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The goal of Start Engineering is to inspire and engage children from elementary school through high school about a possible career in engineering. Through the use of poetry and whimsical and fun illustrations, our children's books, magazines, flashcards, and posters aim to create an environment where children can learn about the crucial role engineering plays in their lives.

Inspire kids of all ages about future careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), with our colorful and creative books, cards and more. The goal of Start-Engineering is to inspire and engage children from elementary school through high school about engineering.

read more › Now available: an updated 2nd edition of our award-winning Cybersecurity Career Guide, a great resource for middle-school and high-school students!. An explanation of cybersecurity. Types of cyber jobs. Roles in cybersecurity as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), along with salary information. Our publication can be customized for your organization, with your ad (or message) on the back and a custom letter from your CEO or director on page 1. More information here.

read more › Designed to accompany our Cybersecurity Career Guide or stand on its own, this 64-page PDF helps students answer questions like:. A career in cybersecurity can work for all kinds of students. Technical expertise, for sure, but soft skills, varied intellectual interests, and diverse life experiences are all crucial to the strength and vitality of the cybersecurity workforce. To make a cybersecurity career possible for more kids, though, we have to help them find a pathway towards the education and work opportunities that suit them best.

read more › Get students excited about a career in cybersecurity with this career guide and student workbook. Great for students of all backgrounds with all kinds of interests. Our Cyber Career Awareness Program (CyberCAP) is a flexible, cost-effective cybersecurity learning program that helps educators - even with no training in the field - guide students to understanding why cybersecurity matters to them and how it could be a great career option. 64-page PDF shows why cybersecurity matters as an individual imperative and great career option.

read more › Sign up below to get our new book, Thinking and Talking about Cybersecurity Career Awareness, and learn how. 3.5 million jobs to fill around the world in the next couple of years - and just a trickle of college grads entering the workforce with anything like the skills needed for success. Getting more, and more different kinds of, kids excited about cybersecurity careers should be an all-hands-on-deck effort. Whether in industry, government, education, or career development, we all need to be telling a clear, compelling story to students about why they should be considering a career in cybersecurity.

read more › Engineering is a great career option. We highlight all the cool things engineers do to make the world a better, safer, and more fun place. Engineering can offer meaningful work at a good salary and options, options, options, for graduates. Includes updated data on degrees, schools, and salaries. If you're considering a bulk order and would like to see a digital sample of the publication, please email Bob Black. Almost 20 years ago, the Start Engineering team created Engineering, Go for It!, the first engineering outreach publication designed to make engineering accessible and exciting to K-12 audiences.

read more › Kids are born engineers! From their earliest years, they dream up incredible inventions, build them, tear them apart, and then rebuild even better. Using whatever materials they can find in whatever ways they can imagine. Just as engineers do. But somewhere along the way, kids lose touch with their inner engineer. And we as a country pay the price as too few of our brightest, most creative students choose engineering as a course of study and work. At a time when engineers are disproportionately aging out of the workforce and technologies are innovating ever-more rapidly, we need fresh, young, energetic people going into the field.

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