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Research - Civil Concepts staff of forensic engineers, construction executives and litigation experts investigate beyond where others are willing, to uncover all facts and evidence needed to make unbiased, accurate and thorough conclusions, solutions and opinions. Translate - Civil Concepts is meticulous in selecting the concise words, photos, details, sketches and graphics in order to explain complex technical concepts that are paramount for the reader and audience to understand the subject matter.

We interpret the complex then translate so it is understandable. Visuals - Civil Concepts utilizes technologies and creativity to produce impactful graphics and visuals that illustrate and support the engineering conclusions. We believe that up to 80% of the audience's understanding of the basis our engineering conclusions is achieved through detailed visuals.

They [Civil Concepts] were able to meet my expectations for timeliness, quality of the report and pricing. David McGuire keeps me updated on every assignment.

read more › Civil Concepts mission is to go beyond our client's expectations utilizing the work of our professional staff and implementing state of the art technology we effectively provide unbiased, accurate and thorough solutions in the most effective and timely manner. We believe that our uniquely qualified staff of engineers distinguish Civil Concepts from our competitors. Civil Concepts professional staff is comprised mostly of professionals who also have extensive engineering, construction and technical expertise; this mix allows our engineers to provide building consultant services and incorporate cost effective repair methodologies into our engineering solutions.

read more › The value we have added on our most difficult claims is significant and measurable. Often times difficult claims are those that have been ongoing for some time, under the services of other competing firms with no agreement and the most challenging issues unresolved. We used these difficult claims to measure our success; comparing the state of a difficult claim upon engagement of Civil Concepts, to the final results resolved with Civil Concepts efforts. For example, we were asked by clients to the Christchurch New Zealand earthquakes approximately 9 months after the most damaging earthquake occurred.

read more › We are here to assist, anytime. Civil Concepts has structural, civil, and mechanical engineers as well a Certified Roofing Consultant with extensive hail assessment experience. For example, Mr. Michael Bourget oversees our CAT hail response efforts. Many of you know that Mr. Bourget is a Certified Commercial Roof Inspector and can develop repair cost estimates if needed. All the Civil Concepts staff and resources are available to assist you right away with any structural, roofing, AC or building hail damages.

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