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Bohannan-Huston Bohannan Huston is a nationally-recognized consulting firm specializing in Engineering, Spatial Data, and Advanced Technologies. We are headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with offices in Denver, Colorado and Las Cruces, New Mexico. We are proud to announce that Alandren Etlantus has been named a Top Young Professional by Engineering News-Record Southwest!

This honor is awarded to extraordinary leaders in the design and construction industry who have shown exemplary leadership and service throughout their careers.

read more › Bohannan Huston is a privately-owned, professional corporation founded in 1959 as Bohannan and Stephenson Engineers. BHI originally offered general civil engineering and surveying services to customers in New Mexico. As a result of principal involvement and reliable, innovative performance, the company has steadily developed and expanded its professional staff, scope of services, and geographic area of operation to include Las Cruces, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado. The 1960s brought diversification and maturing expertise to BHI's progressive staff.

read more › Since 1959 Bohannan Huston, Inc. has provided world-class civil and structural engineering, traffic and transportation engineering, water resources, land surveying, GIS, photogrammetry, and advanced technologies services that transforms our customer's vision into reality. Our technical expertise enables clients to visualize projects, optimize resources, and realize exceptional solutions. Bohannan Huston is consistently ranked in the Top 500 Engineering Rankings by the Engineering News Record (ENR).

read more › Bohannan Huston's spatial data services deliver the highest quality data products to customers whose needs include mapping, built and natural terrain modeling, survey, GIS/LIS technologies, geospatial web, and asset inventory. Our expert staff integrates the disciplines of mapping, geodetic and engineering surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, aerial and ground-based LiDAR surveys, and spatial computing and analysis. We use the most current and efficient data gathering tools and computing environments to provide effective mapping solutions for our customers.

read more › For decades we have led the pack in finding ways to improve our engineering and spatial data processes and products through the application of the latest tools and technologies. Our goal is not only to save our clients' time and money. We aim to produce superior products through superior services. Our commitment is to do what it takes to get the job done better, faster, and more efficiently. We are dedicated to creating and implementing advanced solutions that facilitate processes, enhance workflows, and communicate messages in a variety of formats.

read more › The owners of Bohannan Huston are the heart of everything the firm does. Each leader is supported by a team of licensed professionals who are guided by the same mandate as the owners -- exceed the expectations of those we serve. Bruce Stidworthy is President and a managing partner of Bohannan Huston, Inc. He is a graduate of New Mexico State University with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a master's degree from the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management. He has been with BHI for over 22 years and has served as a leader in the Community Development and Planning Group, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors.

read more › Our business philosophy is a road for the future. It defines the direction in which the firm is headed, the market position we intend to occupy and the capabilities we plan to develop. The best investment a company can make is in its employees and the tools and training they need to develop their talent, skills, and career. To improve the quality of life for our customers, communities, and future generations by delivering solutions that enhance the natural and built environments. Transforming customer vision into reality by providing innovative and sustainable solutions with a commitment to extraordinary service, quality and value.

read more › For all our work, Bohannan Huston follows a systematic quality management and assurance process where the goal is to eliminate the cause of failures before a step in the process is undertaken. This is a hallmark of the ISO 9001:2008 quality process, for which we pursue compliance on a corporate basis. Providing independent technical review and constructability reviews of all structural designs and plans. For its classified work, operating and complying with the National Industrial Security Program (NISP, which is administered by the Defense Security Service (DSS), a DoD agency.

read more › Sustainable design respects nature and community in the built environment and allows development activities to have a reduced impact on the environment. This leads to a reduced footprint related to resource use and demand including energy efficiency, reduced life-cycle costs and building with the landscape instead of modifying it. Sustainable design is also intrinsic to our project development process. The design, construction, and operation of buildings are complex processes that require the technical expertise, dedication, and experience of a diverse team of professionals.

read more › Bohannan Huston has established deep roots in the communities we serve. Simply by the nature of our work, our services play an important role in people's daily lives and contribute long-term value in our communities. Because of this, we make it a point-both as individuals and as a firm-to make a personal investment in the people and places that have sustained our company since 1959. From fundraisers, to service projects, to awareness-raising events, Bohannan Huston has proudly maintained a reputation for giving back to the places where we work, live, and play.

read more › As a leading multidisciplinary firm in the Southwest, Bohannan Huston serves a variety of public and private sector customers. Our team of experts offers decades of experience in addressing the specific technical and financial challenges of each market area. We establish long-term collaborative partnerships with diverse clients in each of the markets we serve, and strive to provide responsive, sustainable, and economical solutions.

read more › At BHI we have the experience needed to analyze, plan, and design transportation systems that build upon the existing environment and serve the public well. Our clients - such as municipalities, multimodal companies, and state departments of transportation - count on us to analyze their current conditions and devise cost-effective infrastructure designs. They need expert assistance to help them navigate the complex details of designing highways, interchanges, and multimodal transportation facilities.

read more › Energy and Power companies often serve customers across wide-regional expanses. As the competitive pressures of deregulated markets force companies to maximize their efficiencies, and sources of energy continue to evolve, utility companies are tasked with keeping pace with the changes while maintaining high levels of customer service across their grids. Whether the utilities are handling electrical power, natural gas, solar power, mineral extraction, wind power or other sources, they often need technical assistance in meeting their objectives for facility expansion and upgrades.

read more › Bohannan Huston's planners help our state, local, federal, and private clients to take their first step in moving their ideas from initial concept toward adoption and implementation. We start with a needs assessment from which we can identify data gaps. From there, we incorporate a variety of inputs-including land use analysis, transportation needs, economic development goals, and environmental considerations-to provide a thorough understanding of the existing picture while envisioning what the future should look like.

read more › The facility where learning takes place is an important key in the learning process. Buildings must be designed to effectively serve the student population with safety, accessibility, modern design, energy efficiency, and enduring operational functionality. Public, charter, pueblo and private schools, universities, and community colleges all need the benefits of professional design consultation as they seek to establish new facilities or expand and/or rehabilitate their existing campuses. BHI has become a trusted partner to school districts when they undertake facility projects.

read more › Public sector entities often rely on partnerships with well qualified private sector firms that can provide specialized services to help support the organization's mission. In serving their many constituents, public sector entities typically have ambitious, complex project objectives such as expanding their facilities, building and upgrading roads, improving regional civil infrastructure, obtaining aerial mapping of their districts for asset management, and many other project aims that require professional engineering and technical support.

read more › The Design-Build project delivery system benefits owners by positioning a single entity responsible for managing diverse project components. The owner can look to the Design-Build firm to centrally manage all design issues, budgeting, permitting, construction management, change orders, billing, and client input. This focused management structure can help minimize project risk, reduce the delivery schedule, and optimize the methods and materials used to complete construction projects. We have managed numerous complex, award-winning design-build projects - often on fast-track schedules - for federal agencies, national laboratories, and private developers.

read more › North America's Native Nations have long been recognized as having distinct self-governance, political, economic, and community development objectives. Despite each nation's unique status, they each face the common challenge of providing adequate, efficient infrastructure that serves the needs of their communities' residents. In a time of financial resource challenges, many Native Nations struggle to effectively serve community needs across their often expansive geographic areas. BHI's staff, serving communities across the Southwest, focuses on maximizing Native American tribes' and pueblos' ability to provide services to their members.

read more › Planning a residential or commercial development requires a developer to take a "big picture" view so the future needs of the community are considered, and the project is well designed and sustainable. Depending on their project type, developers typically must navigate the complex processes of planning, adhering to regulatory requirements and building codes, designing safe transportation connections for the development, and preparing other civil infrastructure (e.g., utilities and drainage) to support future needs.

read more › Providing accessible health care facilities for residents is an ever-evolving challenge in most communities. Changes in a community's population profile, their health care needs, the availability of new technologies, and associated financing/reimbursement trends can all impact a community's need for new or expanded health care facilities. The limited availability of public funding in recent years has made health care system expansion even more of a challenge. BHI is available to serve community health systems by designing cost-effective facilities and infrastructure required to keep pace with residents' changing health care needs.

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