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EIS provides premium technical services within a niche market in the petrochemical industry. Our flat management structure, in conjunction with employing experienced personnel, many of whom are SME's in their discipline, allows for significant efficiencies and cost savings to our clients. We are not simply billing man hours, we are focused on building long term relationships with our clients.

An EIS client was scheduled to replace a 654,515 lb and 160 ft tall tower during a turnaround and was concerned about its structural integrity during the lift. Corrosion had reduced the wall thickness at several locations, and years of operation had caused the tower to deform and accumulate additional weight. EIS was requested to complete a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in order to safely perform the lift.

A Cavity Water Collection Tank sustained substantial damage. The roof had become completely detached and the shell to floor joint was broken at several locations. EIS was tasked to determine if overpressure or deflagration was responsible and identify root cause.

read more › Engineering & Inspection Services (EIS) is a full-service engineering, design and inspection rm based in Metairie, Louisiana. The company began operations in 2000 and has a diverse background of experience, including reliability, maintenance and operations in the petrochemical industry. This has allowed the company to excel in maintenance, troubleshooting and equipment retrots for both stationary and rotating equipment. EIS' founders Joe Brinz and Bill Davies spent their years before starting the rm as plant engineers in major reneries where they faced the same day-to-day maintenance and reliability issues that EIS' clients face.

read more › EIS provides a variety of services and technologies to support our clients' turnaround (TAR) needs. Our turnaround management team are experts in the field, bringing in 15-20+ years of experience in planning and execution. Check out our video to see how EIS is utilizing the latest technology to improve efficiencies! Contact us to learn how we can apply our services to your needs. During a turnaround, our primary goal is to provide experienced inspectors and qualified personnel capable of meeting the fast paced demands of the event.

read more › EIS is always looking for top engineering, design and technical support candidates to join our team for plant engineering, capital projects, and stress analysis services. EIS strives to provide a challenging career opportunity to each of our employees by offering various areas of specialization and work for a multitude of different clients. Delivering top tier engineering and design solutions to our clients requires that we employ only the highest quality technical personnel for our project and technical team positions.

read more › EIS uses a stringent vetting and screening process to find the most suitable candidates for our clients' hiring and staffing needs. Our experienced team invests time in building relationships with the candidates that our clients would love to hire, but who may not be actively seeking new employment. EIS finds, interviews, and vets these passive candidates so that we have just the right resources available when our clients are ready to hire. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their technical needs and their team culture.

read more › As plant engineering specialists, EIS sees its main role as problem solvers for our clients. We see virtual reality (VR) as an emerging tool that will improve our efficiencies and the quality of our work, ultimately saving our clients time and money. It is an immersive solution that can help solve not only everyday issues, but also long term challenges that occur in the plant environment. As part of the process, we first use laser scanning technology to capture existing conditions and create a fully intelligent 3D model.

read more › At EIS, our goal in adopting new technologies is to offer innovative ways of helping our clients address the challenges their businesses face. Reverse engineering equipment parts that are damaged, or parts that are missing drawings, are some of those tasks we can help you accomplish. Adding this type of scanner to our capabilities creates more efficiency in time and costs. First, targets are placed approximately 3 apart on the component to ensure continuous calibration of the scanner. A handheld laser scanner is then used to scan the part, taking 1.3 million measurements per second with up to nine ten thousands of an inch accuracy.

read more › EIS has set the stage for a solution in 3D laser scanning. We are here to assist you in providing site access to your relevant personnel at a safe distance. This technology is available without software requirements and allows you to take measurements, screenshots, and make annotations to facilitate efficient communication among your team. Contact us today if you have questions regarding our 3D laser scanning services. We create 3D models using a variety of software for piping, civil/structural and mechanical engineering.

read more › EIS is an innovator in 3D Laser Scanning. We use the latest technology and an array of scanners (terrestrial and mobile) to meet your project planning challenges. We offer fast, high-quality data capture as well as a 360° digital twin that allows for 24/7 accessibility via secure cloud platform in which you can take measurements, screenshots, and make annotations to facilitate efficient communication among your team. In addition to scans, EIS can also provide BIM or CAD models, saving architects time by eliminating the need to manually recreate drawings.

read more › Unlike traditional vibration monitoring techniques which require the use of accelerometers placed on the equipment, our motion amplification camera measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration that is not visible to the human eye. Replay of the filmed areas allow the viewer to see the motion/vibration that is occurring in real time. To learn how this technology can be applied to your needs, please contact us.

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