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American Rail Engineers ARE manages clients' infrastructure assets through inspection, rating, and design. Experienced professional engineers oversee and coordinate repair, rehabilitation and design plans with the engineering team. ARE is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions to the client. When it comes to inaccessible or dangerous to access structural assets, our drone (UAS) services are the answer.

We specialize in surveying, mapping, monitoring, data collection, and infrastructure inspections, all conducted in a safe, cost-effective, and expedient manner. Our UAS services team is comprised of skilled FAA Part 107 certified pilots, data processors, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, and engineers. AREview brings Rail Management and Project Management into the digital age.

AREview is a software suite consisting of a Rail Management Portal and a Project Management Portal. This software is designed to improve overall project management workflow, collaboration among stakeholders, organization, document accessibility, and transparency.

read more › At ARE, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and empowering ingenuity. We are an innovative team of engineers, inspectors, FAA certified pilots, GIS analysts, remote sensing specialists, and so much more. Our employees are professional, passionate, hardworking and are motivated to make the world a safer place. While respecting the importance of a sustainable future, we are dedicated to an environmentally friendly approach to our work. We take pride in our community outreach programs and the opportunity to work with leading organizations, charities and institutions across the country.

read more › We are an engineering and technology company that utilizes UAS (drones), data processing and software development to offer an end-to-end solution for infrastructure management. In a collaborated effort, ARE and Eversource Energy are working toward the goal of utilizing BVLOS operations throughout the Eversource Transmission network. This waiver is a major steppingstone in proving out the safety case, technology and ConOps (Concept of Operations) for the end objective. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued ARE-AirShark a Certificate of Waiver, allowing certified Remote Pilots to safely fly a parachute-equipped sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) over people.

read more › Be apart of a growing team in an emerging industry. We have a dynamic team, capitalizing on the newest technology to improve the way work is done across a wide range of industries. At ARE, we value individuals with unique talents and backgrounds that thrive in challenging positions. Interested? Send us your resume and we'll be in contact! Our outside-the-box approach to solving engineering and data collection challenges results in impactful solutions.

read more › We serve as the railroad bridge engineer for several short-line railroads, specializing in rail engineering, bridge engineering, bridge inspections, load ratings, and FRA-compliant reports. We keep our clients' best interests forefront in the design of repairs. We work alongside contractors to ensure quality workmanship that meets AREMA and other applicable codes. Our team uses customized inspection forms that are linked to ARE's database and rating programs to derive bridge ratings using Cooper E Series live load per AREMA.

read more › Highly experienced Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Environmental Specialists inspecting, rating, analyzing, managing, and designing to give you the intelligence you need to make informed decisions. We maintain bridges' value via inspections and design for rehabilitation and strengthening. Our engineers, bridge inspectors and UAS pilots provide rail bridge services nationwide to over 15 unique clients. With the use of latest drone technology, ARE has improved the safety, efficiency and thoroughness of routine and complex bridge inspections.

read more › We partner with our clients to obtain a clear understanding of their present and future traffic volumes, carloads and operations, including future plans to increase volume or load capacity. We work every day to improve systems, procedures and practices related to bridge safety management. This includes making sure bridges have been inspected according to schedule, reports are reviewed and filed correctly, load rating capacity is adequate for expected traffic, and repairs are initiated and constructed as designed.

read more › ARE builds engineering into each bridge inspection producing informative, easy-to-read reports with recommendations and photo documentation. As the leading bridge inspection company, ARE is investing heavily in leading edge technology and advanced inspection equipment to provide improved services to help our clients better manage priorities, capital spending and emergency response. We are using drones, where appropriate, for bridge inspection to improve both data collection and efficiency, especially on bridges and track with difficult access.

read more › ARE's experienced and trained engineers prepare bridge ratings and load bearing capacity of railroad bridges - measuring the structural integrity of railroad bridges based on original plans adjusted by current conditions. Railroads have a need to understand the capacity of their bridges to carry current and expected loads. Our engineering team has rated thousands of railroad bridges throughout the country, and has developed programming to evaluate all bridge types. Our internal processes are continually assessed to improve the deliverables to our clients and the efficiencies of our team.

read more › ARE designs for improved service and longer service life with the entire bridge inventory and owner's budget in mind. ARE works with railroads across the country providing long-term solutions for the management of their railroad bridges. Our experienced and ingenious bridge design engineers separate us from other bridge design companies. We partner with our clients to maintain the overall health of their bridge assets. We work within our client's requirements for schedule, budget, function and sustainability, always with the focus of safety first.

read more › This map shows the capability of mapping features from LiDAR and imagery. Many of the roads and buildings in the map are not detectable using aerial imagery, so LiDAR was used to pick out the features beneath the canopy. The resort owner was interested in making some updates to their camp site in Indian Lake, NY. ARE was hired to fly LiDAR of the resort property to collect up-to-date data of the terrain, buildings, roads, and property. Within just a few hours our experienced remote pilots flew a LiDAR equipped drone over the resort property to gather the data necessary.

read more › Practical approach to railroad track, bridge, and crossing assessment for acquiring or upgrading railway. As an extension of our client's staff, we perform concept level review of potential track segments that are being considered for upgrade, acquisition or to return to service. Managed the preparation of two capital assessment reports that provided an overall capital program prioritizing improvements corresponding to the agency's budget. Oversaw engineering aspects for funding, capital planning, design and construction of 62-mile segment that was rehabilitated and put back into service in 2011.

read more › With years of experience in UAS (drone) operations and data processing, ARE, under the AirShark Brand is a pioneer in the commercial drone space. ARE Corporation's UAS Services division (dba AirShark) operates nationwide, providing end-to-end solutions for clients in the transportation industry. ARE has worked with utility companies all over the country providing UAS data solutions including, structural inspections, storm-damage assessments, site planning, vegetation management and more. ARE has worked with organizations such as Stone Environmental, Woods Hole Group, Fuss & O'Neil, Quantum Spatial, US National Park Services, United States Geological Survey (USGS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and more, providing UAS data collection and processing for environmental purposes.

read more › We help organizations overcome challenges integrating and operating commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) and managing the resulting data. We provide solutions that best fit our clients' needs so they can maximize the ROI for their program. Author: Fred Depuy, COO Every company has its challenges with delivering new products or technology to the market. Especially when speed-to-market and developing a consistent and sustainable process are the overarching goals. Our outside-the-box approach to solving engineering and data collection challenges results in impactful solutions.

read more › Our data processing will get you the information that you need in a format that you can work with. Our experienced CAD technicians can take your point cloud data to the next level by doing 2D and 3D feature extraction. We deliver this data in the format that fits your current workflow. ARE-AirShark worked with Woods Hole Group to complete a shoreline survey using aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry of over six miles of the Nantucket coast. The mapping was part of the Baxter Road. Eroding gully with steep slopes, nearly impossible to survey with conventional equipment The location of the gully contributes to sediment loading.

read more › UAV Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanning allows for scanning in remote, hard-to-reach areas, while creating data models that exceed the results from traditional methods of LiDAR acquisition. More time efficient than terrestrial LiDAR and more cost effective than using manned aircraft. Our highly experienced UAS pilots, data processors and GIS specialists, provide orthomosaic raster images, 3D point clouds/ mesh models, Digital Surface Models, Contours and Volumes in a format that you can work with.

read more › With real-time results, a variety of top-of-the-line sensors, an impeccable safety record and true professionals gathering and processing your sensitive data, our team provides a world-class infrastructure inspection solution. An inspection is only as good as the information that can be taken away from it and passed on to stakeholders. With proprietary inspection reports maintained by Professional Engineers, and FAA Remote Pilots capturing imagery with high-resolution sensors, ARE provides you with a crisp, clear look at your assets, in an organized, deliverable, and customized way to give you the most important information upfront.

read more › ARE creates custom videos for the observations you need. With stabilized, geotagged video we can help you get a close up look at your assets in real time. In a world where every company has a website, having high quality imagery and video to show off your work is crucial to getting ahead of your competitors. Our team of professional remote pilots not only knows how to safely operate UAS, they also have a keen eye for capturing high-resolution images and 4k video to make your projects look their best.

read more › With so many options out there for drone pilot training, how do you know what is best for your organization? Do you want your pilots to be safe and competent while operating near your assets and amongst the public?. ARE Acquires FAA Waiver for Night Flights with a UAS The unmanned aircraft system and drone industry will sleep no more! Due to experience and expertise, ARE-AirShark has received an FAA waiver. Members of our flight team; Ian Ray and Will Rasid, got the opportunity to fly a unique bridge inspection.

read more › AREview is a Rail Management Portal designed to improve overall project management workflow, collaboration among stakeholders, organization, document accessibility, and transparency. Author: Ian Anderson, Chief Product Officer The railroad industry is using technology to manage its infrastructure in really cool ways, but our bridge inspectors felt something was missing. Managing Excel files, inspection. Our outside-the-box approach to solving engineering and data collection challenges results in impactful solutions.

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