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GEC (Gray's) LLC is an advanced, full-service testing lab with over 30 years of experience. We are located in Tempe, Arizona - just southeast of Phoenix. Our firm performs a wide variety of environmental testing services for clients in the military, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical and industries as well as fixture design/machining and equipment repair/installation.

Gray's expert technicians successfully complete client projects on time by providing high-quality testing services at a competitive price. Our technicians have cumulative decades of experience performing a range of environmental testing methods. From vibration testing to explosive pyro shock analysis (for which we are the only testing facility in Arizona), Gray's does it all!

Gray's technicians perform a wide variety of dynamic, environmental, and mechanical testing services, including. The first step in any test is determining the best way to expose the unit to a specific environment. Since our founding, GEC (Gray's) has excelled in performing test procedures in compliance with specifications and standards.

read more › Our facility houses five electrodynamic shaker systems. We offer sine, random, and mixed mode testing in compliance with many industry standards. We also offer mixed environment testing, which combines thermal conditioning with dynamics testing. Our facility offers multiple shock test options, including Beam Shock, Shaker Shock, Live Pyrotechnic Shock, and Drop Shock. We are equipped for testing to industry standards. Our environments lab is capable of handling a multitude of climate tests running in parallel.

read more › GEC (Gray's) performs electrical testing for several industries, including aerospace, automotive, and military. We can thoroughly verify the effective operation of electrical equipment through a range of tests in accordance with applicable standards. See our full list of electrical testing standards. In industries where the safety and reliability of electronic equipment are non-negotiable, high-quality, professional electrical testing is essential. Electronics can suffer poor performance or failure as a result of temperature, humidity, contamination, mechanical shocks, and other factors.

read more › GEC (Gray's) offers shock testing services for a range of industries and applications - all in conformance with established industry standards. Our lab is operated by our experienced team of personnel and is fully equipped to meet your needs in evaluating the mechanical shock survivability of your materials. Companies often need their products and materials tested to gauge their durability and resistance to failure. One way to do this is through shock tests. This type of testing is carefully designed to simulate mechanical impacts that products can experience during transport or while in service.

read more › GEC (Gray's) serves as Arizona's premiere temperature testing lab. We help clients verify whether their samples perform as expected in response to various temperatures, pressures, and humidities. Materials behave differently in different climatic conditions - metals and polymers lose their strength in extreme heat and certain ones become brittle in extreme cold, for instance. Understanding these behaviors and how they contribute to the final assembly's performance in intended service conditions allows manufacturers to produce better products.

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