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The Northern Alliance of Engineering Contractors (NAEC) would like to invite you to take a few minutes and review our website to learn more about who we are and what services and benefits we provide our members. The NAEC was founded in 2012 for collective bargaining and labor relations on behalf of engineering, utility and structures contractors. It is the primary successor organization to the Association of Engineering Construction Employers which was established for the same purpose in 1985.

NAEC members are dedicated to labor relations directed at preserving the markets of union contractors. It is an all-union bargaining group that negotiates primary Master Labor Agreements under the sole direction of its contractor members. How will your membership in the NAEC benefit the Industry? In order for any organization to stay strong and healthy, it must grow and prosper.

Membership, both in numbers and participation, is important to our continued success. Your participation will enhance the vitality and influence of the NAEC.

read more › WHY CHOOSE THE NAEC vs. OTHER ASSOCIATIONS FOR COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND LABOR RELATIONS?. NAEC is a single purpose contractor organization founded exclusively for collective bargaining and labor relations. NAEC concentrates its energy solely on addressing the labor relations needs of its' contractor members. NAEC's single purpose approach to handling of all labor agreements is a real plus. Even though we are a small specialty-paving contractor, we are treated as equals with the largest contractors.

read more › Throughout the year, NAEC will publish Labor Relations Bulletins to keep you up to date with important information for NAEC members. Please use the numbered links to select the bulletin. The numbers refer to the order the bulletin was published and the year, not the month. For example, "1-21" refers to the first bulletin of the year 2021.

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