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Mimic Studios Mimic 3D is a premier 3D scanning service provider. Utilizing the best 3D scanning technologies available in the world. We can find a solution that will fit your project and provide you with the best accuracy and the highest-quality data possible. From reverse engineering and inspection to motion capture for animation. We specialize in 3D data capture.

Browse our selection of premium imaging solutions including laser, white light, blue light, probing and more. Find the scanning technology that works for you. Mimic specializes in 3D metrology, 3D scanning services and 3D scanner hardware and software sales, support and training. Our focus is on 3D scanning, large scale portable metrology, 3D inspection, 3D modeling and reverse engineering.

Mimic's management team have all been in 3D measurement and scanning industry for 15 to 25 years. We provide our customers with the most accurate, highest-quality data possible in the shortest amount of time. With many of our customers in the aerospace industry we do not outsource.

read more › Mimic is the leader in 3D scanning services. Based in Los Angeles and servicing the country, our customers range from high-end aerospace metrology and engineering to automotive design and archeology. We have many of the best 3D scanning technologies available in the world, so we can find a solution that will fit your project and provide you with the best accuracy and the highest-quality data possible. We strive to create the best 3D models in the industry. Need help processing scan data or data from your own 3D scanner?

read more › Mimic's team has specialized in 3D scanning hardware for over 25 years. At our office in Los Angeles, we utilize over 15 different 3D scanning technologies on a daily basis. This gives us the unique opportunity to put different 3D scanning hardware to the test and see how they perform in the real world, as every scanner has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the object you're scanning. We always say 3D scanners are tools, and we have many tools in our toolbox. Knowing the right tool for your project is critical to complete your project efficiently and accurately.

read more › Having the right 3D scanner software is key to getting a job completed quickly, efficiently and accurately. All 3D scanning software has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to get the right solution that's compatible with your organization's work flow. The two major software developers are Innovmetric and 3D Systems. Both offer multiple packages, ranging from reverse engineering to inspection. To find the solution that will work for you will depend on a few variables: the type of object you're scanning, the scanner you're using and your desired output and current skill set.

read more › The new software boast an Autopilot post-processing mode that will assist less experienced users generate quality 3D models. 3D Systems Capture can be configured to run with multiple 3D scanners. We are testing a custom solution using 3 Capture blue light 3D scanners at our facility in Los Angeles. Innovmetric has just launched Polyworks 2016. This is an exceptional release for many reasons but we are most excited about the new Surphaser plugin. This will allow uers to scan, align, and build polygon models all inside IMInspect.

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