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Through unmatched professionalism, knowledge and experience, we set the industry bar for chemical engineering firms. With decades of chemical plant engineering and piping design experience, our team of licensed engineers can handle any project scope. Every project begins with proper documentation and a detailed understanding of your specific requirements, objectives and constraints.

Whether you are seeking help from chemical consulting companies for process, business or regulatory factors, we provide you with all of the proper guidance throughout your project. As one of the leading chemical plant design companies, our experience, unique capabilities, and attention to detail enable us to design a system that efficiently addresses the needs of your project in a timely fashion.

read more › C-P Systems started operating in 1995 when a drafter/designer and chemical engineer from the 3M Chemical Division recognized the chance to utilize their skillset to support other industries. Since then, our customer base has increased to include Fortune 500 and smaller companies throughout a wide range of markets, while still focusing on our core specialty chemical companies, including 3M. Over time we have attracted designers and engineers from different backgrounds to form a distinguished group with strong credentials for creative yet practical solutions.

read more › Since the late 90s, C-P Systems has focused on specialty chemical process engineering. Forming out of a chemical division and design group, we've spent years developing solutions to make our clients' specialty chemicals manufacturing process more reliable. Since then, we have fielded calls from nearly every industry, expanding the diversity of our customer base. What is unique about specialty chemicals is that oftentimes little is known outside of a lab, or pilot scale, about what it takes to safely and effectively handle the compound.

read more › We offer a full scope of process engineering services, from feasibility and cost estimating to detailed process engineering, installation, and startup services. For over 25 years, we have worked on a wide range of projects, with varying products and scope. As a result, we provide customized solutions to our clients with respect to project constraints, timelines, safety hazards, budget, and disciplines. We continue to provide successful process engineering services to leading manufacturing companies across America.

read more › C-P Systems is often hired on at a point in a project where the scope is uncertain and additional detail is necessary to approve project funding. Regardless of how little documentation we begin with, we will take ownership of the process of developing the conceptual design and definition necessary to complete a formal cost estimate of the project scope. Our intuitive approach is to ensure that the right questions are brought to light, evaluated, and the scope is sound prior to fully committing to proceed with the investment.

read more › We offer expert electrical engineering services to assist clients in deploying technologies related to hazardous area electrical safety. This enables our clients to implement power and control systems that adhere to high industry standards regarding the safety of personnel, plant, and equipment. Our power and control systems have been installed in a variety of industries and applications, including systems involved in chemical processing, ethanol production, web lines, and coating processes, refineries, grain elevators, and other fields.

read more › Whether the question is fiscal or technical feasibility, the C-P Systems team has the experience to complete this critical preliminary stage of your project. We guide and advise with impartiality and always in the best interests of our customers' stated goals. Our creative team of engineers and designers are well versed in working through extremely limiting constraints and coming up with unique solutions. In this phase, we are also able to anticipate future constraints or collateral issues that need to be resolved should the project move forward.

read more › As a premier process engineering firm, our mechanical engineering consulting team is able to confirm piping arrangements prior to completion of the mechanical construction package. This includes providing in-depth pipe stress analysis services using Caesar II software to develop the proper pipe support and construction. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with our plant engineering design team to design pressure vessels and storage tanks to your process specifications. This design work includes properly specifying materials of construction, dimensions, nozzle placement, and working with tank vendors to adhere to all location specific elements i.e.

read more › C-P Systems has a unique approach to procurement that sets us apart from the competition. First, we always respect plant standard equipment and instrumentation if it remains a good fit. If there is not a plant standard or preference, we have no problem making a recommendation that is well suited for the project. Rest assured that our advice is always objective and in the best interests of the project. We have no direct or indirect ties to specific vendors or manufacturers, and always recommend the customer purchase directly with no markup on our part.

read more › C-P Systems' thorough understanding of standardized (PIP) specs, and ability to work with highly varied specifications for our clients means we can do piping design to fit any project. From simple PVC and CPVC to exotic PTFE-lined and vacuum insulated piping, we have worked with it all. Using laser scanning and strict design protocols including 3D piping design, we assemble a mechanical construction package that ensures reasonable initial bids, and a minimum of future change requests. Through our rigorous preparation and design, our documentation allows contractors to be confident in the prefabrication of piping, saving valuable process downtime.

read more › C-P Systems provides full-service equipment design and specifications. In addition, we collaborate directly with dealers and the process engineering team to ensure that the design of the equipment meets the spatial constraint and process equipment design parameters. During the entire process of engineering machine design, we constantly stay client-focused in project procurement, and maintain absolute transparency in order to obtain competitive quotations while ensuring equipment is suitable for the budget and process.

read more › Custom mounts to help scan confined spaces without entry-saving manpower and time, and avoiding complicated retrievals. Our 25 years of successfully using traditional, as-built measurement methods give us a unique perspective for scanning as-built conditions. This experience allows us to leverage cutting-edge industrial laser scanner technology to achieve best-in-class results. Traditional, as-built methods of scanning capture existing equipment, primary steel, and large piping adequately, but fail to accommodate for the effects of time.

read more › While we do not consider ourselves a staffing agency, we understand that certain manufacturing facilities require more of a hands-on approach. In some circumstances, we employ on-site engineering and design staff, fully backed and supported by our main office engineering and design team. If you would like to discuss if this is the right approach for your facility please reach out to our team to discuss. In his 20+ years on-site, Dale Radermacher knows the 3M Cottage Grove facility better than anyone.

read more › Safety at a plant level goes hand in hand with all that C-P Systems does. Whether a project is directly tied to a specific safety concern or not, operational safety is always built into the way we design and manage projects. We typically play the role of industry and process expert to allow for these critical reviews to be populated with the right information to ensure a safe process startup. We also specialize in the engineering and design that goes into specifying process systems for electrically classified areas.

read more › At C-P Systems, our objective is to hire for the long-term in order to provide consistency for our customers, and to maintain alignment with our company values. This focus results in exceptional employee satisfaction and retention. While experience is recognized, a person's attitude and drive to succeed are also of great importance, and something we highly regard. We want our employees to become experts in their field, and to give them the opportunity to carve out a unique role that supports both their strengths and our customer's needs.

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