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Big Red Engineering LLC introduces its full line of Well Servicing Equipment Solutions & Fracking Pumps. With quality and technology at the forefront, our Well Servicing Units are manufactured at our Fort Worth, TX facility (USA) with a focus on long-lasting construction & materials to stand up to your toughest well treatment projects. Get more information about our full line of well-servicing equipment solutions and fracking pumps.

We handle some of the toughest well treatment projects in the USA. For all inquiries visit our contact page.

read more › Big Red Engineering is a collaboration of international oil and gas experts with a combined 85 years' experience in engineering, asset integrity, construction, manufacturing, processing, well services, production optimization, chemical applications. Our goal is to become the industry leader that provides a complete cradle to grave approach for the oil and gas sector. Our client relation approach allows us to put the clients needs at the fore ground by supplying services that are tailored for their individual needs while also ensuring compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.

read more › Our asset integrity group is comprised of Pressure Equipment and Pipeline Integrity with fully trained and qualified teams. Big Red Engineering has a diverse background in process, facility and production engineering. At Big Red Engineering, we have extensive field construction experience in Canada, USA and Africa.

read more › Our asset integrity group is compromised of Pressure Equipment and Pipeline integrity. At Big Red Engineering we are committed to have our staff fully trained and qualified to service both fields in order to provide maximum benefit to the client. With the ever growing global energy demand and the volatility of oil and gas commodity prices it is more important now then ever to have a safe and dependable distribution system for oil and gas companies to get their product to market. Pipelines are the safest and most economical ways to transport product - if they are managed and maintained properly.

read more › Big Red Engineering manufacturing facility is a 42,000 square foot manufacturing and procurement facility where we fabricate and package custom built well servicing and facility processing equipment. Our shop is located outside of Fort Worth, Texas which gives us easy access to the international energy hub of Houston, Texas and ports which allows us to ship our products to anywhere in the world.

read more › At Big Red Engineering we are proud to offer customized well servicing equipment. With quality and technology at the forefront our products are manufactured with a focus on long-lasting construction and materials to stand up to the most extreme conditions. To ensure the most reliable operating experience, our Nitrogen pumping units utilize the most proven and reputable components on the market. Our standard acid unit features a 750 gaton add pumping system with three wet chemical and a single auger for dry chemical additives.

read more › Big Red Engineering's Nitrogen Pump and Vaporizer Unit provides the best-in-class well servicing equipment solutions. We build skid, bodyload or trailer mounted nitrogen (gaseous) pump and vaporizer units. This unit utilizes the non-fired diesel engine heat recovery system to vaporize liquid nitrogen. All heat required to vaporize the liquid nitrogen is from the engine. The power of the pump and the heat of the vaporizer all come from the power device of the diesel engine. The waste heat from the engine and other systems are useful heat for liquid nitrogen vaporizing on non fired units.

read more › Big Red Engineering's Acid Pumping Unit provides the best-in-class well servicing equipment solutions. We offer a complete solution for mixing, pumping and transportation. Our standard unit is trailer mounted and equipped with a 750 gallon acid pumping system with three wet and a single auger for dry chemical additives. It features a low center of gravity, computer controlled pump rate, real time pressure / flow data reporting and data recording. Acidizing units are customizable for specific needs of numerous formations and treatment programs.

read more › Built for performance, Big Red Engineering twin pumper is engineered for cement and other fluid pumping applications. Big Red Engineering standard twin pumping unit features our rugged and reliable 600 horsepower triplex pump which is mounted in a back-to-back configuration to ensure ample pumping power in even the most challenging oil and gas well cementing / fluid pumping projects. Additional pump horsepower options are also available. To complement our unit's robust pumping power. Big Red Engineering utilizes the industry trusted, RCM mix system that is capable of satisfying a wide range of mixing rates.

read more › Big Red Engineering wireline units feature flexible designs that can be easily modified for slick line and wireline applications. Engineered for reliability, our wireline units are designed to meet the challenges of even the most demanding oilfield environments. Drum wireline capacity and other unit specifications are completely customizable to meet your particular requirements.

read more › Big Red Engineering Coiled Tubing Units (CTU) provides the best-in-class well servicing equipment solutions. We build skid mounted, truck/chassis mounted or trailer mounted units suited for a variety of oil and gas well intervention services. Big Red can provide the CTU platform best suited for your organization. Trailer mounted CTU's come with injector head rated up to 160,000 pounds pull capacity. With the numerous options available it is important to partner with an industry leader such as Big Red Engineering.

read more › Big Red Engineering Frac unit is one if not the most dependable unit in the field of Fracturing. Big Red Engineering Fracturing Units are constructed for various applications, site configurations and cost effectiveness. We have the expertise to provide customized designs of Quintuplex or Triplex Frac Units either trailer, bodyload or skid mounted. All standard units are capable of local control, remote control, motoring and data recording. Engine, hydraulic and operational parameters are stored locally and can be accessed, in real time, remotely if needed.

read more › Big Red Engineering Blenders and Hydration units provide years of dependable service for well-site service applications. Big Red Engineering line of well servicing equipment solutions would not be complete without our full line of blenders. Built-to-last construction and ease of transport are some of the key characteristics we have incorporated into our design. The large mixing tubs featured in all of our Big Red Engineering blenders have a maximum capacity of 120bbls, enabling on-site, trouble-free mixing of fluids and propellants.

read more › Big Red Engineering Snubbing Units provide a quick and easy solution for performing well maintenance operations under pressure. Big Red Engineering is proud to offer a complete line of Snubbng Equipment capable of handling loads from 150,000 to 460,000 lbs. Our snubbing equipment is engineered for performance and enables well maintenance operations to be performed under pressure without introducing "kill" fluids or other methods which could ultimately result in well damage.

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