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Engineering, Inc. has been providing industry-leading mileage, performance, simplicity, innovation, and affordability in pipeline-pigging products and solutions worldwide, onshore and offshore. Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1978 with the idea of producing new and innovative pipeline pig. The MAGNA-SYGG from S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. is truly a non-intrusive pipeline pig detector.

Simple and rugged, it can be strapped to the surface of a pipe or it can be used as a portable pig passage indicator. We know pipeline pigs, and our expert sales staff can help you determine the best pig for your specific application.

read more › Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1978 with the idea of producing new and innovative pipeline pig. That pig was the Super Pig; the first all urethane pipeline pig with replaceable parts. The Super Pig was light weight and easier to handle. With only one bolt, component parts were easier to replace or reconfigure. The Super pig, having an all urethane body, was flexible and could traverse bends that the traditional mandrel pigs were not able to pass through. After forty years, the Super Pig is still a core part of S.U.N.'s product line, and an industry leader in pipeline pigs.

read more › The Super Pig was the first ever all urethane flexible body pig with replaceable parts, and today is still the industry leader. The Super Pig is an all MDI polyurethane, durable, light weight, and easy to use pipeline pig. Part replacement or reconfigurations is simple with only a single bolt to remove. The Super Pig can be redressed and assembled in the field much faster than conventional metal body pig. This feature alone saves down time and requires fewer field support personnel and equipment.

read more › Available in sizes ranging from 3" through 60". Designed to maintain maximum seal when batching, purging, or sweeping liquids from a pipeline. A long sealing lip provides large wear surface and long life. Custom hardnesses are available to meet your specific application. Bolt patterns are available to fit all manufacturer's mandrels. Bypass holes are available as an option. The X Cup provides maximum seal with the ability to scrape solids as it passes through the pipeline. This cup is excellent when performing a nitrogen purge or when product interface must be kept to a bare minimum.

read more › Utilizing the same design objectives and construction material, the one piece Super Cast pipeline pig offers a logical cost alternative to poly foam pigs. Available in diameters from 2" - 12", Super Cast Pig is the ideal product for a broad range of applications around refineries, chemical plants, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, and municipal utility lines. Its soft durometer allows it to last ten times longer than poly foam pigs; it does not have the same disposal and contamination problems; it can easily negotiate 1.5R bends, bridge valves and tees without buckling, tearing, or shredding.

read more › The Super Flex Pigs are solid-cast polyurethane pigs available in up to four durometers designed for 6" through 12" & 16" pipe with multiple configurations of 3C, 3D2C, 5D2C, brushes, magnets, and transmitters for varying pipeline applications and pigging needs. The Super Flex Pig is a one-piece body design with a hollow core. This allows the pig to have maximum flexibility for maneuvering through all pipeline bends and valves while maintaining a superior seal. The one-piece body design also requires no assembly and reduces the load for ease of use.

read more › The TUFFCAST Pig combines conical sealing cups with scraping discs providing both actions in one pig. The solid cast construction makes for a lightweight and economical general purpose cleaning pig. It is made from the same tough LN-10 urethane as our line of Super Pigs. This allows for high abrasion resistance with flexibility to maintain a positive seal in out-of-round sections of steel pipe. The TUFFCAST Pig is available in different durometer hardnesses to meet specific pigging requirements.

read more › The Optima Cast Pig allows the pipeline operator to select any combination of S.U.N. Engineering's Super Pig scraper cups or discs and configure those parts into a one piece cast pig. This setup allows greater flexibility in any pipeline operation's pigging program. The Optima Cast pipeline pig utilizes the same long lasting MDI urethane that S.U.N. Engineering uses for all of its urethane products. The LN10 formulation polyester MDI urethane used by S.U.N. Engineering is renowned for its wear and chemical resistance properties, making S.U.N. urethane pipeline pig products more economical than those of its competitors.

read more › Engineering, Inc.'s Super Mandrel pigs use the same durable urethane scraper components that we use on our all urethane pigs, mounted on a steel body, making our Super Mandrel pig the longest lasting metal body pig on the market. It consists of a steel mandrel body with simple and easy to replace sealing elements such as cups and discs. All Super Mandrel pigs can be equipped with brushes (spring-loaded or circular) for removing debris and other deposits from the interior pipe wall. The metal body can be constructed with any number of options including special lengths and diameters, gauging plates, articulated joints, transmitter cavities, and magnet packs, depending on your specialized pigging needs.

read more › The following replacement parts-to repair or upgrade your mandrel pig-are available for mandrel (metal body) pigs. Conical Cups are manufactured to fit all other manufacturer's mandrel body pigs. Cups are available in sizes from 4" through 48". As with all S.U.N. Engineering urethane products, we manufacture these cups using our long lasting LN-10 MDI polyester urethane. Custom sizes and hardnesses are available to fit customer requirements. Discs for metal body pigs are manufactured to fit all other manufacturer's mandrel body pigs.

read more › Engineering, Inc. offers a full line of foam pipeline pigs (polly pig) to fit any customer's needs. Foam pigs are lightweight, economical, and easy to use. They are available in sizes ranging from 2" through 60". Densities available are 2, 5, and 8 pounds per cubic foot. Many styles are available such as bare, crisscross, single spiral, wire brush, plastic bristle, silicon carbide, double dish, & fully coated. Foam pig applications include batching, cleaning, drying, nitrogen purge, and product removal.

read more › Engineering's unique pipeline sphere manufacturing process allows the Super Sphere to be made without a seam. This unique process eliminates concern over seam splitting or delaminating and also permits valve bodies to be firmly embedded in the wall of the pipeline sphere to prevent leakage from around the valve. In addition, Super Spheres have more consistent wall thicknesses that will offer truer diameters, uniform wear and constant wall contact in prover and pipeline operation. Made of ultra strength LN-10 polyurethane, Super Spheres provide greater flexibility for adapting to changing line conditions and better abrasion and blister resistance Super Sphere Meter Proversacross a broad range of chemical and product environments.

read more › While it is not necessary to feed a S.U.N. pig, and S.U.N.'s MDI urethane is very durable, there are certain things that you should know for proper care and maintenance of the pig in order to prolong its life. To extend the life of a S.U.N. pig, it is recommended that the pig be cleaned after a run. Storing a pig with product residue left on the pig promotes the deterioration of the urethane when the pig is stored for long periods of time. The pig can be cleaned with a power-washer and water, and does not need to be disassembled for cleaning.

read more › The MAGNA-SYGG from S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. is truly a non-intrusive pipeline pig detector. Simple and rugged, it can be strapped to the surface of a pipe or it can be used as a portable pig passage indicator. You do not have to shut down the pipeline and wait for an expensive crew to install special fittings - the MAGNA-SYGG pig detector is ready to go to work. MAGNA-SYGG Series 100 pig detectors feature rugged weatherproof construction. The Series 200 pig detectors have explosion proof, UL Listed housings.

read more › To select the correct size magnet cartridge for multi-sized pigs, move up to the largest diameter cup size. Engineering for a quote and technical support regarding magnet cartridges for retrofitting steel-body pigs. The Magna-Sygg Pig Detector, used in conjunction with a S.U.N. magnet cartridge, has been extensively tested on standard pipe-wall sizes. If the Magna-Sygg detector will be used on heavy wall pipe, multi-sized lines, or with metal-bodied pigs, call S.U.N. for further information. Magnets or magnet cartridges, not supplied by S.U.N.

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