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Our goal as an industry leader is to provide value beyond the completed construction project. We seek to earn the trust and respect of our clients by providing both quality and value through the thoughtful integration of engineering and design disciplines, and by building lasting relationships as evidenced through the clients who repeatedly request our services on their projects.

We are proud of our steady, conscientious work force, dedicated to provide a safe work atmosphere in order to meet today's stringent budget and schedule constraints. Our history of providing these services is long-standing, the completed projects are impressive, but the best spokesmen for our company's excellence will always be our clients.

Solid engineering, state of the art equipment, innovative construction techniques, creative problem solving and many years of experience are the hallmarks of what Richard Goettle, Inc. has to offer its clients.

read more › Solid engineering, state of the art equipment, innovative construction techniques, and creative problem solving employees with many years of experience, are the hallmarks of what Goettle has to offer its clients. Goettle has the capacity to perform all work scopes under a design-build format with solutions specifically formulated for each individual project site. This particular format typically provides both cost and time savings, by performing the work in-house and utilizing proven, cost effective construction details.

read more › We are proud to be a Drug Free Workplace employer. In addition, all of our Project Managers, Superintendents, Foreman, and Key Craft employees are OSHA 30 Hour trained. We only employ NCCCO or equivalent certified crane operators, certified welders, qualified riggers and signal persons, and collectively we strive to continually acomplish the goal of our award winning safety program - ZERO Accidents. We are all "leaders" here at Goettle, and as such, focus on the "Big Three" - Safety, Quality and Productivity.

read more › When structural loads exceed what a standard shallow foundation can carry, deep foundations are designed to transfer the load using friction or end bearing resistance. Many factors, including structural loads, soil conditions, and access to the work area, should be considered when choosing the right deep foundation system for your project. Goettle specializes in the installation and design of various deep foundation systems, including drilled piers, augercast piles, micropiles and driven piles.

read more › Driven piles are a deep foundation element that is a pre-manufactured structural shape and can provide a wide range of capacities. There are a variety of driven pile types, including h-piles and pipe piles. Driven piles provide excellent quality control because they can be physically inspected prior to installation and during installation. Driven piles are installed using an impact or vibratory hammer.

read more › When an excavation takes place next to an existing structure, a secant or tangent pile wall can be an excellent solution. Tangent / secant walls are a series of interlinking or adjacent concrete drilled piers or piles installed along the perimeter of the excavation. This method of earth retention not only allows for a high degree of alignment flexibility, it provides a structurally stiff wall, which minimizes settlement concerns of the adjacent structures.

read more › Slopes and embankments experience settlement, stability and erosion problems. Goettle offers various solutions to these problems. From landslides to construction cuts into hillsides, remediation or an earth retaining structure is required to maintain the slopes' stability. Ground anchors, micropiles, anchored reaction blocks, soil mixing, and jet grouting are all stability solutions that not only reinforce the soil but also control erosion. Anchored reaction blocks are ideal for newly failed slopes, applying loads to stabilize the soil.

read more › When new construction is taking place directly adjacent to an existing structure, generally an underpinning system is necessary. Goettle has the ability to design and construct an underpinning system that will keep those existing structures safe, sound, and secure. Through traditional and shotcrete underpinning, we are able to temporarily support existing structures. Using traditional underpinning, soil is excavated from underneath the footers and replaced with concrete. If necessary, anchors are installed to resist lateral movement.

read more › Goettle specializes in the construction of mooring cells, dolphins, docks and wharfs. These structures are typically found along the inland waterways and are used to fleet, load and unload equipment and material. Power generating stations, bulk unloading facilities, and barge shipping facilities typically need this type of structure. Periodically, these types of structures need to be retained or enlarged to suit the needs of the customer. Richard Goettle, Inc. is also capable of providing repair and maintenance for these types of marine facilities.

read more › Goettle has been utilizing open Sheet Pile Technology in open cell bulkheads for typically land based operations, primarily used for waterfront structures for over 50 years. They include flat sheet piles, wye connectors and anchor piles. When completed, the finished structure is seen as a series of U-shapes when viewed from above. These structures provide high performance with minimal sheet pile toe embedment, providing a cost effective marine construction solution.

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