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Foundation Stabilization, Inc. is a geotechnical engineering and construction company serving Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, and Enterprise, NV, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in commercial/industrial construction design services, including shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, helical piers, underpinning buildings, shoring, slope stability, clay stabilization and geotechnical investigation reports.

Give us a call today to speak with our geotechnical engineers about your project. The longevity, safety and reliability of everything we build depends on the foundation. A strong foundation will last seemingly forever-just look at the Great Pyramids. On the other hand, a poor or unsecured foundation can erode away and crumble slowly, causing headache after headache as it deteriorates.

At Foundation Stabilization, Inc., our mission is to use our geotechnical engineering services to ensure Las Vegas, NV infrastructure is the best it can be. Our Geotechnical engineers have a wealth of experience that culminates in both design and construction services.

read more › Foundation Stabilization, Inc. brings you the geotechnical expertise you need to ensure the lasting stability and resilience of your Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, or Enterprise, NV development. From foundation design construction that's tailored to resist shifting in our desert climate, to clay stabilization that addresses expansion and contraction issues affecting your infrastructure, we're here to lend support. We offer both geotechnical engineering and construction services, giving our clients peace of mind in not only the conception of solutions, but in their execution as well.

read more › Foundation Stabilization, Inc. brings Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, and Enterprise, NV area property owners the geotechnical insights and construction design services they need to ensure the lasting stability, reliability and strength of vital infrastructure. From stabilizing and correcting soil issues caused by shifting clay, to the design and construction of retaining walls, foundations and helical piers, we're the authority on building with a mind for longevity. Using geotechnical insights and analysis, we do things right the first time, with results that stand the test of time.

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