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GD Designs, founded in 1989, is located in Orange County, in the City of Anaheim, CA. We have established an excellent reputation for providing high quality engineering, design and machining services. The industries we serve include defense, commercial and medical. Our focus is on providing personalized customer service. We provide only the highest quality parts and materials.

GD Designs has a very high customer satisfaction and you can always depend on us for timely deliveries, and competitive pricing. With over 22 years of experience, we are committed to providing unparalleled service for our customers. Our CAD Engineering and Quality Control Systems assures the highest level of precision, and archival of all inspection and test records.

Our full machine shop includes numerous CNC milling and turning machines as well as a complete electrical and mechanical assembly department.

read more › GD Designs offers you a complete and experienced Engineering Department as well as a modern CNC Machine Shop for milling, turning, and grinding of precision parts. Our advanced CAD system and CNC equipment enable us to maintain extremely close tolerances on all types of metal and plastic parts for either production runs or prototyping. We rely on our well equipped Testing and inspection Department for quality control.

read more › The parts in our milling production process often are designed and created with our CAD system. The final output of our CAD system is then used to control the CNC machining centers. The use of sophistacated computer controlled processes assures precise reproduction of complex geometries. Once the the part or stucture has been tested within the virtual computer modeling, the production planning focuses on materials and procedures to facilitate the manufacturing process. Maintaining good documentation for your product is important for the success of the product lifecycle.

read more › Engineering experience combined with specialized knowledge of materials and component assemblies means effective product design. GD Designs' engineering team has ability to overcome obstacles and find the best overall solution. Closely evaluating the costs and required functionality of a product ensures problem free production runs. With our broad range of experience, we provides all of the disciplines needed for successful engineering solutions in each of these areas. We specialize in the application and tooling for mounting electrical connectors into a printed circuit board and, particularly, to a press tool and modular press block assemblies.

read more › GD Designs, electromechanical assembly services provide rapid prototyping or short-run manufacturing as well as mass production. We can handle all aspects of the part procurement and manufacturing processes. Our services include inventory management, sourcing, and procurement. GD Designs provides electromechanical assembly services, board-level assembly, chassis and rack panel wiring, and front panel assembly services for prototypes and production run quantites. GD Designs provides both US based as well as off shore fabrication and assembly for both cost savings and logistic considerations.

read more › With our state-of-the-art CAD system and CNC milling equipment the precision of our work is kept in very close tolerances. Machine shop equipped with CNC and conventional vertical end mills, lathes and surface grinding. Mazak, VQC 20/50 3 axis Vertical Milling Machine Center. 24 position tool changer.

read more › Quality control is an important aspect of every job at GD Designs. Many of our customers are using 'Just In Time' manufacturing techniques and depend on us to provide them with zero defect parts precisely as they are needed. Our commitment to total quality systems is evident throughout the manufacturing process starting with a well organized machine shop environment to the careful attention to detail in the final packaging process.

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