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Earth Support Systems Our civil engineers combine geotechnical and structural expertise to design systems that hold up streets, protect adjacent buildings and utilities, and repair and prevent landslides. Our many years of experience in this specialized area of construction design enables us to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to even the most complicated earth retention system needs.

Earth Support Systems, Inc. is an engineering design company that specializes in civil and structural engineering of shoring and earth retaining systems, preparation of construction documents, design submittals, and special investigations, studies and reports. The company's expertise is often needed outside of San Diego as we maintain a strong presence

The construction of a new 52-story condominium hi-rise at 1027 Wilshire Blvd & St. Paul Avenue is just one example of the renewed growth and development we are experiencing in downtown Los Angeles. Our site was tight, and an engineering colleague recommended that we hire Earth Support Systems to design the shoring system. We had some challenges with

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