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Established in 1984, Geotechnology, LLC (formerly Geotechnology, Inc.) is a highly respected, professional engineering and environmental services corporation. We have experience working on a broad range of projects in applied earth and environmental services. We also specialize in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and non-destructive testing, geophysical surveys, drilling and construction observation.

Our 280-plus employees call Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio home. We are proud to work in and support the communities in which we live with resources and capabilities comparable to much larger national firms. While we are a well-known resource in the Midwest and Mid-South regions, we are able and do provide our services nationwide.

To further this mission, we emphasize quality, responsiveness, opportunity, partnership, integrity and safety. We value innovation and learn how to apply new technologies to improve project efficiency and quality.

read more › In 1984, five men who were unsatisfied with the limited services provided by existing engineering firms united. Together, they established a niche firm whose focus was on filling a void in the industry. From this, Geotechnology was born. Over the years, the firm has completed geotechnical, environmental, materials testing, geophysical, non-destructive testing and drilling projects for clients all over the Midwest and Midsouth. Furthermore, since our founding, we have grown from a six-person firm to a 280+ person corporation.

read more › We offer the best of both worlds - national-caliber expertise and cutting-edge resources, coupled with regional know-how and small-company values. We also manage a diverse array of projects and thrive by providing our clients with an array of quality services. Part of providing our special brand of service is owning and maintaining our own equipment. This sets us apart from competitors by helping us accommodate busy schedules and meet tight deadlines. So if your project requires expert service ranging from environmental due diligence to construction materials testing, we're there from the ground up.

read more › Geotechnology Exploration, LLC's exploration team provides innovative solutions to challenging drilling issues. Geotechnology Exploration, LLC is a single-member limited liability company established in 2020. Our exploration group is comprised of licensed, highly-trained drillers. Our team is skilled in developing resourceful solutions to difficult drilling obstacles and in operating all of our drill rigs. We operate and maintain our own fleet of 20 fully equipped drill rigs and one cone penetration testing (CPT) track rig, GeoProbe 3230 combo rig, GeoProbe 7822DT combo rig and Terra Sonic 1500CC sonic drill to provide our clients with reliable drilling services without the extra hassle of scheduling third-party equipment or services.

read more › Geotechnology Living, LLC is a single-member limited liability company established in 2020. Our teams Geotechnology, LLC for professional services and Geotechnology Exploration, LLC for exploration, are skillfully trained and licensed to meet your next residential project's goals. Geotechnology Living, LLC has no employees within the company; however, all professional services will be subcontracted through Geotechnology, Inc. and all exploration services will be subcontracted through Geotechnology Exploration, LLC.

read more › Geophysical surveying is a useful and cost-effective solution for investigating and characterizing subsurface conditions non-destructively. Geotechnology's five degreed geophysicists (four with advanced degrees) are supported by a variety of geophysical technicians. We've acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the application of geophysical methods to enhance environmental, geotechnical, hydrogeological and engineering projects. We use many different geophysical survey methods to help locate, detect, delineate and characterize many natural or man-made subsurface features.

read more › Since Congress passed the Clean Water Act, government agencies, commercial and industrial entities and developers have been facing more stringent requirements to protect our water resources. Geotechnology provides expertise on many facets of water resources management including permitting, monitoring, pollution prevention planning and bioengineering. Through our years of experience with projects of varying complexity, we've established excellent relationships with regulatory agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The United States Environmental Protection Agency, and various state and local agencies.

read more › Our construction materials testing (CMT) group approaches each job with a focus on client service and comprehensive project management. The core purpose of our CMT group is to perform quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, porous pavement, post-tensioning, roller-compacted concrete, and special inspections of structural and reinforcing steel. CMT also tests masonry, fireproofing, roofing, floor flatness, RH & Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) and other construction materials to ensure compliance with construction specifications and industry standards.

read more › Our company is committed to preserving the environment, and our environmental group helps clients do the same thing by providing assistance in environmental assessment, due diligence and compliance. Major focuses for our environmental group include site characterization and assessment, redevelopment, risk-based closure and solid and hazardous waste management. By delivering cost-effective solutions in a timely manner, the team is dedicated to providing clients with a quality outcome and professional service.

read more › To get you started on the right foot, we explore, test and study soil, rock and underground water. These studies inform us of how materials that lie beneath behave under loads and pressure. The results affect design, construction and operation of engineering projects. It's our extensive knowledge of soil mechanics and geology, diverse and complex project experience, and understanding of structures that allow us to effectively design a subsurface exploration program. We also interpret the data and utilize the results to assist in successful foundation and site design.

read more › Based on previous experience with Geotechnology our expectations were high; we were not disappointed. Field work was performed promptly and within budget, and a clear and concise report was prepared with their findings and recommendations. Dan made sure that we were informed when the fieldwork would be performed, and took the time to answer questions that we had regarding how we could apply their findings to our design. Geotechnology practices engineering as it should be - assisting an ownership team to manage risk, not by directing scope as as authoritative figure.

read more › As an employee of Geotechnology, LLC, you will be part of something meaningful while building your career. Our cooperative, dependable, resourceful and diligent employees love working here because we focus on what's best for our clients while conducting business in a way that is smart and responsible. We're always looking for qualified individuals to deliver services including geotechnical and environmental consulting, geophysics, drilling and materials testing. We provide medical, dental, vision and life insurance, short term and long term disability coverage, 401k matching and much more.

read more › For comments regarding our service, please visit our feedback form and let us know how we're doing. We've made calling us easy from a mobile device that supports it. We look forward to assisting you with your geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, exploration, soils, rock and construction materials testing, special inspections, deep foundation testing, geophysics and more.

read more › Karst geology presents one of the most challenging subsurface regimes for site characterization and development. Typical karst features include enlarged solution features and caves which serve as groundwater flow pathways. Features can also include the sometimes catastrophic formation of sinkholes at ground surface. Nonetheless, Geotechnology embraces this site characterization and development challenge. We apply our geologic experience and unique geophysical and drilling expertise to navigate such obstacles.

read more › Subsurface Utility Designating is a combination of techniques used for locating and mapping subsurface utilities. These processes reduce the risks associated with constructing near underground utilities. Based on Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) protocol set forth in ASCE Guidance 38-02, our typical utility survey approach includes record searches, site reconnaissance, geophysical surveys, and vacuum excavation. Vaccuum excavation is a drilling technique which uses high pressure air to remove soil without harming subsurface structures.

read more › Construction begins and a line of business owners and residents within five square blocks are filing disturbance complaints. How do you manage noise and vibration levels to prevent negative effects on existing structures? How do you protect your team from unwarranted damage claims by surrounding property owners?. A positive solution is to pair pre-construction surveys and vibration monitoring. This is particularly important during heavy construction portions of your construction project, including demolition, pile driving, heavy truck hauling, blasting and specialty ground improvement construction.

read more › Performing our due diligence in order to identify potential environmental conditions that may impact the project or property transaction/redevelopment. Geotechnology's interdisciplinary team of environmental engineers, environmental scientists and geophysicists can conduct the necessary environmental due diligence to assist owners and prospective purchasers. We can help better characterize properties, plan projects and make informed decisions about the property. If these elements aren't included, the risk of project delays, financing issues and additional costs may increase.

read more › Geotechnology's Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) capability provides a detailed, in-situ testing method used to map soil stratigraphy and estimate many fundamental geotechnical engineering properties of softer, sensitive soils. CPT provides a continuous record of data, revealing thin layers of dissimilar materials; for example, a half-inch thick sand seam within a thick clay stratum. Such thin layers of material with dissimilar properties, which may be missed with conventional drilling and interval sampling, can have significant impact on geotechnical engineering aspects of a project.

read more › The engineers and scientists at Geotechnology have a track record of helping clients achieve cost-effective and technically sound solutions. We have worked closely with several electric power companies in the Midwest to evaluate risks associated with coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills and impoundments. Our firm was founded by geotechnical engineers whose experience included some of the most challenging geotechnical projects in the Midwest. Many of our geotechnical engineers have advanced degrees and more than 20 years of experience.

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