, upgrades and retrofits to existing facilities.

read more › Pond, Robinson & Associates was founded with the vision of being a leading consulting firm serving the real estate investment industry. We have accomplished this goal by providing technically sound consulting within a framework that emphasizes client service and satisfaction. Our staff has a proven track record of such service with many national entities. The value of a consultant firm is often judged solely on the cost of the services provided. It has been our experience that the value of the service rendered is actually defined by the savings realized through efficient time and resource usage and by providing cost effective solutions to problems as well as opinions that translate into real value to our clients.

read more › We strive to be the consultant of choice. We recognize that to do so requires an unequaled effort on our part to provide the quality of service necessary to stay ahead of our competitors in an evolving environment. We are committed to providing the level of service demanded by your trust. The projects we undertake will be completed in a timely manner. Our work product and the depth of our review will be monitored by one of our senior staff members. Our quality assurance review will ensure that the agreed upon scope of service is performed, the information presented is accurate and the conclusions and recommendations presented are sound.

read more › Our Clients represent our company's greatest asset. We seek to establish a long term partnership with our clients. We recognize that our role is to provide you with the proper services you need in a timely manner, while adding value to your organization. We are confident in our ability to listen and provide a professional solution to your real estate problems. We will work with you to develop a scope of service to meet the needs of each project. We know that to be selected as your consultant we must be capable of providing reasonable, cost effective solutions.

read more › Real estate transactions require a detailed physical assessment of the facility so that the buyer, seller, or lender can accurately determine financial implications of deferred maintenance items or unrepaired deficiencies. We can provide Property Condition Assessments by utilizing an experienced professional with a broad knowledge of all building systems or by utilizing two or more specialists who concentrate on their particular area of expertise. Site and Site Amenities: We will visually review the existing site improvements and comment on the general condition of the items.

read more › Our staff of design and construction professionals has the ability to provide development review and construction monitoring services for new construction or remediation projects. We understand that to represent the owner, we must listen to the objectives of the owner and understand the requirements of the project. Our efforts must be directed at meeting these objectives and requirements. We have the necessary skills to select the design professionals and the ability to review design documents to evaluate the design for technical merit and economic considerations.

read more › PR&A offers several services to optimize the sustainability, energy performance and indoor air quality of buildings. This review can identify opportunities to pursue a sustainability certification or potential cost savings from energy efficiency, utility savings, or operational improvements. LEED Consulting: The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for high-performance, sustainable buildings developed by the USGBC. We provide multiple levels of comprehensive consulting services to guide our clients through the process of achieving LEED certification and help a building receive the maximum benefit from a sustainability investment.

read more › We apply the appropriate disciplines necessary to bring buildings and systems back to optimum conditions. We can prepare plans and specifications for repairs, upgrades, or renovations. This service has been effectively applied to industrial facilities, office buildings, hospitals, college and university buildings, parking facilities, and a broad range of other facilities. We can design upgrades or solutions to existing problems for a broad range of building systems including: site drainage, pavements, roofing, waterproofing, exterior walls and windows, interior finishes, structures, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

read more › Pond Robinson contracts regularly with highly qualified specialty consultants and contractors to provide a more in-depth analysis of systems or existing conditions such as seismic, vertical transportation, fire/life safety, facade, roofing, sound transmissions, parking garage, accessibility, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and mold/fungi. These services can include infrared moisture surveys of exterior walls and roof systems, observations utilizing drones, infrared scans of electrical equipment, camera surveys of piping systems, ultrasonic and guided wave testing of piping materials, test cuts, material sampling and laboratory testing.

read more › Alan Pond is the Founding Principal of Pond, Robinson & Associates, LP and brings over 31 years of experience in property condition assessments and engineering and forensic assessments to the firm. His ability to delve into facilities in search of potential and current problems gives our clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their real estate. Mr. Pond has extensive experience in both business management and client management. Prior to the creation of Pond, Robinson & Associates, LP, Mr. Pond served as an officer and manager of the Assessment and Forensics Sector for Aguirre Corporation and of the Dallas office of Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

read more › Michael Raybon is the Managing Principal of Pond, Robinson & Associates and brings 30 years of experience in the evaluation of existing facilities. Mr. Raybon has been the project engineer on thousands of projects involving all types of construction material forensic investigations. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Raybon has been an integral part of the operations and management of Pond, Robinson & Associates. In addition to previously conducting and reviewing property condition assessments and reports, Mr. Raybon has extensive technical expertise in evaluating the following construction materials: concrete, steel, masonry, stucco, roofing and waterproofing materials and membranes, sealants, coatings, and pavements.

read more › Mark Petersen is a Principal of Pond, Robinson & Associates and brings over 25 years of facilities, construction and environmental consulting experience to the firm, including two years of experience working in Europe and Asia. His extensive work with a diverse group of international, commercial clients gives him an exceptional understanding of their needs. Mr. Petersen has been a registered Professional Engineer for 22 years. Over the last five years, Mr. Petersen has been an integral part of the operations and management of Pond, Robinson & Associates.

read more › Steve Brandt is the Chief Engineer of Pond, Robinson & Associates, LP. He brings more than 40 years of Professional Engineering consulting experience to the firm, possessing comprehensive training, knowledge, and experience in construction management and consulting; commercial land development; commercial property condition assessments; accessibility engineering; and sustainability. He has proven business and engineering success serving a broad range of institutional clients, across all industries, sectors and property types, providing a high degree of professional service and care to meet the changing needs of our clients.

read more › PR&A is a nationally recognized consulting firm and we work primarily with institutional commercial real estate companies and provide Property Condition Assessment and Construction Consulting Services. We always look forward to hearing from qualified individuals to join our team. Minimum qualifications require a four year college degree from an accredited University in the Construction Sciences, Architectural, or Engineering programs. Potential candidates should have real estate acquisition experience that can assist our clients with analyzing potential acquisitions and construction projects.

read more › There is a perfect blend of modern amenities and historic charm at the Parker House Hotel, America's longest continuously-operated hotel since 1855. Located on the Freedom Trail, guests enjoy grand views of historic downtown Boston outside, while inside, the decor and amenities command appreciation to detail in each of the 551 luxurious accommodations. Part of the Omni Hotel real assets, this iconic building was left devastated due to a slashed operations' budget during an economic downturn. PR&A personnel were able to assess the condition of the facility shortly after acquisition and prepared the initial projections for returning the facility to its original condition.

read more › One India Street Apartments is a multi-family community consisting of 94 apartment dwelling units located within one 11-story building. The building also provides retail and office space on the first two levels. The property was reported to have been originally constructed around 1901 as an office building and was renovated and converted to apartments in 1996. This historic structure held special challenges for the PR&A assessment team. Of the 94 units, 24 different floor plans have resulted from the various renovations done over the years.

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