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Sandhu Consultants International (SCI) is known for its commitment to ultimate resource utilization by promoting pollution control, renewable energy technology and proper waste management while providing expert civil and environmental engineering services.

SCI delivers focused innovative solutions to protect and preserve the Earth's environment for generations to come while providing integrated services for sustainable sensible design to meet industrial, municipal and commercial clients' environmental needs resulting in operational savings.

SCI provides proven, trusted expertise utilizing over 30 years engineering experience to apply the latest modern sustainable technologies to plan, design, build, clean up, remediate and prevent pollution and destruction of the environment.SCI's clients appreciate our commitment to environmental awareness and pollution prevention as it not only pays dividends in the short and long term, but also gains the favor and goodwill of the public.

read more › IntelliFarms brings technology-based solutions to points across farming operations to generate value, grow margins, & bring additional profit. Tools aid in seed selection, irrigation & field management, protecting & storing harvested grains, & their marketing. PRM Energy, since 1982, is supplying Biomass Gasification Technology to governments, industrial clients and independent power producers worldwide. The PRME reactor/gasifier fired with biomass fuels reduces greenhouse gas inventory. Energy is produced with no net gain of CO2 for gasification of waste water treatment sludge, processed municipal solid waste (RDF), agricultural residues, paper mill sludge while producing steam to generate electricity for use or sale & for industrial process steam, gas for I/C Engine/gensets & for co-firing of utility boilers, heat for direct firing of thermal oxidizers resulting in lower waste disposal cost.

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