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ISC uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to virtually design and build multifamily wood framed structures and foundations. Integrated Structural Concepts (ISC) combines technology and collaboration to provide a seamless design-BIM-build structural solution for multifamily wood framed projects. At ISC we start with structural engineering, designing all aspects of the project from the pre-engineered metal plated roof trusses to post tension monolithic foundations.

We incorporate ideas from our team of field construction experts to be implemented in the construction documents. First, we build the structure virtually in a 3-D BIM model where we can analyze each structural system and component. Then we build it again, on the job site, using all the information gained throughout the design and BIM process. Integrated, seamless, efficient.

High quality meets never before seen production rates.

read more › In the beginning there is only dirt. That's where we start. A good geotechnical report that has all the information we need to do it right. After a thorough geotechnical review, we start the design process where we tear each unit apart and transform the architect's vision into a real buildable set of drawings, using framed wall dimensions. By framing the units first, as a framer, we see the need for small dimensional changes such as moving walls for tub clearances and door and casing interferences.

read more › A fully coordinated set of plans and specs is a rare occurrence. The construction industry has been the slowest to show progress through advanced efficiencies in the country. The waste experienced through plans that have not been fully value engineered have additional cost not only associated with materials and labor, but also through the RFI process, change orders, added purchase orders and construction delays. The amount of exposure to owner, developer and stake holders can be enormous. Integrated Structural Concepts brings a unique collaborative process to the wood framed construction industry.

read more › A good structural design is the starting point for any construction project. By assuming responsibility for all structural parameters, including post-tension foundation designs, floor and roof trusses and detailed/dimensioned framing plans, the ISC team provides unequaled quality in 2-D and 3-D structural designs. We use a state of the art BIM structural design process that allows us to design each foundation, each wall panel, every stud and truss, in every building. Others say they can do it, we'd like to see them try.

read more › Architectural designs have become more complicated in order to meet the needs of design review committees and attract today's buyer and renter. These highly technical designs and details require a massive amount of time and energy to develop a complete materials list and labor analysis. BIM technology has changed the way material estimates can be generated. By having a system in place from the beginning of the structural design that categorizes each piece of material by class and usage, material data can be easily extracted, condensed and priced in a comprehensive list.

read more › By integrating foundation design, layout and installation into our scope, all foundations are exactly married to framing plans and truss layouts. Dimensions are added to forming plans, post tension cable layouts are coordinated with shearwall placement and plumbing penetrations. ISC uses the data from the structural design, including BIM models, to export into a Trimble software program where we establish all critical path "points". These points are downloaded into a handheld LM80 layout manager to be used with our Trimble Robotic Total Stations.

read more › Multifamily framing is what we do best. The technology and the foundations are a bi-product of our mission to improve the trade of multifamily framing. By using all the tools we have in our tool bag, no one does it better. Our model has us drilling down on every assembly, component and subcomponent to detail it out first, pre-engineer and pre-build everything we can, off-site or on-site, which ever lends itself to the project, then bring all the components together on-site to accelerate production schedules and add tremendous quality to an industry that has slipped into a "just get it close" mentality.

read more › AutoCAD is the backbone of the architectural engineering and construction industry. ISC uses AutoCAD as a base platform due to the highly collaborative nature of the software and robust tools AutoCAD offers to integrate efficient designs. The ability to communicate design alternatives and efficiently collaborate with other members of the team is a must. AutoCAD has built several efficient platforms to achieve a high level of collaboration. ISC uses Buzzsaw and AutoCAD WS to share files, review drawings, red-line plans and have cloud based web meetings to review projects.

read more › ISC has sought out and found dynamic companies who understand our vision and have common goals. These companies are changing the way buildings can be designed and built through advanced technology and integrated software platforms. ITW (Illinois Tool Works) has developed a software platform known as "Instinct"- Residential Design System. Instinct connects several compatible software suites to provide an integrated software solution that is BIM based and offers real-time collaboration for the wood frame residential/multifamily construction industry.

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