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Accident Reconstruction Analysis, PLLC (ARA) is a forensic engineering and consulting firm equipped with a comprehensive testing facility and metallurgical laboratory used to investigate aspects of failure analysis and accident reconstruction. ARA's client base consists of insurance companies, the legal community, private industry and government agencies.

While our facilities are located in Raleigh, North Carolina near the Research Triangle Park and RDU Airport, our engineers routinely travel throughout the United States and beyond to perform field investigations. ARA offers a diversified list of services to meet the investigational needs of the client. Our engineers perform analysis, research, design and testing with the fields of mechanical, materials, automotive, aerospace, and civil engineering.

Cases vary from large scale investigations to small claims involving property damage and personal injury. ARA has both the resources and the laboratory facilities to test products and materials to determine whether standards have been met in manufacturing and design and pinpoint possible failure causations.

ARA offers investigative services for automobile, commercial, industrial, maritime, and personal injury accidents. ARA personnel have extensive experience in performing failure analysis on both metals and non-metals. ARA provides litigation support through testimony, consulting, and construction of digital and physical demonstrative exhibits. ARA provides

Our team consists of engineers across a varied background of engineering disciplines. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, electrical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, and civil/structural engineering. We specialize in all forensic engineering, customized testing, materials

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