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Founded in 1987, Evans Tool & Engineering is a CNC machine shop located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We serve the Automotive, Aircraft, and Food Industries. Providing precision blue printed parts and unparalleled quality workmanship for short run and larger projects. Utilizing modern technologies, CNC can tackle complex projects and deliver quality timely results.

A lathe enables us to rotate materials on an axis creating parts with symmetry; including operations like cutting, sanding, drilling, and turning.

Evans Tool and Engineering has many years of experience, and our company prides itself on customer satisfaction. Our representatives will work closely with you to be certain that we meet and exceed your expectations. Using the latest technology, our skillful employees can assure you our products are made with high standards. Evans Tool and Engineering

Although plastic parts can be difficult to machine, we have the experience and capabilities to create high-quality matched plastic parts that can create less wear and tear than metal on many machines. Grinding is used to achieve smooth or flat surfaces using an abrasive wheel as a cutting tool. The level of abrasion changes based on the materials and

OD and surface grinder. Surface grinding can be used on a variety of materials to produce a flat and smooth surface using a spinning wheel. Wire EDM is often used to provide complex part geometry solutions that can be challenging on other machines. Recommended for small electronics, medical, and micromachining. Our vertical mill uses a rotary tool to

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