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Goshay Group From custom controllers to custom software, or PLCs to printed circuit boards, our team of highly trained hardware and software engineers create design automation systems for better performance, lower costs, and improved operation. By partnering with us for electronics design and industrial control systems, you'll have access to all the latest technology to optimize your production costs and get your product to market faster.

We utilize multiple digital connectivity solutions to create a custom control system. Our designs keep you in contact and control to maximize system availability and delight your customers. Goshay Group, Inc., based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, provides customized industrial process controllers, ranging from programmable logic controllers (PLC) to proprietary circuit board based assemblies.

We provide electrical engineering and industrial control consulting throughout the US and Canada. With our solutions, you can reduce product costs, modernize your products, and offer remote access and diagnostics to reduce support costs.

read more › Technology touches every aspect of industrial control systems. For better performance, lower costs, and improved operation, utilize the custom controllers and printed circuit boards offered by Goshay Group, Inc., in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our experienced team can help get your systems to market quicker. Learn about the benefits of our services. Our customized controllers are single-board processor devices with built-in HMI. Designed for reliable use under stringent control requirements, they help with production volumes above 10 pieces per year.

read more › Partnering with Goshay Group, Inc., in Rancho Cucamonga, California, gives you access to the latest in technology and electronics design control while optimizing your production costs. Our industrial control systems provide solutions that will get you to market quicker, with higher quality and competitive costs. Learn more about our design services support for nationwide US and Canadian companies. Multiple industrial technologies are used to create a custom control system. We offer various design services and products to ensure your system is properly created and implemented.

read more › It is our goal to thoroughly understand your project requirements and to assist with every phase of the process, from concept to deployment. Industrial control systems span multiple technologies, so we deploy a team of specialists with multiple backgrounds to avoid pitfalls of new systems that may arise from competing requirements. Our expertise spans numerous technologies and engineering disciplines. Composed of a wide array of components, efficient designs require expertise in a number of areas.

read more › Simulcast voice and paging systems, laboratories, and military equipment, often rely on precision time and frequency products. Some of these were manufactured by Ball/Efratom/Datum/Symmetricom. Goshay Group, Inc. has extensive repair capability for most of these products spanning OCXO systems to Rubidium Oscillators. Below is a partial listing of units repaired by Goshay Group, Inc. Although these products are no longer in production, we repair them and provide you with extensive test data. Even if your part number is not show below, we may still be able to repair it.

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