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Whether you're a future, emerging or experienced executive leader in your organization, real and meaningful change is often needed to take you to the next level of effectiveness. Change can be necessary to reach your goals. Using our 3-step process, The Change Engineers can help you identify your leadership goals and specific ways to achieve them.

Change Engineering combines proven methods with achievable results for both individual and organizational success. Through effective change techniques, your leadership results can be significantly improved and your organization can be successfully transformed to attain the outcomes you seek. Working together in a team or business doesn't always come naturally, especially when a major organizational change occurs.

From new or disengaged teams to business integrations or cultural shifts, you may need help navigating through the process to create and sustain the necessary changes. Change Consulting can help you do just that. With over 25 years of experience in leading and creating meaningful change in high performance organizations, Shelle has collaborated with leaders across a wide spectrum.

read more › Here at The Change Engineers, we are passionate about leading your team or organization to success through the use of tried and true Change Coaching & Consulting methodology. In addition, we also utilize a wide variety of assessments and other tools, depending on the specific needs of the individual or organization. With proven change methods and strategies, we work to develop real and lasting change for you and your organization. The Change Engineers is a network of certified coaches and change solutions experts with extensive experience leading and/or developing teams and organizations.

read more › With over 25 years of experience in leading and creating meaningful change in high performance organizations, Shelle has collaborated with leaders across a wide spectrum. From CEOs and C-suite executives to developing leaders to aspiring or future leaders, Shelle uses her diverse background to instill change with her clients to achieve desired results. As a natural leader, coach, and mentor, Shelle strategically and successfully transforms and directs all facets of organization change. She specifically has extensive experience in due diligence, acquisitions, cultural integration, and individual and organizational development.

read more › Whether you're just getting started in your career, further developing as a people leader or are currently in an executive leadership position, you may find changes are needed to achieve more or to improve your leadership effectiveness. Perhaps you (or family member) just graduated from college and needs guidance to identify the right career path. Or maybe you're ready for the career you've always wanted, but don't know where to start. Are you experienced in your field, but looking to move up in the organization to your first team leadership position or to be eligible for a larger leadership role?

read more › If you're just starting out in your career, you probably have a lot of thoughts running through your head. You may also be watching a loved one - perhaps a son or daughter - going through this very same thought process as they embark on a major life change or the next step in their career journey. From new college graduates to young professionals ready to make a major career decision, Change Coaching for Future - or Aspiring - Leaders can help first evaluate, then guide the desires and future career goals that best fits you or your loved one.

read more › As a Developing Leader, you may have significant work experience under your belt but aspire to a larger leadership role. Perhaps you have managed projects or processes, but never directly led a team. Perhaps you are at a fork in the road in your career, and you don't know which path to choose. Perhaps you want to make a complete career change. In organizations, there are often many career paths to take, and it's often impossible to know which one you may be best suited for. Whether your company sees you as a candidate for a larger leadership role or you need help identifying and achieving your career aspirations, The Developing Leaders program is right for you.

read more › As an executive leader, you've seen the landscape of your organization change over time. Even at the top, it's important that you are able change, too. Whether navigating through major cultural shifts, business acquisitions, or simply managing new teams; your role - and therefore leadership style - can always use improvement. For this, change as it is required. Using Change Engineering methodology, we'll help determine where your organization's current results or challenges in your leadership role and - based on your direct reports - how you can alter your leadership style to better motivate your employees for beneficial organizational results.

read more › Significant change in organizations and within teams have become normal occurrences. A leader's or an organization's ability to successfully navigate these changes while equipping others to do the same can mean the difference between a disengaged, unproductive organization and a company that achieves its goals. Working in teams is an important part of many organizations. But what if your new team isn't working as effectively together as it could be? What if your existing team is suddenly having issues with communications, leadership or overall work styles?

read more › Highly effective organizational teams don't become successful overnight; they take time, diligence, and hard work to achieve success. For teams that are newly-acquired or that have become disengaged, the process to become an effective team that accomplishes improved results may be a daunting task. It's normal for teams in an organization to go through different growth stages or hesitation to change based on new acquisitions or restructuring. In fact, we often see teams go through evolutions of storming, forming, and norming; where the effects of ineffective team growth and change result in a negative impact on work and outcomes.

read more › The landscape of organizational change can take many forms. From a merger, acquisition, or downsizing to culture or diversity change to leadership change, significant organizational change has a different effect on every company. Navigating that change effectively is what will take your organization from where you currently stand to achieving better results. If your organization needs help as a result of a major organizational change - or a need to develop a more effective leadership and performance culture, The Change Engineers can help.

read more › By creating a road map to move from your current state to get to your ideal future state is, at its core, what Change Engineering is all about. Instead of starting from a negative place and where you or your business currently stand, think instead of what your promising future looks like. From individuals to teams to entire organizations, change engineering is valuable for anyone and everyone. Change Coaching focuses on meaningful change for individuals - specifically future leaders, leadership development, and executive leaders.

read more › 360-degree feedback is a critical first step in evaluating individuals, teams, and organizations. By allowing management, peers, and direct reports the opportunity to give confidential and anonymous feedback on a particular individual. Based on this feedback, The Change Engineers can create a full picture of how an individual is perceived by different coworkers, as well as the organization overall. This initial step allows us to get a sense of a starting point before recommending (and facilitating) any recommendations for change.

read more › Thank you for your interest in The Change Engineers! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries about our services or prices, or clarification on how we might work together. We look forward to helping you and your organization achieve real and lasting change to accomplish your goals.

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